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冰原三雅 - Icy Plain's Three Elegance

Chapter 1102 - Stabbed In the Kidney, My Kidney Has Disappeared?

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Chapter 1102: Stabbed In the Kidney, My Kidney Has Disappeared?

Luke was utterly disdainful of this legend.

It was nothing more than a little trick to make the Fraternity look good; they still had the nerve to say that they controlled fate?

Liu Bei[1] also claimed that he was the descendant of Liu Sheng, the King of Zhongshan, and that his ancestry went back 300 years.

The Fraternity had actually added at least 800 years to their history. They sure knew how to brag.

It was for that reason that Luke looked down on the Fraternity.

These hitmen couldn’t even brag about their ancestry properly.

Coupled with the stupidity of using the precious and incomparable ingredients of the medicinal bath to treat, Luke only had one thing to say about the Fraternity: a lack of smarts was truly terrifying.

Just look at how carefree Tony Stark was.

In fact, the number of people who had died because of weapons manufactured by Stark Industries was definitely countless times more than the total number of the Fraternity’s targets in the 200 years that it had been operating.

But Stark Industries was a powerful US corporation, while the Fraternity was a dark underworld organization.

The point was that the Fraternity had existed for more than 200 years and had been in the business for that length of time, but this organization still couldn’t see the light of day, which didn’t make sense.

The amazing medicinal bath alone could turn the Fraternity into a major force.

It could have easily developed over the years to become a formidable pharmaceutical company in modern times, but it just messed around like this for 200 years.

Everyone had their own ambitions.

If a normal person had to choose, how many people would want to become Sloan instead of Tony Stark?

It could only be said that there was no cure for brainless people.

Now, Luke had come.

He felt that it was best not to keep such a brainless idiot alive; it was best to send him to meet the “fate” they kept talking about.

But first, he had to clearly see for himself what this so-called “fate” was.

Thinking that, he walked over to the loom, and his thoughts moved.

Clack! Clack! Clack! The Loom of Fate remained in place, working diligently.

System: Host, you need to be in physical contact with the item to complete the transfer.

Luke’s heart jumped. D*mn, interesting!

Since Daddy System had given him a rare notification, this loom wasn’t any ordinary thing.

Thinking that, he placed his hand on the loom.

The clacking abruptly disappeared and the room fell silent.

Luke’s eyes widened, but he didn’t even have time to swear inwardly.

System: Karmic magic tool has been detected. Can be converted into 500,000 credit points or used to modify the system interface. Convert points / modify the system interface?

Luke was truly stunned this time.

500,000 credit points? The bundle of evil thoughts was only worth 20,000 credit points, while the remains of Odin’s Destroyer was only worth 50,000…

Fine, that was just some of the remains. The complete Destroyer should be worth no less than 500,000 credit points.

But the intact Destroyer was protected by runes which Odin had left on it, and Luke couldn’t forcefully put it into his inventory.

In comparison, the Loom of Fate was easily put away.

What was even more eye-catching was the “karmic magic tool” in the notification. This world actually had something like that?

While a certain guy was feeling astonished after stealing something in pa.s.sing, there was an angry roar in h.e.l.l. “Who was it? Who destroyed my altar?”

If Luke could see or hear who it was, his heart would definitely pound.

Boundless black smoke exploded from Mephisto’s body and surged wildly.

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Countless evil spirits howled as they were sucked into the black smoke and disappeared.

After trying twice and successfully aggravating his injuries, he gave up on going to Earth to make trouble for Big Dipper.

However, these two experiments boosted the strange energy by more than 10%.

It could actually use the Destroyer’s parts to further boost itself and increase the damage to Mephisto’s main body.

This made Mephisto curse the h.e.l.l version of “f*ck you” for days.

Nevertheless, he did gain something from his experiments.

He could sense that this strange energy was, in the end, like water with no source.

As long as he didn’t continue sending out clones for it to “eat,” it would slowly and gradually dry out.

It would disappear completely in a dozen years at most.

What could Mephisto do? He was full of despair.

Now, he could only stay in h.e.l.l and wait for his body to recover.

In any case, a decade or so wasn’t long for an ancient demon like him; it was equivalent to a nap for humans.

However, he didn’t expect that something would happen right after he closed his eyes.

The special altar which he had placed on Earth to collect premium souls suddenly disappeared.

It was like someone suddenly digging out one of his kidneys.

Not only that, the “kidney” also strangely disappeared.

If this altar being wrecked was like being stabbed in the kidney, then the worse the damage to the altar, the more the knife was twisted and the worse the pain.

But what was this feeling?

Mephisto felt as if someone had suddenly used some method to outright extract his kidney.

Before he could feel any pain, he sensed that the s.p.a.ce in his soul occupied by the special altar was suddenly empty.

[1] A Chinese warlord who became the first King of Hanzhong

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