Super Detective in the Fictional World

冰原三雅 - Icy Plain's Three Elegance

Chapter 1099 - A Hammer Rises and Falls

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Chapter 1099: A Hammer Rises and Falls

Firefox went to look for a car, leaving Wesley to stand there in a daze.

Wesley didn’t have any feelings for his old girlfriend — or rather, his female roommate. It was just that this roommate used his money to pay the rent, raise a cat, buy condoms and so on.

He had always felt that there was something mentally wrong with him.

He had lost interest in anything since a few months ago. Even when his ex-girlfriend and ex-buddy started hooking up, it felt like it was happening to a stranger, and he didn’t care at all.

Only now did he understand that this strange sensation of his heart racing and the world warping and shaking around him was a gift that could be used to uphold justice and eliminate evil.

So, now that he had gone back and wrapped things up, he felt relieved.

Suddenly, he saw a person walk out of the dark on a nearby street and raise a gun.

Instantly, his hair stood on end as his killing intent flared. His pupils contracted. “Cross!”

How dare the traitor appear in front of him?

Wesley drew his pistol and attacked decisively.


Cross immediately fired back.


The two bullets collided in a shower of sparks in the air.

Wesley was shocked. So powerful.

The next moment, Cross… turned around and ran.

Wesley was stumped for a moment, before he broke into a run and gave chase.

The Fraternity’s teachings over the last few months had subconsciously made him feel that he had to kill the traitor, Cross, or he would kill everyone in the Fraternity, including Wesley.

One ran and one gave chase, and they rushed into an old factory zone not far away.

Seeing Wesley charge over, Cross glanced in the other direction.

Firefox was sneaking over. Her leaving just now had been a test and a lure.

Cross knew it was a trap, but he still came.

He hadn’t expected the Fraternity to find Wesley.

He had thought that n.o.body knew that he had a son.

In the end, it turned out that Sloan, that sly old fox, had known long ago, but hadn’t done anything about it.

Cross wasn’t afraid of Firefox, but Wesley, who trusted Firefox down to his bones, was the best hostage.

He didn’t want to take any risks. He would probably only be able to leave some clues behind during this test as a warning for his foolish son.

Just as he was thinking this, he realized that Firefox had been stopped.

Cross saw a figure dart out of the darkness and knock her into a dark corner. There was the sound of a fight and things breaking.

A good opportunity! Mind whirling, Cross immediately decided to grab his foolish son and escape.

As long as Wesley escaped the Fraternity’s control, Cross had ten thousand ways to teach that bunch of hoodlums a lesson.

He acted without hesitation.

Cross instantly turned around and charged at Wesley.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bullets flew as father and son fought.

Their combat styles were quite similar; it was just that Cross was more shrewd and efficient. After rookie Wesley’s bullets ran out, Cross pressed close to beat up his silly son, and was just barely able to knock him unconscious.

Gasping for breath, Cross couldn’t help but curse in a low voice. “F*ck, this kid improved so fast?”

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Even as he cursed, he was pleasantly surprised. This was his kid! This was how awesome his kid was!

Then, in the blink of an eye, she found her hands and feet tied behind her, and she couldn’t fight anymore.

The frightening thing was that the only injuries she had were the minor abrasions she got when she struggled in the few seconds after she was pressed down and tied up.

That could only mean that the guy was good at subduing people without hurting them.

She couldn’t withstand such advanced combat skills.

The Repairman, who had come with her to ambush Cross, was best in hand-to-hand combat, but he probably wouldn’t be able to defeat Puncher.

While she was worried and doing her best to untie herself, the Repairman had arrived.

He looked at the tracker in his hand, only to see that Wesley’s signal had disappeared and that Firefox wasn’t far away.

The Repairman didn’t hesitate as he swiftly approached Firefox’s location with his gun out, ready to rendezvous with his partner.

When he went around an enormous old machine, a fist was thrown at him.

Without any hesitation, the Repairman threw away his pistol and raised his hands.

The enemy had only punched him, but his body was still behind the machine.

His chances of hitting the enemy were close to zero, and dodging would waste precious time.

If he was punched in the face at close range, he might die.

Even if he didn’t die, his vision would be severely impaired at worst or hazy with tears at best, and he wouldn’t be able to aim with his gun.

Physical Outburst, activated!

The Repairman’s hands finally reached past the fist to grab the opponent’s arm, and he crouched down and turned.

His posture was similar to a boxer avoiding an opponent, except that he had fused joints which allowed for smoother movements.

But the next moment, the fist suddenly sped up to punch him at an angle.

The tremendous strength instantly broke past the Repairman’s hands, and that fist, which was the size of a sandbag, was like a hammer as it dropped straight down.

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