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冰原三雅 - Icy Plain's Three Elegance

Chapter 1098 - Want Life to Go On

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Chapter 1098: Want Life to Go On

The cold-faced Mr. X had been caught by Luke and left to Rebecca to be dealt with.

Rebecca had killed Mr. X.

Wesley actually acknowledged such trash as his father and swore to avenge him.

Even Luke, who had nothing to do with this, couldn’t take it anymore. Conning a foolish kid like this; are you men or not?

The Fraternity had more than twenty elite hitmen and hundreds of ordinary members. They didn’t even have the courage to face Cross head-on, but dared to use his son to bait them.

The Fraternity had really deteriorated.

In comparison, Luke was more interested in the man Cross.

He wasn’t interested in Cross’s combat ability, but in the fact that Cross had sensed that Sloan was using the Loom of Fate as an excuse to kill people and make a fortune. Thus, Cross betrayed the Fraternity, and wanted to completely destroy this organization.

Even though Cross might have killed innocent people before, Luke respected his determination to drag the Fraternity down to h.e.l.l with him.

Admitting one’s mistake was something that most people in the world wouldn’t do.

It was just like how people who argued online would rather do their utmost to defend themselves than admit that they were wrong.

It was just an online debate that gained them nothing, yet they refused to acknowledge they were wrong.

Not only did Cross acknowledge his mistake, he was personally trying to make up for it.

Few people could actually walk the talk.

It was for this reason that Luke didn’t want to see Cross die at his son’s hands. That would be the greatest tragedy for the unlucky father and son.

Then, he would eliminate the Fraternity first! He made up his mind.

After all, the Fraternity only wanted to kill the traitor, Cross. As long as there had certified information on Cross, they would definitely jump out eagerly.

In the last few months, Wesley Gibson felt that his life had reached a certain peak.

He cursed out the fat supervisor in his office and threw a keyboard at his self-professed “good buddy,” Barry, before he resigned. He waved and walked away empty-handed.

What followed, however, was suffering he had never experienced before.

After learning to shoot and to fight, and to withstand torture and beatings, he had finally toughened up.

Also, he had over 2 million in his bank account, plus the charming Firefox. He couldn’t leave all of that.

Money, strength, and women were all in his grasp.

Fine, Firefox wasn’t within his control; conversely, the woman was his instructor.

Today, he finally received a mission, a mission that he had been destined to carry out since entering the Fraternity: Kill Cross.

Mr. X, the father whom he had never met, had been killed by Cross.

But he didn’t overly hate this traitor of the Fraternity.

Or rather, when someone told him he should hate Cross, all he felt was curiosity.

Cross was really too strong.

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Despite the Fraternity’s vigilance, two elite had died at his hands in the last few months.

Wesley glanced at her before he walked straight to the nightstand. He opened a drawer and took out a small box.

After opening the box and checking that the photo of his mother was still inside, he closed the lid and stored the box away before he stood up and left.

The woman was a little stupefied, but she quickly came back to her senses, got up, and chased after him. “Wesley, you trash. You disappear for a few months and then come back… Ah, you hit Barry? Do you think you’re some bigshot? You’re still the same sh*tty loser. Barry is twice the man you are in bed. No, more than that. Hey, put down Annabel, she’s mine.”

Holding the white cat to his chest, Wesley smiled with his back to her. I’ll leave you my good buddy, Barry. Your Annabel belongs to me. That’s very fair.

He no longer cared what vicious words his cheap ex-girlfriend, Cathy, had to say; he was himself.

Outside the door, Firefox rolled her eyes and turned around. As Wesley walked over, she gave him a French kiss.

Cathy, the ex-girlfriend, paused, then exclaimed in disbelief a moment later. “What kind of b*tch is this? You’ve fallen so far you’ll spend money to satisfy your pitiful pride?”

Firefox let go of Wesley and pulled him out the door.

She then grabbed a football next to the door and threw it behind her.


Cathy was cut off as she collapsed, just like Barry, bleeding from her mouth and nose.

Firefox couldn’t stand the woman’s vicious words.

The reason Wesley hadn’t killed the woman wasn’t because he could bear it, but because the woman was completely beneath him.

Outside the door, Firefox looked at the white cat in Luke’s arms. “Is it yours?”

Wesley smiled. “It used to be hers, but it’s mine now.”

“Then I’ll look for a car.” Firefox shrugged. She never thought she would help someone steal a cat and bring it back.

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