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Walter Isaacson

Part 33

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Children: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell.

CHAPTER 22: TOY STORY Jeffrey Katzenberg: Interviews with John La.s.seter, Ed Catmull, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Alvy Ray Smith, Steve Jobs. Price, 8485, 119124; Paik, 71, 90; Robert Murphy, "John Cooley Looks at Pixar's Creative Process," Silicon Prairie New s, Oct. 6, 2010.

Cut! Interviews with Steve Jobs, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ed Catmull, Larry Ellison. Paik, 90; Deutschman, 194198; "T oy Story: The Inside Buzz,"

Entertainment Weekly, Dec. 8, 1995.

To Infinity! Interviews with Steve Jobs, Michael Eisner. Janet Maslin, "There's a New T oy in the House. Uh-Oh," New York Times, Nov. 22, 1995; "A Conversation with Steve Jobs and John La.s.seter," Charlie Rose, PBS, Oct. 30, 1996; John Markoff, "Apple Computer Co-Founder Strikes Gold," New York Times, Nov. 30, 1995.

CHAPTER 23: THE SECOND COMING Things Fall Apart: Interview with Jean-Louis Ga.s.see. Bart Ziegler, "Industry Has Next to No Patience with Jobs' NeXT ," AP, Aug. 19, 1990; Stross, 226228; Gary Wolf, "The Next Insanely Great Thing," Wired, Feb. 1996; Anthony Perkins, "Jobs' Story," Red Herring, Jan. 1, 1996.

Apple Falling: Interviews with Steve Jobs, John Sculley, Larry Ellison. Sculley, 248, 273; Deutschman, 236; Steve Lohr, "Creating Jobs," New York Times, Jan. 12, 1997; Amelio, 190 and preface to the hardback edition; Young and Simon, 213214; Linzmayer, 273279; Guy Kawasaki, "Steve Jobs to Return as Apple CEO," Macw orld, Nov. 1, 1994.

Slouching tow ard Cupertino: Interviews with Jon Rubinstein, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Avie T evanian, Fred Anderson, Larry T esler, Bill Gates, John La.s.seter. John Markoff, "Why Apple Sees Next as a Match Made in Heaven," New York Times, Dec. 23, 1996; Steve Lohr, "Creating Jobs,"

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CHAPTER 24: THE RESTORATION Hovering Backstage: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Avie T evanian, Jon Rubinstein, Ed Woolard, Larry Ellison, Fred Anderson, email from Gina Smith. Sheff; Brent Schlender, "Something's Rotten in Cupertino," Fortune, Mar. 3, 1997; Dan Gillmore, "Apple's Prospects Better Than I ts CEO's Speech," San Jose Mercury New s, Jan. 13, 1997; Carlton, 414416, 425; Malone, 531; Deutschman, 241245; Amelio, 219, 238247, 261; Linzmayer, 201; Kaitlin Quistgaard, "Apple Spins Off Newton,", May 22, 1997; Louise Kehoe, "Doubts Grow about Leadership at Apple," Financial Times, Feb. 25, 1997; Dan Gillmore, "Ellison Mulls Apple Bid," San Jose Mercury New s, Mar. 27, 1997; Lawrence Fischer, "Oracle Seeks Public Views on Possible Bid for Apple," New York Times, Mar. 28, 1997; Mike Barnicle, "Roadkill on the Info Highway," Boston Globe, Aug. 5, 1997.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear: Interviews with Ed Woolard, Steve Jobs, Mike Markkula, Steve Wozniak, Fred Anderson, Larry Ellison, Bill Campbell.

Privately printed family memoir by Ed Woolard (courtesy of Woolard); Amelio, 247, 261, 267; Gary Wolf, "The World According to Woz," Wired, Sept. 1998; Peter Burrows and Ronald Grover, "Steve Jobs' Magic Kingdom," Business Week, Feb. 6, 2006; Peter Elkind, "The Trouble with Steve Jobs," Fortune, Mar. 5, 2008; Arthur Levitt, Take on the Street (Pantheon, 2002), 204206.

Macw orld Boston, August 1997: Steve Jobs, Macworld Boston speech, Aug. 6, 1997.

The Microsoft Pact: Interviews with Joel Klein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Cathy Booth, "Steve's Job," Time, Aug. 18, 1997; Steven Levy, "A Big Brother?" New sw eek, Aug. 18, 1997. Jobs's cell phone call with Gates was reported by Time photographer Diana Walker, who shot the picture of him crouching onstage that appeared on the Time cover and in the photo section of this book.CHAPTER 25: THINK DIFFERENT Here's to the Crazy Ones: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Lee Clow, James Vincent, Norman Pearlstine. Cathy Booth, "Steve's Job," Time, Aug. 18, 1997; John Heilemann, "Steve Jobs in a Box," New York, June 17, 2007.

iCEO: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Fred Anderson. Video of Sept. 1997 staff meeting (courtesy of Lee Clow); "Jobs Hints That He May Want to Stay at Apple," New York Times, Oct. 10, 1997; Jon Swartz, "No CEO in Sight for Apple," San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 12, 1997; Carlton, 437.

Killing the Clones: Interviews with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ed Woolard. Steve Wozniak, "How We Failed Apple," New sw eek, Feb. 19, 1996; Linzmayer, 245247, 255; Bill Gates, "Licensing of Mac T echnology," a memo to John Sculley, June 25, 1985; T om Abate, "How Jobs Killed Mac Clone Makers," San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 6, 1997.

Product Line Review : Interviews with Phil Schiller, Ed Woolard, Steve Jobs. Deutschman, 248; Steve Jobs, speech at iMac launch event, May 6, 1998; video of Sept. 1997 staff meeting.

CHAPTER 26: DESIGN PRINCIPLES Jony Ive: Interviews with Jony Ive, Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller. John Arlidge, "Father of Invention," Observer (London), Dec. 21, 2003; Peter Burrows, "Who Is Jonathan Ive?" Business Week, Sept. 25, 2006; "Apple's One-Dollar-a-Year Man," Fortune, Jan. 24, 2000; Rob Walker, "The Guts of a New Machine," New York Times, Nov. 30, 2003; Leander Kahney, "Design According to Ive,", June 25, 2003.

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CHAPTER 27: THE iMAC Back to the Future: Interviews with Phil Schiller, Avie T evanian, Jon Rubinstein, Steve Jobs, Fred Anderson, Mike Markkula, Jony Ive, Lee Clow.

Thomas Hormby, "Birth of the iMac," Mac Observer, May 25, 2007; Peter Burrows, "Who Is Jonathan Ive?" Business Week, Sept. 25, 2006; Lev Grossman, "How Apple Does I t," Time, Oct. 16, 2005; Leander Kahney, "The Man Who Named the iMac and Wrote Think Different," Cult of Mac, Nov. 3, 2009; Levy, The Perfect Thing, 198;; "Steve's Two Jobs," Time, Oct. 18, 1999.

The Launch, May 6, 1998: Interviews with Jony Ive, Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein. Steven Levy, "h.e.l.lo Again," New sw eek, May 18, 1998; Jon Swartz, "Resurgence of an American Icon," Forbes, Apr. 14, 2000; Levy, The Perfect Thing, 95.

CHAPTER 28: CEO Tim Cook: Interviews with Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, Jon Rubinstein. Peter Burrows, "Yes, Steve, You Fixed I t. Congratulations. Now What?"

Business Week, July 31, 2000; Tim Cook, Auburn commencement address, May 14, 2010; Adam Lashinsky, "The Genius behind Steve," Fortune, Nov. 10, 2008; Nick Wingfield, "Apple's No. 2 Has Low Profile," Wall Street Journal, Oct. 16, 2006.

Mock Turtlenecks and Teamw ork: Interviews with Steve Jobs, James Vincent, Jony Ive, Lee Clow, Avie T evanian, Jon Rubinstein. Lev Grossman, "How Apple Does I t," Time, Oct. 16, 2005; Leander Kahney, "How Apple Got Everything Right by Doing Everything Wrong," Wired, Mar.

18, 2008.

From iCEO to CEO: Interviews with Ed Woolard, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs. Apple proxy statement, Mar. 12, 2001.

CHAPTER 29: APPLE STORES The Customer Experience: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Ron Johnson. Jerry Useem, "America's Best Retailer," Fortune, Mar. 19, 2007; Gary Allen, "Apple Stores,"

The Prototype: Interviews with Art Levinson, Ed Woolard, Millard "Mickey" Drexler, Larry Ellison, Ron Johnson, Steve Jobs, Art Levinson. Cliff Edwards, "Sorry, Steve ... ," Business Week, May 21, 2001.

Wood, Stone, Steel, Gla.s.s: Interviews with Ron Johnson, Steve Jobs. U.S. Patent Office, D478999, Aug. 26, 2003, US2004/0006939, Jan. 15, 2004; Gary Allen, "About Me,"

CHAPTER 30: THE DIGITAL HUB Connecting the Dots: Interviews with Lee Clow, Jony Ive, Steve Jobs. Sheff; Steve Jobs, Macworld keynote address, Jan. 9, 2001.

FireWire: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein. Steve Jobs, Macworld keynote address, Jan. 9, 2001; Joshua Quittner, "Apple's New Core," Time, Jan. 14, 2002; Mike Evangelist, "Steve Jobs, the Genuine Article," Writer's Block Live, Oct. 7, 2005; Farhad Manjoo, "Invincible Apple," Fast Company, July 1, 2010; email from Phil Schiller.

iTunes: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein, T ony Fadell. Brent Schlender, "How Big Can Apple Get," Fortune, Feb. 21, 2005; Bill Kincaid, "The True Story of SoundJam,"; Levy, The Perfect Thing, 4960; Knopper, 167; Lev Grossman, "How Apple Does I t," Time, Oct. 17, 2005; Markoff, xix.

The iPod: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein, T ony Fadell. Steve Jobs, iPod announcement, Oct. 23, 2001; T oshiba press releases, PR Newswire, May 10, 2000, and June 4, 2001; T ekla Perry, "From Podfather to Palm's Pilot," IEEE Spectrum, Sept. 2008; Leander Kahney, "Inside Look at Birth of the iPod," Wired, July 21, 2004; Tom Hormby and Dan Knight, "History of the iPod," Low End Mac, Oct. 14, 2005.

That's It! Interviews with T ony Fadell, Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein, Jony Ive, Steve Jobs. Levy, The Perfect Thing, 17, 5960; Knopper, 169; Leander Kahney, "Straight Dope on the IPod's Birth," Wired, Oct. 17, 2006.

The Whiteness of the Whale: Interviews with James Vincent, Lee Clow, Steve Jobs. Wozniak, 298; Levy, The Perfect Thing, 73; Johnny Davis, "Ten Years of the iPod," Guardian, Mar. 18, 2011.

CHAPTER 31: THE iTUNES STORE Warner Music: Interviews with Paul Vidich, Steve Jobs, Doug Morris, Barry Schuler, Roger Ames, Eddy Cue. Paul Sloan, "What's Next for Apple," Business 2.0, Apr. 1, 2005; Knopper, 157161,170; Devin Leonard, "Songs in the Key of Steve," Fortune, May 12, 2003; T ony Perkins, interview with n.o.buyuki Idei and Sir Howard Stringer, World Economic Forum, Davos, Jan. 25, 2003; Dan Tynan, "The 25 Worst T ech Products of All Time," PC World, Mar. 26, 2006; Andy Langer, "The G.o.d of Music," Esquire, July 2003; Jeff Goodell, "Steve Jobs," Rolling Stone, Dec. 3, 2003.

Herding Cats: Interviews with Doug Morris, Roger Ames, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Iovine, Andy Lack, Eddy Cue, Wynton Marsalis. Knopper, 172; Devin Leonard, "Songs in the Key of Steve," Fortune, May 12, 2003; Peter Burrows, "Show Time!" Business Week, Feb. 2, 2004; Pui-Wing T am,Bruce Orwall, and Anna Wilde Mathews, "Going Hollywood," Wall Street Journal, Apr. 25, 2003; Steve Jobs, keynote speech, Apr. 28, 2003; Andy Langer, "The G.o.d of Music," Esquire, July 2003; Steven Levy, "Not the Same Old Song," New sw eek, May 12, 2003.

Microsoft: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Tim Cook, Jon Rubinstein, T ony Fadell, Eddy Cue. Emails from Jim Allchin, David Cole, Bill Gates, Apr. 30, 2003 (these emails later became part of an Iowa court case and Steve Jobs sent me copies); Steve Jobs, presentation, Oct. 16, 2003; Walt Mossberg interview with Steve Jobs, All Things Digital conference, May 30, 2007; Bill Gates, "We're Early on the Video Thing,"

Business Week, Sept. 2, 2004.

Mr . Tambourine Man: Interviews with Andy Lack, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, T ony Fadell, Jon Rubinstein. Ken Belson, "Infighting Left Sony behind Apple in Digital Music," New York Times, Apr. 19, 2004; Frank Rose, "Battle for the Soul of the MP3 Phone," Wired, Nov. 2005; Saul Hansel, "Gates vs. Jobs: The Rematch," New York Times, Nov. 14, 2004; John Borland, "Can Glaser and Jobs Find Harmony?" CNET New s, Aug. 17, 2004; Levy, The Perfect Thing, 169.

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CHAPTER 32: MUSIC MAN On His iPod: Interviews with Steve Jobs, James Vincent. Elisabeth b.u.miller, "President Bush's iPod," New York Times, Apr. 11, 2005; Levy, The Perfect Thing, 2629; Devin Leonard, "Songs in the Key of Steve," Fortune, May 12, 2003.

CHAPTER 38: THE iPAD You Say You Want a Revolution: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Tim Cook, Jony Ive, T ony Fadell, Paul Otellini. All Things Digitalconference, May 30, 2003.

The Launch, January 2010: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Daniel Kottke. Brent Schlender, "Bill Gates Joins the iPad Army of Critics,", Feb. 10, 2010; Steve Jobs, keynote address in San Francisco, Jan. 27, 2010; Nick Summers, "Instant Apple iPad Reaction," New sw, Jan.

27, 2010; Adam Frucci, "Eight Things That Suck about the iPad" Gizmodo, Jan. 27, 2010; Lev Grossman, "Do We Need the iPad?" Time, Apr. 1, 2010; Daniel Lyons, "Think Really Different," New sw eek, Mar. 26, 2010; T echmate debate, Fortune, Apr. 12, 2010; Eric Laningan, "Wozniak on the iPad" TwiT TV, Apr. 5, 2010; Michael Shear, "At White House, a New Question: What's on Your iPad?" Washington Post, June 7, 2010; Michael Noer, "The Stable Boy and the iPad,", Sept. 8, 2010.

Advertising: Interviews with Steve Jobs, James Vincent, Lee Clow.

Apps: Interviews with Art Levinson, Phil Schiller, Steve Jobs, John Doerr.

Publishing and Journalism: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Jeff Bewkes, Rick Stengel, Andy Serwer, Josh Quittner, Rupert Murdoch. Ken Auletta, "Publish or Perish," New Yorker, Apr. 26, 2010; Ryan Tate, "The Price of Crossing Steve Jobs," Gawker, Sept. 30, 2010.

CHAPTER 39: NEW BATTLES Google: Open versus Closed: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Bill Campbell, Eric Schmidt, John Doerr, Tim Cook, Bill Gates. John Abell, "Google's 'Don't Be Evil' Mantra Is 'Bulls.h.i.t,'" Wired, Jan. 30, 2010; Brad Stone and Miguel Helft, "A Battle for the Future Is Getting Personal," New York Times, March 14, 2010.

Flash, the App Store, and Control: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Bill Campbell, T om Friedman, Art Levinson, Al Gore. Leander Kahney, "What Made Apple Freeze Out Adobe?" Wired, July 2010; Jean-Louis Ga.s.see, "The Adobe-Apple Flame War," Monday Note, Apr. 11, 2010; Steve Jobs, "Thoughts on Flash,", Apr. 29, 2010; Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Steve Jobs interview, All Things Digital conference, June 1, 2010; Robert X. Cringely (pseudonym), "Steve Jobs: Savior or Tyrant?" InfoWorld, Apr. 21, 2010; Ryan T ate, "Steve Jobs Offers World 'Freedom from p.o.r.n,'" Valleywag, May 15, 2010; JR Raphael, "I Want p.o.r.n,", Apr. 20, 2010; Jon Stewart, The Daily Show , Apr. 28, 2010.

Antennagate: Design versus Engineering: Interviews with T ony Fadell, Jony Ive, Steve Jobs, Art Levinson, Tim Cook, Regis McKenna, Bill Campbell, James Vincent. Mark Gikas, "Why Consumer Reports Can't Recommend the iPhone4," Consumer Reports, July 12, 2010; Michael Wolff, "Is There Anything That Can Trip Up Steve Jobs?" new and, July 19, 2010; Scott Adams, "High Ground Maneuver,", July 19, 2010.

Here Comes the Sun: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Eddy Cue, James Vincent.

CHAPTER 40: TO INFINITY The iPad 2: Interviews with Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell. Steve Jobs, speech, iPad 2 launch event, Mar. 2, 2011.

iCloud: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Eddy Cue. Steve Jobs, keynote address, Worldwide Developers Conference, June 6, 2011; Walt Mossberg, "Apple's Mobile Me Is Far T oo Flawed to Be Reliable," Wall Street Journal, July 23, 2008; Adam Lashinsky, "Inside Apple," Fortune, May 23, 2011; Richard Waters, "Apple Races to Keep Users Firmly Wrapped in I ts Cloud," Financial Times, June 9, 2011.

A New Campus: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ann Bowers. Steve Jobs, appearance before the Cupertino City Council, June 7, 2011.

CHAPTER 41: ROUND THREE Family Ties: Interviews with Laurene Powell, Erin Jobs, Steve Jobs, Kathryn Smith, Jennifer Egan. Email from Steve Jobs, June 8, 2010, 4:55 p.m.; Tina Redse to Steve Jobs, July 20, 2010, and Feb. 6, 2011.

President Obama: Interviews with David Axelrod, Steve Jobs, John Doerr, Laurene Powell, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Schmidt, Austan Goolsbee.

Third Medical Leave, 2011: Interviews with Kathryn Smith, Steve Jobs, Larry Brilliant.

Visitors: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mike Slade.

CHAPTER 42: LEGACY Jonathan Zittrain, The Future of the Internet-And How to Stop It (Yale, 2008), 2; Cory Doctorow, "Why I Won't Buy an iPad," Boing Boing, Apr.

2, 2010.

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