Spirit Vessel

Jiu Dang Jia - 九当家

Chapter 1096: Previous And Current Life

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Chapter 1096: Previous And Current Life

“I see, but the spirit platform is so fragile and shouldn’t be able to contain souls. What are you using?” Feiyun asked.

“That’s the key point.” The old man looked up at the sky and asked: “Have you been through s.p.a.ce?”

He nodded in response.

“There are countless stars, large and small. The smaller ones rotate around the large ones and form a balance.” The old man continued.

“Ah, there is a white tiger in your mind, that’s the largest star. The other absorbed souls rotate around it so you don’t need to refine them. There is an automatic balance formed and you just need to absorb more.” Feiyun understood.

The old man nodded once before shaking his head: “That’s what I thought at first but then I realized I was wrong. The white tiger soul is strong but as I absorbed more, the balance broke down.”

“Initially, I only got headaches. Later on, I found my memories becoming a mess. Next was a lack of clarity, I forgot who I was and lived in a dreamlike state. The longest period was ten thousand years and I messed up so many things, sigh.” He looked at the grave and sighed.

Feiyun contemplated and thought about the phoenix soul in his mind. Moreover, his parents had asked this old man about Heaven’s Emergence for a half-demon…

No… It can’t be…

He felt fear - not one due to evil or difficulty. He was afraid of himself. What he thought was true before might not be the case at all. The things he had might not belong to him.

His divine intents traveled to his mind to look at the phoenix soul. It looked so familiar but now, he wanted to take it out.

No… if this soul was placed in my mind by someone, why do I have such clear memories of the past? Are all of these memories fake?

He had doubts about his previous life because he had never seen a saint or a saint artifact before. Now, they were everywhere.

The dao of the saints are unique and can’t be duplicated, that’s why they didn’t appear in my head.

My previous life must be a dream, it never existed.

Feng Feiyun of the phoenix tribe was not real, I never met Shui Yueting or was killed by her either. I never traveled to h.e.l.l, it was just a long dream.

People say that life is but a dream. It is over after waking up.

The night can be long and several lifetimes can be experienced before waking up and seeing the familiar ceiling.

That Feng Feiyun was a dream, I’ve always been Feng Feiyun, the prodigal young master. The dream changed me and gave me a clear path for the future.

Is this the so-called awakening dream that people speak of? Or being taught by a master in a dream, seeing a G.o.d of sorts.

In just one night, I changed from a villainous young master to the top genius of Grand Southern. I became a historical genius and traveled to Sixth Central, growing stronger and stronger with each step.

All of this was because of a dream?

If it wasn’t for this dream, would I be dead now, killed by a woman or Feng Suiyu?

The more he thought, the more he believed this hypothesis. But what about the phoenix soul and the spirit vessel?

Where did I dream this? Home? The brothel? On a bed or on the ground?

He carefully thought about the past and came up with an answer - the first person I met after my rebirth was Luo Yu’er. I was going to rape her but I got a headache and memories of the phoenix clan master rushed into my head.

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He thought that the young master’s mind was weak. The capable phoenix clan master had more memories, wisdom, and willpower - hence the takeover. This made him think that he was the reincarnation of this being but in reality, he was still the same Feng Feiyun.

“Luo Yu’er.” There was an inconsistency.


In the next second, he appeared inside Heavenly Kingdom.

Luo Yu’er meditated beneath a black tree. It was only five meters tall but exuded a spirit rain.

She was surprised to see him: “Young Master Feng, this sacred tree has grown…”

He used a spell to look young again, not wanting the women here to worry. He stared at her and asked: “Remember when we first met?”

“Of course, you killed villains and chopped off Boss Wu’s hand…” She said.

“I’m talking about that night.” He shook his head.

She turned red and became embarra.s.sed, twirling her sleeves: “I’ve forgotten…”

She had no idea why he was bringing up something so sensitive.

“Recall what happened that night.” He said.

“What? I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Her complexion became redder.

“Speak, the more detailed the better.” He stared at the clouds with hands behind his back.

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