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Chapter 1550: The Power Of Black's [Predation]!

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Chapter 1550: The Power Of Black's [Predation]!




Suddenly, a flash of red light emerged before me, or more like three flashes of red light. A trio of c.o.c.ky-looking teens emerged, their blonde hair and sharp red eyes already gave away they were vampiric-like and three princes from the Human Empire. Their appearances were the intriguing part, they looked very similar, so they had to wear clothes with different colors, are they triplets?! And why did these jerks came out of nowhere?

"This monster was the one that killed our big brother and big sister!"

"d.a.m.n monster! Stop this at once!"

"How come you can summon even more monsters?! We didn't knew there was a second being with the Summoner Talent!"

These guys are really stupid jerks for not knowing the bare basics. But I can't blame them, living in n.o.bility since they were kids and growing up to become spoiled brats with vampiric powers that they think aren't vampiric powers will easily fry their brain capacity. To boot, all three of them were flying in midair using bat-like wings

"Yeah it's me! If you want to fight come here, I am not interested in conversing with stupid little teens." I said angrily, as I unleashed my Divine and Phantasmal Aura together, forming a Domain which quickly unleashed a pressuring shockwave. The trio gritted their teeth, realizing the might and power of my presence.

"We are the Ricardia Triplets, and this is over for you!"

"We specialize in hunting monsters; our special Skills all grant us extra damage against all monster types!"

"We have inherited the legendary skills of the ancient Hunter Hero of old!"

These three kids unleashed powerful auras to be honest, although they looked like cheeky teens, when I checked their status, they were all over 20 years, the older siblings I killed were actually 40. What the heck? How do they look so young if they're human- I guess they really aren't huh?

The Human Empire had somehow and stupidly transformed themselves into Pseudo Vampires over time by overusing their Artifacts which helped them transfer Skills to descendants. Each time, the children were born with more and more condensed Vampiric Power until mutations began to occur, a chain reaction most likely happened in the last generations until they began to develop more powers and abilities of Vampires.

Or well, that's my theory.

"Oh? So you got Hunter Hero powers? Show me your weapons then!" I said, tired of seeing Vampiric powers.

However, they quickly disappointed me, as they unleashed their Blood Auras and suddenly conjured enormous ma.s.ses of Blood Energy, shaping them into Red Blood Flames and Frozen Blood Ice crystals, shaping them into elemental magical projectiles! Seriously, is this everything?

"Weapons? With our amazing talent with magic, we merely require unleas.h.i.+ng a small part of our combined powers to finish you off!"

"Now, brothers, let's do it!"


FLAs.h.!.+ FLAs.h.!.+ FLAs.h.!.+ FLAs.h.!.+

Enormous fireb.a.l.l.s and icicle spear began to fall over me, as I started to evade them as swiftly as I possible could as a monster. Using the combination of Haste, Roll, and Telekinesis, I was able to lift myself up through the skies and roll across at high speeds, evading their devastating and bombarding magic.

Aquamarine in the other case was rather far away, and it was better this way. If I let the giant tiger fight, he would end up receiving more damage than I would want him to anyways!

"Black, White!"

I called my two spears, sharpened and made more lethal through Silva's [Sharpness Enhancement] Skill, the two spears unleashed their truest might as they pierced through the magical spells of the triplets!}


"Huh? Are those magical weapons?!"

"Impossible, how come they can get through our magic so easily…?!"

"W-Wait, look!"

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[Black] has activated [Predation] on target foes]

[White] has activated [Spiritual a.s.similation] on target foes]

[Predation] and [Spiritual a.s.similation] succeed, effects overlapping has enhanced the quality of aa new [Ego] that has been created]

[The [Trio of Smaller High Quality Egos] have merged together]

[A [High Quality Grade Ego (Special)] has been created]

[The stats of [Black] and [White] have increased]

A special High Quality Grade Ego? What's this even? What does it has of "special"? Some sort of unique power or a gimmick? Well, let's try them out right away!

I quickly grabbed their equipment, which we could only find fitting a single red-jewel ring, and infused the ego there!





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