The Long-awaited Mr Han

As If Dawn

Chapter 3223

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Chapter 3223: I Would Be d.a.m.ned If I Believed You

When Yan Zhiqing saw that Wei Wucai was still not moving, she said angrily, “Wei Wucai, you didn’t keep your word! You didn’t leave, but you lied to me that you did. Are you going to lie to me about such small things?”

“No,” Wei Wucai said hastily. “I just forgot to ask you something.”

Yan Zhiqing raised her brow.

Forgot to ask what?

Wei Wucai then said, “I just wanted to ask this. You’re planning to calm yourself down, but how long will it take?”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

“Give me a time limit,” Wei Wucai said. “If you don’t, I will continue worrying about it. I won’t feel safe. It can be one day, three days, or even ten days. Just give me a number.”

While Yan Zhiqing was not paying attention as he spoke…

He had secretly started moving towards the room little by little.

By the time Yan Zhiqing realized it, Wei Wucai had already moved two-thirds of his body past the door.

The corner of Yan Zhiqing’s eyes twitched. She thought to herself, if she were to harden her heart and close the door…

What would he do!

“Of course, I’m just saying, wouldn’t ten days be too long?” Wei Wucai said.

“Really?” Yan Zhiqing gave a fake smile as she said, “I was going to allow myself to calm down for half a month.”

Wei Wucai felt that Yan Zhiqing needed some beating.

Before she could react, he suddenly squeezed through the opening in the door.

Yan Zhiqing only saw his silhouette flash before her eyes.

Even if she had reacted to it, Wei Wucai was so fast that she couldn’t push him out in time.

She didn’t see him clearly as she only saw his silhouette wavering in front of her.

By then, she had already been pushed against the wall.

Beside them was the ajar door.

Wei Wucai pushed her to the corner behind the door. Both of their bodies were perfectly covered by the door.

Yan Zhiqing gasped in shock. She felt her heart in her throat.

Before she could say anything, her lips had been captured by Wei Wucai.

While her mind went blank, Wei Wucai held her face with both of his hands.

The back of her head was pressed tightly against the wall. She couldn’t move at all.

He held her face up. He had trapped her from all four sides.

Yan Zhiqing’s eyelashes fluttered. She opened her eyes slightly and saw that Wei Wucai had his eyes closed and was very focused on kissing her.

Unknowingly, Yan Zhiqing closed her eyes.

She didn’t have anywhere to put her hands. They initially drooped down beside her legs.

But then, as he continued kissing her, she wanted to grab onto something.

However, she felt embarra.s.sed to grab onto Wei Wucai.

In the end, she unknowingly flipped her hands over and placed her fingertips tightly against the wall.

Yan Zhiqing didn’t know how long it had been. She just knew that she had been knocked stupid by this kiss.

Wei Wucai then released her lips but still held on to her face with both of his hands.

Yan Zhiqing’s face was very small.

For some reason, celebrities usually have faces that are much smaller than other girls’ on average.

At this moment, her face was held in his palms.

Wei Wucai could cup her face with one hand.

And now, with both of his hands together, her face looked so small that it was absurd.

“My s.e.xual orientation will never change. You have really turned me straight,” Wei Wucai said in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Yan Zhiqing shuddered. Her entire face was red.

“I will give you a day to calm down,” Wei Wucai said. “If you don’t give me an official t.i.tle tomorrow, I will start courting you.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

What… what was this man saying!

Wei Wucai finished talking. He didn’t even bother waiting for Yan Zhiqing to answer.

While she was still in shock, he carried her up with her body positioned horizontally.

Soon, Yan Zhiqing felt a coldness on her back.

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She was placed on the cold bed.

On a day when she wanted to have some alone time to calm down, people kept coming to look for her.

Wei Wucai had just left, so Yan Zhiqing didn’t suspect that it was him.

Before Wei Wucai left, he had said that he would give her time to calm down.

He wouldn’t come back again.

In addition, he had already broken his promise once. Could he do it again?

And so, Yan Zhiqing had expected everyone else but Wei Wucai.

She walked to the door. Before anything else, she put a chain lock on it.

Only then did she open the door.

Because of the chain lock, the door couldn’t be opened wide.

Yan Zhiqing saw that the person standing at the door was still Wei Wucai.

She felt speechless.

Was this dude still not done!

“Didn’t you leave?” Yan Zhiqing said angrily. “No. Didn’t you say that you would let me calm down by myself?”

“Yes, that was what I thought,” Wei Wucai said. “However, after I left, I recalled that you haven’t had breakfast.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

“I guessed that you wouldn’t be able to sleep,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

He still had the audacity to say this!

Who had caused her insomnia?

If it hadn’t been for him, she would be sleeping comfortably!

“Therefore, I went out and got you breakfast.” Wei Wucai lifted up the bag as he said, “I bought porridge and buns. You can’t take medicine on an empty stomach. You have to eat food. You can take your medicine after breakfast. And after that, you can get a good rest. I won’t bother you then.”

Yan Zhiqing just wanted to sneer.

I would be d.a.m.ned if I believed you.

Wei Wucai had constantly gone back on his words. At least for today, Yan Zhiqing had lost all trust in him.

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