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Chapter 834

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Chapter 834: Scam Artists are Not Cute! (2)

The original owner’s name is Bu Meng.

This child had particularly cute looks but was given the name Bu Meng[1], creating a strange contrast.

Bu Meng is an orphan who grew up in a Taoist temple since childhood.

In today’s society, there are already few people studying metaphysics and the practice is gradually declining. However, the Taoist temple where Bu Meng lives still has genuine experts.

One of them is Bu Meng’s master. She had been learning with her master since she was young but she estimated that she wasn’t cut out for metaphysics and always remained mediocre. Her master eventually gave up on her.

Bu Meng has a crow’s mouth–this is a fact everyone in the temple knows about. The good things she says never works out and the bad things always come true. The other children in the temple don’t want to play with her because they’re afraid that bad things will happen to them if they do so.

As a result, although originally an outgoing child, she became increasingly quiet over time until finally she could only communicate through writing letters.

Her master’s heart ached so much for her he could hardly take it, so when Bu Meng was about to enter junior high school age he brought her to the city and asked his friend to take care of her.

This friend happened to be a broker who often worked late hours outside home. One day by chance he saw some lyrics written by Bu Meng and thought that she had talent so he asked if she wanted to learn music.

Although Bu Meng didn’t like talking much it didn’t mean that she disliked interacting with people; writing lyrics allowed her express herself better so naturally, she agreed to learn music from him.

After getting permission from Bu Meng’s master ,the broker sent her into music college.

Bu Meng indeed had a real talent for this kind of thing; she’d secretly written songs for some people before. But her lyrics weren’t just something anyone could sing. For those that could, they were sure to become an instant sensation.

Many people have heard of her pen name within the industry but no one has ever seen her in person. All of her communication is done online, even the broker who takes care of her doesn’t know much about her.

Originally, she shouldn’t encounter any trouble, but Bu Meng still befell misfortune–not from the female lead but from a supporting character named Yin Baobao.

Yin Baobao was Bu Meng’s senior schoolmate; beautiful with good background and strong connections. In this novel, she played the role of an evil supporting character who added fuel to the fire between the male and female leads’ relations.h.i.+p.

However, someone who read the original text took over Yin Baobao’s body.

Yin Baobao had read through the entire story so she knew about Bu Meng’s ident.i.ty and approached her for various reasons.

Knowing why Bu Meng didn’t like talking much, she accompanied Bu Meng as an understanding elder sister figure until Bu Meng gradually accepted her and came to rely on her.

Of course there were reasons behind Yin Baobao approaching Bu Meng; she tricked Bu Meng into writing many songs for herself.

Then she used these songs to get close to An Chen (the male lead), and when An Chen sang these songs out loud during performances, it became clear that Bu Meng had been deceived by Yin Baobao. 

Bu Meng went to find Yin Baobao but at that time Yin Baobao had already gotten together with An Chen so they appeared inseparable within their circle. One was a newly famous lyricist while another was a well-known prince of love song whose background matched hers perfectly–they looked like they were meant for each other from every angle possible.

In order to maintain her image in front of An Chen, Yin Baobao privately sought out Bu Meng and asked her to keep her mouth shut, crying and pitifully telling her she had no other choice.

Bu Meng’s heart softened and she agreed not to say anything, but refused to let anyone use any more of her work without permission.

Although initially agreeing on the surface, when An Chen needed new songs Yin Baobao still gave him the lyrics she had stolen from Bu Meng.

This song was special to Bu Meng and she’d never even dreamed of letting anyone else sing it. When she heard An Chen singing it out loud, Bu Meng grew furious.

She went to look for Yin Baobao, saying that she would sue her. Yin Baobao really was afraid of being sued by Bu Meng and even more afraid that An Chen would know the truth so she secretly found someone to capture Bu Meng.

So Bu Meng was caught and a video of her being raped was taken. Yin Baobao threatened her not to speak up or the video would be posted online.

Bu Meng dared not tell a single soul about this.

However, Yin Baobao used this to blackmail Bu Meng into helping her write songs.

Yin Baobao’s fame grew bigger and she replaced Bu Meng’s name in the industry, becoming incredibly successful.

Yin Baobao firmly held onto her leverage, and Bu Meng didn’t dare to speak a single word of it.

As Yin Baobao’s fame grew, so did the number of songs she required Bu Meng to write. However, writing songs required inspiration. In such a situation, how could Bu Meng write so many?

In the end, Bu Meng was driven insane. On the internet, she came clean and told everyone that she wrote those songs. But n.o.body believed her.

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Even the broker that had been taking care of her didn’t believe her and thought she had mental problems that needed treatment.

These two people didn’t even know who hired them; all they had were photos. They didn’t even know s.h.i.+ Sheng’s name.

s.h.i.+ Sheng was a victim. Even if she was a bit of a weirdo, this fact could not be erased.

So after giving her statement at the police station, she was released quickly.

“Hong Dui[3], someone tampered with that camera.” Someone hurriedly rushed over to Hong Dui, who took s.h.i.+ Sheng’s statement earlier.

“Tampered with?” Hong Dui asked silently what that meant.

“Part of the video has been deleted.”

“Can it be recovered?”


“What part of the video is missing?”

“It should be footage of that little girl subduing those evil guys, but from where the camera is placed there isn’t much captured.”

When they interrogated those two men about how they were subdued by such a young girl, both refused to say anything and looked scared.

He looked at that little girl; she was quite cute. Even if she knew some Taekwondo or something like that, could she really scare them that much?

Hong Dui frowned slightly: “Understood. The rest of the evidence is enough to convict them.” 

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[1] – The original host’s name is 步萌, p.r.o.nounced Bù Méng. 萌 is a j.a.panese loanword meaning cute. 不萌 is p.r.o.nounced the same way, but means not cute. So it’s weird because she’s super cute, but her name is literally Not Cute.

[2] – The raws say 步萌选择自我了解生命, literally meaning “Bu Meng chose to understand life on her own.” I’m pretty sure this is a euphemism for suicide, so I included that extra little bit in there for context.

[3] – 洪队 I think this is someone’s name, but it could also be addressed to a team working for the police.

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