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Chapter 791 - The Enlightened State Teacher (4)

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Chapter 791

The Enlightened State Teacher (4)

s.h.i.+ Sheng met a group of people not long after she left there. It was the rescue team sent by the Feng Family.

The leader was the branch elder. When he saw that s.h.i.+ Sheng stood in front of him unharmed. He also cried with tears of joy. He did not know how to explain to the family head if anything were to happen to her.

The Feng Family juniors rushed up to s.h.i.+ Sheng to give her a.s.siduous the moment they saw her. They were desperately trying to grab her attention.

They were from the side branches. Although the original host was adopted by the family, her rank was not lower than the biological daughters.

Many of them would fawn the original host in the Feng Family.

If they were able to be in her favor, their lives would be much easier later on.

s.h.i.+ Sheng responded to them half-heartedly while scanning the team. She did not see Feng Qing Qing.

“Third Miss, what are you looking for?”

“Third Miss, are you hungry? Do you want to eat anything?”

“Third Miss…”

s.h.i.+ Sheng,”…” can you guys stop talking? Let me be a beauty silently.

You guys are so noisy. Who do you think you’re?!

“This is Demon Flame Ridge, not the Feng Family’s training ground. Stop jabbering and have some decency!” a middle-aged man from the team chided.

He was tall and buff. The left side of his face was disfigured where the skins and the flesh were sticking together, looking rather hideous. The ferocity was amplified when he chastised.

The others stopped speaking instantly. They seemed to be afraid of this man.

His name was Wan Quan, the Feng Family’s mentor.

The whole team quieted down. Wan Quan turned around and headed forward while the rest of the team followed after him obediently without saying a word.

The Demon Flame Ridge. These words made these teens who were not even twenty a little more depressing.

The sky was getting darker. So Wan Quan ordered everyone to rest there. The leader was unhappy with his overstepping behavior, but it did not feel right to complain about it.

After eating, Wan Quan asked everyone to gather around, “there are still three of them are missing. Tomorrow will be the last day. We’re leaving here if we didn’t find anyone.”

s.h.i.+ Sheng cupped her face while listening to them gossiping in boredom.

The Feng Family had sent out a team previously. They were the last team.

Wan Quan was not planning to give up not those missing individuals. It was just that after some time would be the mystical creatures’ mating season. Their mating season was bizarre. Mystical creatures with the same rank had the same mating season.

Mystical creatures that were in heat were hard to deal with. Humans would not enter Demon Flame Ridge around this time.


They only found another person on the second day. Wan Quan ordered the team to return in the afternoon.

A young lady suddenly stepped up, said anxiously, “mentor, we haven’t found Seventh Miss. We can’t leave yet.”

This voice silenced the whole team. Everyone’s glance fell on that young lady.

The Seventh Miss was Feng Qing Qing.

Wan Quan looked at her, “I already said it yesterday.”

“But the Seventh Miss is alone in the Demon Flame Ridge. She might die.” the young lady was getting more anxious.

“If her life’s important, how about the rest of us?” someone voiced up upset, “not to mention that the Third Miss is here. If anything were to happen to her. Who’s going to be responsible for it?”

s.h.i.+ Sheng let go of her hands that cradled her face. don’t drag me into this. I refuse to take the blame without doing anything.

The young lady suddenly had an epiphany. She ran to s.h.i.+ Sheng with tears rolling down her cheek on demand, “Third Miss, please continue to look for the Seventh Miss. You’re sisters. You can’t leave her to death.”


“Third Miss, you are kind-hearted. You will definitely save the Seventh Miss, right?”


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“Third Miss, I’m begging you.”

s.h.i.+ Sheng let out a sigh and flung her invisible bangs like a r.e.t.a.r.d. this is what happens when you’re good-looking.

I’m already used to it, really.

“Third Miss, please lead the team out. I’ll stay back to look for Seventh Miss.” Wan Quan suddenly spoke.

Everyone was in an uproar.

s.h.i.+ Sheng pointed at herself exaggeratedly, “you’re asking a young lady like me to lead the team out? Are you crazy?”

What kind of joke is this? Something will definitely happen if she leads them. No way!

The elder of the side branch was there. Why did he pick her?

Is Wan Quan on the same side as the female protagonist?

There are always some r.e.t.a.r.ds looking to harm me.

I’m scared.

Wan Quan answered s.h.i.+ Sheng sternly, “Third Miss, you’re an adult now. You need to take some responsibilities.”

Responsibilities your head.

You’re trying to make me bear the blame. I’m not doing that!

s.h.i.+ Sheng shook her head, “no, I’m still young. I needed to be pampered.”

The crowd, “…” Third Miss, aren’t you acting quite strange?

“Mentor Wan. Third miss is important.” the elder from the side branch reminded him. The family head could not care less about Seventh Miss. Third Miss was much more important compared to Seventh Miss.

The young lady begged Wan Quan, “Mentor Wan.”

s.h.i.+ Sheng made herself clear. She was not going to do it anyway! We can all die together, it’s not a big deal!

Oh, no, you guys can die together.

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