Shoujo Grand Summoning


Chapter 1304: A gain, Eco the Exhibit

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Chapter 1304: A gain, Eco the Exhibit

After the Necromantia left the city under Ash's control, Ash cut the undead dragon in half using his magic weapon.

According to Ash, the undead dragon conveyed its wish to return to slumber once more. It promised to let Eco go as its last deed.

The Necromantia fought its own control and used up its last vestige of consciousness to release Eco.

After Ash put the dragon down, Eco was saved.

Ash saved the city.

Wu Yan, Rebecca, and Silvia each punched Ash once.

They didn't care that Ash saved the city.

The Necromantia would have released Eco using its dying will anyway.

Ash stopped both Wu Yan and Rebecca from finis.h.i.+ng the dragon off. He stopped them from saving Eco twice.

Ash made things difficult by interrupting them. They punched him out of annoyance.

Ash's meddlesome actions did bring them much to ponder.

At least, Eco started treating Ash better than a dog. She acknowledged him and created an Arc for him.

Alas, that isn't customized for Ash.

Dragons can pa.s.s down their knowledge and share it with others.

They call this the Dragweiss.

The dragons deposit their creations in Dragweiss so future dragons can refer to previous armors when constructing unique Arc Armors.

The armor Eco crafted for Ash is just a blueprint from long ago, a mimicry of a past Arc Armor.

Arc Armors were designed to suit their masters.

The Arc Replica created by Eco isn't suited for Ash.

It isn't optimized for Ash so the potency isn't strong.

Ash is only a half-Arch Dragonar at best. Moreover, there is a time limit on the Arc Replica.

Eco had to find parts from all across Dragweiss to fit Ash. The Arc Armor Ash wore is a patched hand-me-down from dragonars in the past.

However, just how many people in this world can claim they wore an Arc Armor?

Even princess Silvia doesn't know what it is like to wear an Arc armor.

Even if Ash only got his hands on a replica, he still did what many couldn't in their lifetimes.

They also discovered Milgauss.

Wu Yan might not have noticed Milgauss were it not for Ash's intervention.

It would have been a waste to let such a whale escape him.

Milgauss escaped but Wu Yan got critical intel from him.

Eco is the Avalon scion he has been looking for.

Now, he can continue with his first mission.

Ansullivan city started repairing the damage the Necromantia wrought.

At least, this time, n.o.body died.

However, the damage has been done.

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Scores of buildings were wrecked and almost half the city was devastated by one single Necromantia.


Eco started roaring.

"Are you guys going to stop looking at me like an art exhibit?!"

"Eco, calm down..."

Ash tried to calm down this n.o.ble lady.

"They just want to know why you can create Arc Armors."

"Didn't I say I don't know?!"

Eco kept shrieking.

"Moreover, it was just an emergency Arc, why do you guys have to dwell on it?"

"We can ignore it if other dragons can do the same."

Wu Yan drank his tea before continuing his explanations.

"But, you're just an infant dragon yet you can create Arc Replicas already. Not to mention, you already have the magic power needed to make those things."

"What's there to make a ruckus about?"

Eco puffed her chest out in pride.

"Who do you think I am? I am not like average dragons..."

Wu Yan & co exchanged amused looks.

She might be small but her pride far exceeded any dragon they met.

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