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Chapter 583 - Father and Son (8)

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Chapter 583 - Father and Son (8)

As soon as Yeon-woo read the messages that they had managed to reclaim the temple, he could sense all his subordinates cheering.

「Finally, finally…!」

「It’s too soon to rejoice! We can celebrate after those Gigantes b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have been kicked out of the Great Temple!」

「All soldiers, forward!」

「Eradicate those Gigantes bugs!」

「Let us clean this temple before our lord returns!」

「Death to the enemies!」

「Fight for our allies!」

Dis Pluto happily congratulated themselves but continued to watch out for the Gigantes’ next actions. The Ghost Giants and dragons were also in high spirits after the overwhelming victory.

Boo/Faust had contributed more than Yeon-woo expected, so he didn’t think he needed to worry about them anymore. His next act was to slice s.p.a.ce with Vigrid, and he came face to face with Persephone, who sat across from him with a stiff expression.

“I suppose this is the only place you could escape to?” Yeon-woo smirked at her. It was the same expression Persephone had shown him as he’d escaped with Hades on his back.

Aside from who was doing the smirking, the main difference was that Hades’ sacrifice had allowed Yeon-woo to escape safely, but there was no way out for Persephone now. Since Boo/Faust had taken over the center altar that led to the heavenly world, her lifeline was gone. If she really wanted to escape, however, there was one place left: Erebus. But would Persephone, the arrogant and prideful G.o.ddess, choose exile from the heavens, which was what entering Erebus meant?

Yeon-woo was certain she wouldn’t. He took a step forward into emptiness. At that moment, the various spells and powers that had activated inside her s.p.a.ce fell on Yeon-woo.

[The power ‘Depressed Plant’ has been activated!]

[The power ‘Icy Frost’ has been cast!]

[The power 'Decomposed to Waste’ has been activated!]

[All powers have been transplanted with death and destroyed!]

However, Yeon-woo brandished Vigrid and the spring of death began to rotate, instantly taking apart all her attacks. “Such strength,” Yeon-woo scoffed. Most powers and curses meant nothing to him now. As long as the black chains were connected to Vigrid and the spring of death was spinning, most attacks toward him would be nullified.

The concept of death didn’t just apply to living things. As long as something existed, it could be destroyed. This was the kind of death that Yeon-woo had inherited from Kronos.

“You…why do you get in our way for every single thing? What have we done to you…!”

“Too much talking.” Yeon-woo brought Vigrid down on Persephone, who was glaring at him menacingly.

Clatter. As the black chains spun around, emptiness opened behind her head. Persephone s.h.i.+fted her head and barely managed to evade it. At the same time, she manifested a part of the World Tree, las.h.i.+ng out with its roots as though they were tentacles.

Clang! However, Vigrid easily sliced through them. Rumble! The Sword Thunder on the blade exploded and continued from the Second Extreme, the Third Extreme, the Fourth Extreme, and to the Fifth Extreme. They didn’t stop, and the blessings and barriers protecting Persephone shattered. Vigrid’s sharp tip pierced her through the ribs on her right side.

Clang! The roots of the World Tree shoved Vigrid away, but Yeon-woo suddenly appeared in front of Persephone and twisted Vigrid into her heart. Puak! Blood spurted from Persephone’s mouth.

“I-I…!” Nevertheless, Persephone continued to glower at him in rage. The Sword Thunder injured her spirit body, and the energy of death took over her body, but her steely mind couldn’t be broken that easily. “I worked so hard to get here!”

She tried to turn the tables by grabbing Yeon-woo’s collar instead of pulling Vigrid out. Yeon-woo just pushed Vigrid in deeper.

“I!” A wave of heat blew. It was a fiery wind she’d gained from her position as Hades’ wife, the Queen of the Underworld. It forced Vigrid out, the fire feeding on the roots of the World Tree and rising from her hands, growing bigger.

Boom! Boom! When Yeon-woo tried to distance himself, Persephone thought he was trying to escape and sent her attacks to him. The explosion cracked the ground and destroyed all the temples nearby.

Cras.h.!.+ Yeon-woo left the holy territory and the ruins. Where Persephone had stood was a giant, lava-covered wooden figure. It was her gigantification. She had finally used the power she’d ordered the t.i.tans to use, the same power she never wanted to use herself.

Kroooo! A violent roar rang in the air. An immense amount of holy power that made the t.i.tans and Gigantes seem insignificant shook the Temple of the King of the Underworld. Yeon-woo’s subordinates and the Gigantes stopped fighting, turning to look at the sight.

『Persephone is using Kronos’ holy power…?』


『Is she planning to destroy this place?』

The Gigantes, who believed in Persephone, realized they were in danger and froze. They believed she was using her final card that she was cornered. However, Yeon-woo knew this was Persephone’s real form.

『Son.』 Just then, Kronos spoke up.


『I’m sorry I’ve been thinking of you as a horrifying hybrid mutant all this time.』


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『To think there’s a worse hybrid than you…ha!』

When Yeon-woo took Kronos’ corpse, his subordinates were already on par with the Gigantes, and Yeon-woo on his own was as powerful as a supreme divine being. Perhaps he was even as strong as Zeus. He wasn’t someone Persephone could handle.

She knew that Mother Earth was busy trying to take over the World Tree, but she needed her mother’s help right now. If not, everything would be over. She didn’t think Mother Earth would refuse her request. Losing Tartarus and Olympus would be a huge setback for Mother Earth’s plans as well. Most importantly, Persephone believed Mother Earth, whom she considered more like a mother than Demeter, wouldn’t deny her plea. ‘Mother…Mother will help…!’

[Mother Earth has refused her Apostle Persephone’s request!]

Persephone froze at the unexpected response. Her wooden face was filled with shock.

“I guess you were rejected.” Yeon-woo landed on Persephone’s forehead with a smirk, as if he had been expecting this. “p.a.w.ns are discarded when they’re no longer useful.”

『That can’t be, that can’t be…! Mother is the only person who understands me! Don’t speak like you know…!』

“No. You’re wrong. Mother Earth isn’t the one who understands you.” Yeon-woo’s eyes darkened. “It was Hades.”

『What kind of nonsense…!』 Persephone was about to shout in fury, but she stopped after realizing Yeon-woo was serious. Now that she thought about it, Yeon-woo had succeeded to the Throne of Death from Hades. That meant he hadn’t only received divine authority but also Hades’ legends.

『What…did you see?』

Yeon-woo didn’t feel the need to answer her question.

『Tell me what you saw!』

“You foolishly stepped on Hades, the only person who understood you, to get to where you are. Now, it’s time for me to step on you.” After several clashes, Yeon-woo already made his judgment. There was no point in conversing with her further. He thought she had more to her, but after her betrayal of Hades and ascent as queen of the t.i.tans and Gigantes, she turned out to be nothing.

She was just a foolish being drunk on authority, a.s.sisted by Mother Earth’s power. The Crawling Chaos or Typhon were better than her. The Crawling Chaos was acting out of amus.e.m.e.nt, but he had the ambition to find darkness, and Typhon had fought to avenge his race.

Kas.h.i.+ng. Yeon-woo brandished Vigrid and cut apart Persephone’s body.

[Unrivaled Disorder]

The power Yeon-woo had gained from watching Kronos’ legends activated, and black winds spun over Persephone’s giant body. Spurt! Cracks appeared along the bark, and black holy power sprayed in the air. Yeon-woo’s bracelet sucked everything in.

The roots tried to resist him, but they couldn’t get past the wall of chains in mid-air. Clatter! The black chains stretched taut in the air and wrapped around Persephone, who had returned to her human form. She hung from the chains, kicking and struggling. “K-Kegh…!” For the first time, desperation appeared on her infuriated face.

She still had lingering attachments to Mother Earth and questions to ask about Hades, but she couldn’t speak because she couldn’t breathe. Yeon-woo looked at her with an indifferent expression, then pulled the chains to twist around her neck.

Crack. Persephone’s head fell powerlessly to the ground, her tongue lolling out.

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