Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby

Tang Bulin

Chapter 905 - Do You Know That My Heart Can Hurt Too

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Chapter 905 Do You Know That My Heart Can Hurt Too

Huo Yunque raised his eyebrows and threw the two little kittens out.

He turned around and suddenly grabbed her chin.

“Then, my dear student Song Yaoyao, can you be careful? My heart can hurt too.”

Since his heart was beating only for her, Song Yaoyao had the obligation to take responsibility for him.

Song Yaoyao’s heart trembled. She quickly looked up and met the man’s deep eyes.

There seemed to be a black fog surging within, hiding emotions that made one’s heart sink.

Her nose became sore and her heart ached even more.

“I’m sorry… Gege.”

Song Yaoyao started her life of recuperating at home. Although she regretted missing out on many new activities, she could tell what was most important.

In one’s life, there would always be many regrets, no matter who it was.

It was not until the fourth day after she woke up that Song Yaoyao was allowed to touch her phone.

There was no news about her on the internet. It must have been suppressed.

But soon, a topic that interested Song Yaoyao entered her eyes.

[Song Jingwan’s face disfigured]

What happened during the few days she was away?

In a bedroom on the second floor of Song Manor.

The maid stood outside the door in fear and trepidation as soup seeped out beneath the door.

Inside, a girl’s sharp roar could be heard.

“Get lost! All of you get lost! I don’t want to see anyone. Get lost, get lost!”

“Miss, you haven’t eaten for a day…”


A heavy object hit the door.

The servant was instantly silenced.

“Get lost!”

The voice inside was almost hoa.r.s.e.

Song Wenchuan pressed his temples and held onto the handrail of the stairs. He stood where he was and waited for the dizziness to pa.s.s.

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The entire Song Manor was now frighteningly empty. After Mu Wei graduated from high school, she had chosen to go abroad.

Knock, knock, knock.

“I told you to get lost. Are you deaf? Scram!”

“Jingwan, it’s me.”

The room was silent for a few minutes. Song Wenchuan stood outside the door and waited quietly.

After a long time…

Song Jingwan said in a low voice, “I don’t want to see anyone right now. Wenchuan, you should leave too.”

“Then…” Song Wenchuan closed his eyes. “If you’re ever hungry or you want to talk to me, remember to come out.”


The lights were not turned on in the room. Only the pale moonlight shone through the gla.s.s.

There were many shadows.

The girl sat in front of the dressing table and opened her mouth gently.

Her eyes were malicious. She suddenly reached out and pulled off the gauze on her face.

On her cheek, there was a hideous wound that had been st.i.tched up!

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