Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby

Tang Bulin

Chapter 903 - Slide Down The Mountain

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Chapter 903 Slide Down The Mountain

“Do you think she looks normal?”

Yu Sitian suddenly stopped in her tracks and raised her head to look ahead.

The girl who was curled up a moment ago had already raised her head. The sound of thunder split the darkness apart. The pale lightning shone on Song Yaoyao’s delicate but sickly little face.

Heavy raindrops fell on her face, wetting her curly eyelashes.

Her eyes were deep and unmoving, giving off a strange feeling.

Yu Sitian looked into her eyes, but Song Yaoyao didn’t seem to see her. She didn’t even move her eyelashes.

She s.h.i.+vered and felt a chill down her spine.

What happened to Song Yaoyao?

Was she scared out of her mind?

Song Jingwan sneered, “Do you think she’ll be grateful to you for helping her now? Why don’t you ask around? She is a lunatic. Now that you saw her in this state, what do you think the person behind her will do to prevent you from leaking this information?”

Would she still have a chance to show her face in the entertainment industry?

Yu Sitian’s eyelashes trembled.

“If you go down now, I’ll pretend I didn’t see


“Yaoyao! Where are you?”

There were dead branches everywhere. Clearly, the school had gone to great lengths in their search efforts.

At the foot of a mountain slope, Song Yaoyao slowly moved her fingers. The rain continuously washed over her eyes. Even though tears flowed out, there was no trace of it.

In the darkness, she saw a blurry figure. For a moment, it coincided with the memories in her mind.

What was it?

With a sprained ankle, Song Yaoyao’s body just happened to be stuck next to a big tree, preventing her from sliding further down.

The rain was getting heavier.

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Song Yaoyao moved her lips, feeling the strong unwillingness and anger coming from the dark figure above her.

She was lucky. She was stuck between a tree trunk. If she moved even a little, she might slip down.

It was pitch black, and Song Yaoyao didn’t know what was down there.

The best way was to not move and wait for


When she finally heard sounds, Song Yaoyao opened her mouth. Her voice was weak, and it was drowned out by the heavy rain.


Tang Xinrou had already stepped onto another mountain path. Several people had walked above Song Yaoyao, but no one noticed her. “I think I heard Yaoyao’s voice.”

She pursed her lips and raised her hand to signal for everyone to stop and not make a sound. Then, she p.r.i.c.ked up her ears to listen carefully.

“Yaoyao? Is that you? Precious Yaoyao?”

Huo Si’s heart tightened. At this moment, he didn’t even think that he might be punished. He was simply focused on Song Yaoyao’s safety and the girl who always smiled like a flower and worked especially hard.

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