Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby

Tang Bulin

Chapter 337 - My Phone Is The Same As Yours. Trust Me!

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Chapter 337: My Phone Is The Same As Yours. Trust Me!

Under the lights, her vivid expression was lively and cute. Her face, which still contained baby fat, made her look like a child.

Han Jun seemed to have noticed something…

But he did not dare to say it.

So, he forced himself to reply, “That’s right! My phone is like that too! We’re students, after all. The browser automatically filters out unhealthy content!”

“Really?” Song Yaoyao narrowed her eyes.

“Really!” Han Jun nodded convincingly.

He even raised three fingers and swore to G.o.d in order to gain Song Yaoyao’s trust. “I swear!”

Song Yaoyao: “Then make an oath. If you lie to me, then you will be gay.”

These words sounded like an insult coming from the girl’s lips.

He blamed himself continuously. He shouldn’t have spoken rashly!

But he still nodded in seriousness. “Yes! I’ll be gay!”

However, he was screaming on the inside, “G.o.d, I was just telling a white lie! Please don’t take it seriously! I like women!”

Song Yaoyao took her phone back and took a deep look at Han Jun.

She wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. Picking up the empty can of Cola from the table, she crushed it between her hand.

Her eyes curved and she suddenly revealed a sweet smile.

“If you lie to me, you will end up like this can. Understood?”

Han Jun shuffled backward, almost hiding under a desk as he nodded his head, “Yes, I understand!”

This was what Song Yaoyao liked seeing.

Han Jun breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Song Yaoyao finally leave. He climbed onto a chair and rested.

Fortunately, Song Yaoyao didn’t ask to see his phone; otherwise…


The door opened again and Han Jun received a fright.

The girl’s delicate voice sounded like a ghost that was out for his life.

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“I thought about it and something doesn’t seem right. Show me your phone.”

Two s.h.i.+rtless youths had stripped away their heavy clothes and were fighting. Without wearing any gloves, they threw punches with their bare hands.

Each punch was firm.

All of a sudden, a loud thump echoed through the room. Just by hearing the sound, one could imagine the pain.

Huo Ningxi threw a kick, and Shen Xun raised his hands to block him, unloading his strength and pus.h.i.+ng him away.

As soon as Huo Ningxi fell, he pounced on top of him and held him down, strangling his neck.

Huo Ningxi huffed and puffed as his eyes filled with hostility. One could sense his youthful energy.

Beads of sweat dripped down, soaking the bangs on his forehead.

“Do you admit defeat?”

The boy with the cracked voice laughed as he stared into Huo Ningxi’s eyes.

Huo Ningxi couldn’t help but laugh as well. He lay on the ground and replied in disdain, “No.”

“Ha, okay!” Shen Xun pulled him up. “Do you want to continue then?”

Let me beat you until you accept it!

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