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Chapter 587: The Only Way to Eliminate Mind Control Effect!

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Chapter 587: The Only Way to Eliminate Mind Control Effect!

The unbearable chill was injected into Tang Li Xue's body through the [Icy Winter Rhino]'s sharp horn, even all of Tang Li Xue's internal organs began to freeze.

Tang Li Xue's consciousness became blurry, and she suddenly felt very sleepy.

At the critical moment when Tang Li Xue almost pa.s.sed out because of severe Hypothermia, her [Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline] immediately worked to make the blood in her entire body become very hot like molten lava, while her [Imperial Moon Fox Bloodline] expelled the extreme coldness energy from her body.

Even the extremely cold surrounding temperature and the violent blizzard could no longer affect Tang Li Xue anymore right now.

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath as she instantly became sober again.

She immediately created a sharp machete with her [Energy Manipulation] and controlled it to cut the [Icy Winter Rhino]'s sharp horn in one move!


After cutting the [Icy Winter Rhino]'s sharp horn, Tang Li Xue fell down to the frozen ground, and she hastily rolled to the right side so she would not get trampled by the [Icy Winter Rhino].

Tang Li Xue gnashed her fangs to withstand the pain as she pulled out the [Icy Winter Rhino]'s sharp horn that was still struck deeply in her shoulder with her paws.

But Bingbing already launched another attack on Tang Li Xue without giving her any time to recover!

[Icy Winter Sparrows]~!

Bingbing's extremely cold energy formed tens of white sparrows, and they flew swiftly toward Tang Li Xue!

When those tens of white sparrows almost reached Tang Li Xue...

[Moonlight Flash]~!

Tang Li Xue swung her claws rapidly at an unbelievable speed, creating several streaks of silver light in the air!


Those tens of [Icy Winter Sparrows] were cut into several tiny pieces of ice in an instant and harmlessly fell to the frozen ground!

Tang Li Xue did not feel happy at all even after she easily solved Bingbing's [Icy Winter Sparrows].

On the contrary, she has a great headache right now as she thinks about how to dispel the mind-control effect on Bingbing.

Honestly, Tang Li Xue still could not think of any good way to prevent the mind-controlling effect of Crimson Skies Domain until now.

Tang Li Xue herself depended on Ming Yue's va.s.sal mark to remain unaffected by the mind-controlling effect of Crimson Skies Domain.

If not for it, she could only be relying on her bloodlines to forcefully resist the mind-controlling effect by consuming her energy.

"Sigh... But both of them are useless in this current situation! I cannot just give my bloodlines or va.s.sal mark to Bingbing, right?!" Tang Li Xue muttered in a frustrated tone.

Then a sudden brilliant inspiration flashed in Tang Li Xue's mind.

"Wait a minute... I may not be able to lend my bloodlines to Bingbing, but transferring this golden va.s.sal mark to her should be completely possible, right?!" Tang Li Xue murmured with her topaz blue eyes s.h.i.+ning in excitement like a pair of glittering blue stars.

Just when Tang Li Xue was thinking deeply about how to transfer her golden va.s.sal mark to Bingbing, Bingbing already created several sharp rotating ice discs with her divine ability and sent them to attack Tang Li Xue!

Tang Li Xue hastily dodged all of the rotating sharp ice discs with her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] and flashed to the right side!

Surprisingly, The several rotating sharp ice discs swiftly changed their trajectory and headed toward Tang Li Xue again under Bingbing's ice control!

Tang Li Xue dodged the relentless a.s.sault from the several rotating sharp ice discs by using her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] to swiftly move to the right and left in a zigzag pattern!

Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue's mind had been working fast to find a way to transfer her golden va.s.sal mark to Bingbing.

'Will it work if I cut the skin where the va.s.sal mark is located and sew it on Bingbing's skin? Uhh, that plan seems very unreliable... rejected!' Tang Li Xue immediately denied the plan in her mind.

After thinking for a few moments while dodging the rapid attacks from several rotating sharp ice discs, Tang Li Xue frowned deeply as she still failed to find any feasible plan.

Get annoyed by several rotating sharp ice discs, Tang Li Xue condensed a pair of deep blue [Sun Dragon Claws] and broke apart those several rotating sharp ice discs by swinging the deep blue [Sun Dragon Claws] at them.

After eliminating all of the unfeasible choices in her mind, Tang Li Xue deducted that the only key to successfully transferring the golden va.s.sal mark to Bingbing was her [Energy Manipulation]!

Because this golden va.s.sal mark was basically Ming Yue's energy that she deliberately sealed in Tang Li Xue's body.

That was the reason why the Crimson Skies Domain could no longer affect Tang Li Xue under the protection of this golden va.s.sal mark.

"[Energy Manipulation]... Like its name, this divine ability should be able to control other people's energy... or other foxes' energy! Let's try it now!" Tang Li Xue said with a firm tone.

Bingbing created another squad of [Icy Winter Sparrows] to attack Tang Li Xue, but Tang Li Xue used her pair of [Sun Dragon Claws] to block them.

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The [Sun Dragon Claws] froze into a pair of ice blocks and shattered.

Bingbing thought Tang Li Xue used the stealth divine ability to turn invisible like before, so she quickly increased the intensity of the violent blizzard in order to force Tang Li Xue out!


Right at this moment, Tang Li Xue suddenly jumped out right from under Bingbing's feet in her [Spider Scorpion Transformation] form!

ndαsvεl m

Yes, Tang Li Xue used her [Water Mirage]'s clones as a decoy to draw Bingbing's attention, while she secretly transformed into [Spider Scorpion Transformation] form and dug an underground tunnel to reach Bingbing!

"Wake up, Bingbing~!" Tang Li Xue activated her [Mystic Whisper] again to stun Bingbing for a moment.

Tang Li Xue immediately used this chance to push out the unknown energy from her body and injected it into Bingbing's body in one breath!

Right at this moment, the golden va.s.sal mark on Tang Li Xue's chest faded away and moved onto Bingbing's chest!

The eerie crimson light inside Bingbing's eyes disappeared, and her eyes returned to normal.

"It really works ~! Hahahaha~! Bingbing, are you okay? Have you already woken up?" Tang Li Xue excitedly asked while holding and shaking Bingbing's body back and forth.

"I... am okay... Ugh, what happened to me just now? And... by the way, who are you?" Bingbing asked Tang Li Xue with a puzzled tone.

Tang Li Xue: "...."

After calming down, Tang Li Xue suddenly realized that she had made a... little mistake...

"You are not Bingbing~! Who the h.e.l.l are you?! How dare you disguise as Bingbing~!" Tang Li Xue angrily said.

The fake Bingbing: "....."

"I remember... You are one of Bing Yi's friends. I am Bing Yi's elder sister, Bing Shui." Bing Shui introduced herself to Tang Li Xue.

"Bing...Bing's elder sister? Ahhhhh, I also remember you~!" Tang Li Xue shouted in surprise.

Actually, Tang Li Xue had met several times with Bing Shui before.

It was just Tang Li Xue always met with Bing Shui in their human form, and this was the first time they met each other in their fox form.

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