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Chapter 3561 - 3561 Killing feathers Guild

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Chapter 3561 - 3561 Killing feathers Guild

3561 Killing feathers Guild

“Xiao bei? What’s wrong with you?”

Song Qincheng noticed the change in Chen Xiaobei’s expression. For someone with a strong mental state, this change meant that something big had happened!

“Look over there …”

Chen Xiaobei raised his finger and pointed forward.


“It’s … It’s Heng Yongxu?”

Song Qincheng and six-eared macaque looked over.

He saw that Heng Yongxu, who had possessed the t.i.tan warrior’s soul, was being chained by a few great void green wings race tribesmen and dragged to an unknown place.

Heng Yongxu was different from mu chenye!

Mu chenye and the rest were once Chen Xiaobei’s enemies, but they were forced to become his dogs.

As for Heng Yongxu, Chen Xiaobei saw him as a friend.

Chen Xiaobei had always valued family and friends.h.i.+p! Seeing his friend chained up, his emotions naturally fluctuated greatly.

“You guys wait here!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes narrowed and he was about to walk over.

“Bro bei!”

Six-eared macaque quickly grabbed Chen Xiaobei and said, ” “This is Greenwing Imperial City! Their combined strength was more than a hundred times stronger than the Imperial City of the thousand-eyed clan! Furthermore, the men from the green wings race who were pulling Heng Yongxu along were all four star heaven Immortals! From the looks of it, they were just running errands! If we clash with them, we’ll definitely attract even more terrifying enemies!”

&Quot; yeah … &Quot; song Qincheng nodded and tried to persuade him, ” “We’ll definitely save her, but we have to give this matter further thought!”

&Quot; phew … &Quot; Chen Xiaobei let out a long breath and suppressed his impulse.

Just as the six-eared macaque had said, there were many powerful cultivators in the Imperial City, and their combined power was unfathomable! Moreover, the goal of this trip was the sixth orb.

If he acted rashly and alerted the enemy, he might not be able to save Heng Yongxu and might even affect his plan to find the orb. It would be too late for him to regret then.

Because of that, Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down. Since he could not fight them head-on, he had to think of a way to outwit them.

The plan was very important.

Chen Xiaobei quickly scanned his surroundings and locked onto a kind-looking elderly man from the green wings clan.

“Old man, I’m very curious. Why did they catch that big guy?”

Chen Xiaobei walked over and asked politely.

Right now, Chen Xiaobei’s charm was off the charts. Other than his enemies, almost everyone would have a good impression of him.

“You mean the great void giant spirit race?”

“You’ve just arrived at Greenwing Imperial City, haven’t you?” the old man asked with a smile. Those Green-winged warriors are from the sharp feathers Guild!”

“Sharp feathers Guild?” “Then what is it for?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

The old man said,”the killing feathers Guild will do anything!” Accepting bounty missions, exploring and hunting, capturing and selling slaves, auctioning immortal beasts, immortal medicine, and so on …”

“The great void giant spirit tribe that you mentioned must have offended them, and that’s why they captured him! If I’m not wrong, they should be sold as slaves!”

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The old man pointed at the green light in Heng Yongxu’s dantian and said,”That’s the feather spirit locking spell, it’s specially used to lock the cultivation of slaves! With their cultivation sealed, they can’t resist at all and can only submit!”

“Green deercry … Okay! I’ll remember that!” Chen Xiaobei nodded and bowed to the old man. &Quot; “Thank you for your help! Many thanks!”

After that, Chen Xiaobei returned to song Qincheng and six-eared macaque’s side.

The old man remained where he was, staring at Chen Xiaobei. His old but deep eyes seemed to be able to see through Chen Xiaobei.

&Quot; bro bei, that old man has been looking at you … &Quot; song Qincheng lowered her voice and said.

Hearing this, six-eared macaque grinned and said, ” &Quot; my bro bei’s charm is off the charts! He’s alluring to men, women, the old and the young! Perhaps, the old man was interested in bro bei! Hehehe …”

“Don’t talk nonsense. He’s a very good old man!” Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down and turned back to the old man, smiling and nodding.

The old man nodded and turned to leave.

Six-eared macaque frowned and said, ” “Strange … How come this old man’s cultivation isn’t at the heaven immortal realm? Even worse than a child?”

&Quot; maybe he was injured when he was young, which caused his cultivation to drop … &Quot; song Qincheng said.

“Let’s not talk about that old man! Right now, it’s more important to save her!” “You two go back to the verdant Emperor’s divine gourd!” Chen Xiaobei said. It’s more convenient for me to act alone!”

After that, song Qincheng and six-eared macaque entered the verdant Emperor’s divine gourd.

In fact, Chen Xiaobei was doing this because the green wings had similar personalities and hobbies to humans. Along the way, many men had been staring at song Qincheng with ill intentions.

A place like the casino was full of people from all walks of life. Chen Xiaobei might not be able to take care of song Qincheng if he was too focused on his work.

Only when song Qincheng and six-eared macaque returned to the verdant Emperor’s divine gourd could Chen Xiaobei go all out.

Since it was a casino, how could Chen Xiaobei not play a few rounds?

Chen Xiaobei was an old hand at this!

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