Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!


Chapter 2160

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Chapter 2160: Cut Off The Root Of The Problem

As soon as this was said, Commander Xia’s expression was extremely cold. He glanced at Du Jiayi and then at Ye Ying. He shouted, “How dare you?!”

Ye Ying, whose face was as white as paper, swayed and almost fainted.

In front of Staff Officer Du and Commander Xia… Du Jiayi directly said that she suspected that Ye Jian had cheated to get into military school. ‘Du Jiayi! Do you want her to die?!’

At this moment, Ye Ying wanted to pounce on Du Jiayi and tear her mouth apart.

Du Jiayi couldn’t care less. How could a daughter who let her parents slap her in the face be worthy of the Du family?

Obedient? Gentle?

It was all fake!

If she caused trouble before even entering the Du family, wouldn’t it be even more chaotic when she entered the Du family in the future?

The root of the problem had to be solved before it was too late!

When it came to being ruthless, Du Jiayi was dozens of times better than Ye Ying. Previously, she wanted to slowly persuade Madam Li to give up on the idea of making Ye Ying her daughter-in-law. After what happened just now, she immediately made up her mind to sever Ye Ying’s relations.h.i.+p with the Du family.

Did she think that getting into military school was child’s play? Was the college entrance examination child’s play? Could Ye Jian get in just by cheating? Pig brain!

If that was really the case, who knew how many military school students in the country had gotten in by cheating?

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“Du Jiayi, stand down!” Madam Li was furious. She had just said that she liked Ye Ying, yet her daughter jumped out to say something indecent. Xia Xinhui didn’t know what to say!

This matter concerned the Du family and Madam Li’s reputation. The anxious senior a.s.sistant started to pray.

How would he know that the protagonist in the videotape was Miss Ye Ying, who appeared at Miss Jiayi’s birthday party yesterday?

…It was fine if it were an ordinary person, but Chairwoman Li had praised Miss Ye Ying for being obedient and sensible. She liked her very much. Her words and actions made people feel that she treated Miss Ye Ying as her future daughter-in-law.

The obedient and sensible girl whom Chairwoman Li wanted to be her daughter-in-law turned out to have such a messy private life. Wasn’t this a huge slap to Chairwoman Li’s face?

At this moment, Madam Li did not know that her a.s.sistant was so anxious and could not wait to report something to her.

Looking at Ye Ying, who was speechless for a long time, she glanced at Du Jiayi with a dark expression, warning her not to make trouble again. Then, she smiled at Commander Xia. “Old Xia, you…”

“Mom, your phone has been ringing for a long time in your bag. It must be an emergency. Answer the call first,” Du Jiayi interrupted. She wanted to cut off Ye Ying’s escape route. Du Jiayi would never give up just because of her mother’s gaze!

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