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Chapter 123.1

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Chapter 81

Chapter 81 . 1 — Honest people learn to be wicked

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Su Yanyi’s words cleared a lot of air . Su Zexing was able to grasp Qin Jiran’s standing in the family and heightened his regard for him . He then led the husband and wife duo to the rear of the establishment .

The three walked for about five minutes towards a small garden in the back . It looked like they needed to cross the garden too . On the way over, aside from the non-existent clients, Qin Jiran didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary . Yet, it looks like a regular county hall .

Once they crossed the garden, Qin Jiran saw a countryside frisbee training center . At a glance, he noticed that the people holding guns looked quite professional .

When Su Yanyi noticed his gaze, she seemed to understand what was going on . So, she asked curiously, “Have you played this before?”

“Played a few times . ” Qin Jiran nodded calmly .

She couldn’t tell if he really liked it or not .

“How’s your marksmans.h.i.+p?” Since she couldn’t tell, she asked . She was actually curious .

At this time, Qin Jiran couldn’t help but think of Su Yanyi’s rather good skills . Now that he’d seen this business under Su Family as well as several other special places, and the rumors he’d heard about the Su Family’s possible secret businesses- didn’t this mean Yanyi’s marksmans.h.i.+p was amazing?

“Pretty normal . I just played a few times . ” In front of a professional, it’s better to be modest . Qin Jiran suddenly thought that he shouldn’t display his skills in the presence of an expert .

Qin Jiran’s marksmans.h.i.+p was ok . Being an amateur, his level could be considered quite good because he’d especially trained for a gunfight film . Then, he became a regular at similar clubs, so his skills could be considered as ‘well-practiced . ’

Qin Jiran had a hunch that Yanyi’s marksmans.h.i.+p was better .

“It’s ok . I will teach you . ” As expected, Su Yanyi was more confident than usual, clearly thinking she was great at this .

“Ok . ”

This exchange between the married couple left the bystander, Su Zexing’s heart, in a bit of a shock . He’d grown up in the Su Family and had seen Su Yanyi; this Young Miss, grow up . Ever since she was a child, the Young Miss was very indifferent, and the cold aura made her seem like she was a little adult . But because she was exquisite, no matter how indifferent she was, she was extremely cute . Many children liked to play with her, the orphans that the Su Family had adopted . However, the Young Miss didn’t really like them .

At that time, besides learning with the Young Master, she barely had any friends or playdates . It was a coincidence when one day, a young girl with a rude att.i.tude challenged the Young Miss . The two couldn’t determine the winner and this piqued her motivation to win . After a.s.siduous training, she went to fight that child again, up until she admitted defeat . But that child didn’t accept this . Although she’d lost, she could only try harder – to win next time . As time went by, the fighting bridged the gap between the two . The child also had a few friends who could all be considered compet.i.tive . All of them fought with one another which resulted in a closer relations.h.i.+p amongst them all . They reluctantly became friends with the Young Miss .

Although that was the case, the Young Miss didn’t really talk with the few playmates and don’t even mention taking the initiative to teach them anything . One could see the indifferent and lonely personality that the Young Miss held . But now, the Young Miss actually offered to teach the Son-in-law marksmans.h.i.+p . It could be seen that the Young Miss and the Son-in-law had a pretty good relations.h.i.+p . He was comforted .

Su Zexing had watched Su Yanyi grow up and looked at her as a younger generation . His concern and care were shown through his actions . He naturally hoped that she was happy .

‘Son-in-law, when Young Miss was training here, she had the t.i.tle of ‘G.o.ddess of guns’ . With her teaching you, you will definitely be powerful . ” Su Zexing knew that Su Yanyi had feelings for Qin Jiran, so he should naturally sing praises of the Young Miss .

“Hm . ” Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi as she returned his gaze . The two smiled at each other in tacit understanding .

Noticing this, Su Zexing spoke no more . He brought the two across the frisbee section, towards the forest at the back . They walked for a while before arriving at a place that looked similar to a factory . There were people guarding the door .

Seeing the trio walking over, they immediately greeted, “Young Miss!”

Clearly, these were old-timers who naturally recognized Su Yanyi . The area at the rear of the forest was different from the front .

Once the two greeted Su Yanyi, they trained their attention on Qin Jiran . They hesitated before saying, “This is probably Son-in-law . h.e.l.lo . ”

“h.e.l.lo . ” Qin Jiran nodded, neither enthusiastic nor indifferent . Yet, Su Zexing and the duo held a glint of admiration . They became respectful .

It couldn’t help but be said that Qin Jiran was a man with an imposing manner . He was tall with a well-built figure, ice-cold with a distant aura – just like how thousands of millions of fans had commented . Qin Jiran was like a monarch and extraordinary at first sight .

These people who were servants of the Su Family had already held respect for Qin Jiran, this Son-in-law . Now that they had seen how outstanding Qin Jiran was, they were more polite .

Right after, the guards opened the door and the three walked in . The outside was a contrast to the inside . Although it wasn’t a factory but rather a large warehouse filled with all sorts of merchandise, by the looks of it, there was nothing out of the ordinary .

They followed Su Zexing and pa.s.sed by some merchandise and reached a small door . They opened the door and walked in to see a person working on a computer . He immediately greeted the three and Su Zexing acknowledged with a nod . The person typed on the computer for a bit and to the right, a secret door which opened .

Then, the three finally entered the base . The security was quite strict . Qin Jiran had entered an actual secret base right now .

Pa.s.sword, cornea, fingerprints, and pictures were all layers of verification that couldn’t be completed without the other . Qin Jiran thought that the films depicting thus were quite close to reality after all . Needless to say, it drew inspiration from real life . Yet, what Qin Jiran had seen was more advanced than what was depicted in the TV shows or films .

They’d walked for about another two minutes when Su Zexing brought them to a door . There was another guard outside who greeted each one before opening the door for them .

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“Stop blabbering! They are the Young Miss and the Son-in-law!” Brother Zhang, who was the manager of the shooting range, glared at the young lad . Then he turned to the newcomers and spoke in a respectful tone .

“Young Miss and Son-in-law? Is it really the rumored Young Miss?” His voice was loud enough for the surrounding people to hear including Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran .

The rumored… Young Miss? This description wasn’t simple .

Chapter 81 . 2 — Honest people learn to be wicked

Edited by: Larkspur & Tattaro

This was a training gym . Inside there were about twenty-something people wrestling with each other . Old man Su sat down as he drank his tea and watched others fight . He was in a rather relaxed mood .

“Grandfather!” The two walked over and greeted the old man . When he saw them together, he was both shocked and relieved .

The Su Family had long accepted Qin Jiran . They had even disclosed some information about the Su Family businesses to him, hoping he’d be familiar with them and take part in some family affairs . Qin Jiran was still unfamiliar with the secret powers behind the Su Family, not because they didn’t want him to know but because it was rather a complicated topic to explain . Also, Su Yanyi wasn’t interested, so she didn’t know much .

But since Su Yanyi brought Qin Jiran here now, it showed that she had accepted him . She even brought him to the core of the Su Family’s secret powers, which gave the old man much comfort . There weren’t many people from the Su family, such that many of their businesses needed to be managed by their most-trusted people . Even though Qin Jiran grew within the entertainment circle, the Su Family was optimistic about grooming him for the job . However, it would still be up to his choice and ability .

“Since you guys are here, walk around and familiarize yourselves with the place . You could come here and train when you have time in the future . It would help you a lot,” Old man Su said meaningfully . There were a lot of things for these two to see .

“We’re here on a date,” Su Yanyi understood what her grandfather meant, but she still had to remind him she didn’t have any intention to train here . She enjoyed being a queen but not a female bandit of some sort .

“Oh! A date… How creative!” Old man Sun was amused and was in the mood to tease the two younger generations .

Su Yanyi didn’t want to be teased further by her grandfather . She pulled Qin Jiran’s hand and started to go, “Jiran and I will walk around to take a look to see . ”

The old man waved his hand, not minding Su Yanyi’s rebuff .

Qin Jiran had to hurriedly bid goodbye, “Grandfather, we’ll be going . ”

“Go, go! Be careful . Don’t let Yanyi bully you,” the old man continued to tease . Still, he meant what he said . Yanyi was raised here and no matter how they play, Jiran would sure be the one to suffer .

Qin Jiran paused in his tracks and said helplessly, “Grandfather, Yanyi won’t do that . ”

Su Yanyi had already walked to the door when she heard their conversation . She pursed her lips and said, “Grandfather, Jiran’s skill is quite good too . How could I bully him?”

“Ok, ok . Go quickly, you two! Stop with your PDA in here . ” The old man may be kind and funny, but he’s well updated with modern times . He knew how to go online, chat, and check social media posts, from which he’d learned much about the couple and even words like ‘PDA . ’

Su Zexing had an attendant follow the two before walking off . A lot of things had changed in this place during the years Su Yanyi had not come .

Su Yanyi brought Qin Jiran to an indoor shooting range . There were professional trainers who wanted to come over and practice, but they all moved back once they saw Su Yanyi .

A young lad, playing with a gun beside his trainer, was confused when he saw his trainer retreat . “Brother Zhang, why aren’t you going over? Those two don’t look familiar, probably new ones . ”

“Stop blabbering! They are the Young Miss and the Son-in-law!” Brother Zhang, who was the manager of the shooting range, glared at the young lad . Then he turned to the newcomers and spoke in a respectful tone .

“Young Miss and Son-in-law? Is it really the rumored Young Miss?” His voice was loud enough for the surrounding people to hear including Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran .

The rumored… Young Miss? This description wasn’t simple .

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi and agreed that this description fit her quite well .

The manager didn’t want to disturb them but still had to greet them . “Young Miss, Son-in-law, it’s been a while . Are you here for shooting practice?”

“Brother Zhang . ” Su Yanyi nodded her head in acknowledgment .

“Do you need me to prepare anything for you? The first room has been empty . ” The first room was reserved only for Su Family’s use .

“No, you can go back to work . ”

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Su Yanyi led Qin Jiran into the first room, leaving a few people gawking outside .

“Cough, I’m going to the restroom . ” After speaking, Qin Jiran legged it . Su Yanyi who stood stock – still, had a strange face on . Her eyes sparkled before she squinted them . She seemed to have thought of something .

Qin Jiran went to calm down in the bathroom; it was almost twenty minutes before he came out, uneasily . He thought that he was great at controlling himself but never expected to have a ‘certain’ urge to do something . It didn’t take him long to realize that he’s too full of himself . Facing Su Yanyi, his self-control vanished almost immediately .

If it weren’t for that moment when he pushed Yanyi away with the last bit of rationality, he very much suspected that he would’ve done something he shouldn’t have!

Understandably, one would have an incredible feeling while liking someone . What’s more, this was normal . It was because when one liked someone, one would become extremely careful and attentive . They wouldn’t do things based on their interest, but rather think on behalf of the other . They would do things according to their standards and respect them . They wouldn’t lie either .

This was how Qin Jiran felt about Su Yanyi!

Once he was done handling his matters, Qin Jiran returned . Su Yanyi sat on a seat looking at him with a gaze full of interest . She seemed to be teasing him with that look or perhaps examining him . He was engulfed by her eyes .

Qin Jiran knew that this meant that she was well-aware of his reaction from before . He was a bit uncomfortable and stopped walking . Uncomfortable, he stopped walking and with a hoa.r.s.e voice asked, “Yanyi, what are you looking at?”

“Naturally, looking at you . ” Su Yanyi didn’t disguise either, looking straight at him . This made Qin Jiran even more uncomfortable .

‘Why are you looking at me?” Qin Jiran tried to act innocent, wanting the atmosphere to return to normal .

“You know why . ” Su Yanyi raised the tone of her voice and it was obvious that she was teasing him .

Qin Jiran laughed bitterly . When he was with Yanyi, he never dared to change the topic or answer half-heartedly .

Qin Jiran thought about it and answered straightforwardly, “I am shy . ”

For a moment, Su Yanyi’s mien was strange . She wanted to laugh but stared at him blankly . Qin Jiran also wanted to laugh . In the end, the two ended up laughing together .

This was unlike the gentle and warm smile from before or a faint smile . The smile this time was an extremely happy one, a delightful smile or the so-called belly laugh .

For someone with a stiff face, this smile was very rare . No one had seen Su Yanyi laugh out loud, perhaps, no one but the Su Family’s elders . Who told her to be indifferent, cold and averse to laughter?

If the current scene was witnessed by the Su Family and that Brother Su who was protective of his sister, they would’ve all been jealous of Qin Jiran .

After the two laughed, the atmosphere wasn’t that ambiguous anymore . Qin Jiran walked over to Su Yanyi’s side and sat down, not saying a word .

Suddenly, Su Yanyi felt that she didn’t need to voice her feelings when sincere eyes could express everything .

“If you keep looking at me, I will be shy too . ”

Love’s really an amazing thing . It can even change someone’s personality just like Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi . The two had a cold and indifferent personality . When they were together, there was a type of gentleness that couldn’t be ignored . Especially now, she’d started to joke and tease her other half . They understood each other better .

Qin Jiran wore a beautiful smile and reached his hand over a bit hesitantly . He patted Su Yanyi’s head very softly and cautiously but warmly said, “I have never seen you being shy . ”

In reality, Su Yanyi was also shy . But being the usual arctic Queen Su, she naturally couldn’t express this out loud so could only be silently shy in her heart . Of course, this happened rarely .

As Qin Jiran patted her head . Su Yanyi thought that this feeling was very special . The man’s hand was a bit warm but not scorching . She thought the feeling was pretty nice . Su Yanyi didn’t reject this either, letting Qin Jiran do as he wished .

She raised her eyebrows, “I see you being bashful often though . ”

Qin Jiran who was teased once again could only laugh bitterly . Although this was the truth, why did it feel like she was mocking him when she said so?

“Is that so?” Seeing that he only laughed bitterly in reply, Su Yanyi probed . She moved closer to him .

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi and kissed the woman in front of him .

Since he didn’t know how to answer, he didn’t answer . Honest people were always teased . Ever since he’d used this way to s.h.i.+ft Yanyi’s attention, he secretly made a note of it in his heart . He thought of using it whenever the situation demanded .

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows and responded . She let out a secret sigh: It seems honest men can learn to be wicked at times .

What’s more, was that she liked this bad side of his!

Sneak peek:

Su Yanyi’s Weibo contained a picture of Qin Jiran who held a guy in an accurate position . He looked handsome but cold, calmly gazing ahead . People wanted to scream at the sight of him!

Though, on Qin Jiran’s Weibo, the angle in which Su Yanyi held the gun in was different from Qin Jiran’s . Hers was more of a side profile which made Su Yanyi’s appearance more refined and indifferent . She slightly raised her chin, giving off the Queen’s vibe . She really brought the murderous aura around her while holding a gun, and giving off the feeling of a female .

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