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Fengling Tianxia - 风凌天下

Chapter 1932 - I wish to get married

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Chapter 1932: I wish to get married

“One high in the clouds, one above the heavens…” The Eastern Sky big king produced a strange cold hooting laugh that was hard to listen to. “Bai Chen, Crown Prince Bai, your ambition is not small. In the past, this emperor had unexpectedly belittled you!”

Bai Chen lowered his head. “Father Emperor really is praising me too much, this child is only the fourth prince. Where would this one dare to serve or be suitable as Crown Prince Bai? If people with aspirations heard this, this one is afraid that baseless rumors might start spreading!”

“Ohuohuohuo…” The Eastern Sky big king angrily laughed. His right palm came up shakingly. He very much wanted to go slap Bai Chen’s handsome small white face another hundred times. To the end, he still wanted to beat him up, pa pa pa!

Although the Eastern Sky big king was of a high cultivation level and usually had a level temperament, he was unexpectedly unable to keep this urge under control.

“One little blue bird, one little white bird…” The Eastern Sky big king’s lips trembled. “Bai Chen! It would be better if you changed your name to Bai Chi (Idiot)! That way you would be much more worthy of your name!”

Bai Chen lifted up his head, and with a smile that was not a smile, said, “Bai Chi… isn’t that my third uncle’s name, how would this child dare to overstep one’s authority…”

(This Bai Chi is different from the one above. See TLN below for more info.)


At the side, the Prime Minister and Great General, who had been doing their best to wipe out any trace of their own existence, suddenly had their faces flush red. They dangerously were unable to restrain themselves from smiling, and small laughs escaped before they hastily covered their mouths in the fear that they would laugh uproariously from the bottom of their hearts.

The Eastern Sky big king launched back into action like a whirlwind, once more “pa pa pa” pelting punches to greet his son. “Your third uncle! Your third uncle! f.u.c.k your third uncle! Your third uncle… I’ll show you third uncle! I’ll show you… I f.u.c.k your third uncle…”

Pitter patter, Bai Chen’s body rocked left and right, forwards and backwards, coming and going.

Exactly at this time, the main hall’s large entrance door had a middle aged man enter, walking in giant steps. Astonished and shocked, he stared at the scene. “Emperor Brother… you… this is…”

The Eastern Sky big king retreated, stunned. His whole face was completely astounded, and he couldn’t manage to reply coherently.

Bai Chen wiped his mouth, and unexpectedly grinned. “Third Uncle came, you came at just the right time…”

This third uncle’s appearance clearly looked somewhat disheveled in the wind. He was stupefied to the utmost looking on at this pair of father and son. How in the world was he supposed to answer this matter? He had just walked in to hear his own big brother shouting ‘Your third uncle! Your third uncle! I f.u.c.k your third uncle…”

Mouth opened, he felt speechless, and he again scratched his head. Blankly, he said, “Eldest Brother… Emperor Brother, I… I am indeed your blood brother, ah…”

Implication: You cannot, ah, you really cannot, ah…

The Eastern Sky big king had his entire face go red, and his eyes were as wide as bells as he stared like he wanted to eat his little brother.

“…” The Prime Minister and Great General’s shoulders were trembling and shaking as they tenaciously covered their mouths.

The life and death of the universe or the dying of the entire world was not necessarily capable of making these two old foxes be moved emotionally. However, at this time, this one moment, they seriously couldn’t endure it. In the end, it was just too coincidental, too fortuitous. Perhaps it was the very will of heaven facilitating this outlandish situation. In any case, it was enough to shake the old and illuminate the new, and there had never been in all of history and perhaps would never again be this sort of situation!

This time at the main hall may genuinely be… a once in a lifetime experience…

“Scram!” The Eastern Sky big king finally returned back to anger, and with glaring eyes he stared at his third brother, pointing towards the main hall’s entrance with one finger.

“This… Your Servant Brother has an important matter to report…” This third uncle stated, startled.

“SCRAM!” The big king exploded as he shouted, his volume distorting his words.

Third Uncle was scared s.h.i.+tless, and hastily retreated, wiping a handful of cold sweat off his head. His heart beat like a drum again and again in his chest. He didn’t know if his Emperor Brother had eaten some sort of aphrodisiac with how irritable he had been so far today… If I stay in the main hall, wouldn’t it just be asking to meet with…

His heart was half depressed and half apprehensive: Emperor Brother wasn’t being serious just now, right? Indeed, just now he said that he wanted…

Thinking this far, he abruptly s.h.i.+vered.

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Clearly a certain third uncle was scaring himself. After all, the Eastern Sky big king was, to him, a brother, a monarch, and still a supreme powerhouse. This three-layered ident.i.ty, if he really wanted something out of him, he really just wasn’t able to resist, and could only obediently follow along…

Not having your father and mother’s command, not having the word of a matchmaker, and personally determining your marriage… Even if it was a common rich and powerful household this was taboo, and even more so to say of a prince. Even if it was only two concubines, but… the imperial household was without personal matters. The prince taking a concubine, even if it was just side concubines, was an equivalent to an extremely important matter!

What’s more, if you really like these two girls, then if you had just kept silent about the matter and kept it behind closed doors, then who would know? They believed that even if the big king knew, he would most likely just turn a blind eye to it.

But right now you have stubbornly put forth, not only in front of the big king’s face but also having we two civil and military head officials on the scene… you are wanting to do what now?

The Eastern Sky big king’s complexion turned from white to red, then from red turned green, then from green turned black, from black became purple, and finally directly turned blue…

Apparently he was directly restrained for quite a long time from these words for a long, long time afterwards. Finally, like a clap of thunder, he exploded. “Unfilial son! What did you just say? Will you say it again?!”

This one thunderbolt from the clear sky was enough to shake the heavens in the region, and the whole Eastern Sky army camp location’s highest mountain peak fiercely trembled at the sound.

Bai Chen calmly and unhurriedly said, “Son official’s meaning is as said… I and these two girls have already joined together and determined to marry. These two have given their bodies to your son, this servant, and son official as a real man doesn’t want them to feel wronged. Therefore, my wish is for Father Emperor to please issue an imperial decree, and let these two girls be able to have face by having a ceremony, marrying into my Bai family. It’s considered to be a gift to thank these two for their comrades.h.i.+p in dealing with son official!”

The Eastern Sky big king’s voice suddenly turned floaty, and like a dream he uttered, “Connected for a lifetime? Please have me issue a decree? Wanting to give these two a dignified ceremony? Marry into the Bai family?”

Wan’er and Xiu’er’s faces were pale, and s.h.i.+vering, they lowered their heads.

Bai Chen actually didn’t step back at all, and with both eyes looking straight ahead at his father’s severe gaze, said a single word resolutely and decisively. “Yes!”

“You are dreaming!” The Eastern Sky big king roared and instantly flew into a rage. “I’m about to butcher you three shameful things and let you walk the nine underworlds together, with the yellow springs to keep you company!”

With a long whistling noise, the crown on top of his head suddenly cracked and exploded!

The Eastern Sky big king’s deific might was as though it wanted to extinguish the world. His urgent hate was thrown forward, the momentum earth-shaking, and his killing intent imposingly coming out.

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