The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Qingkong Xilan

Chapter 1505 - 1505 Visiting

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Chapter 1505 - 1505 Visiting

1505 Visiting

That night, Xia Xibei flew to the imperial capital.

When she returned to the Qi family, she saw the patriarch.

When the old man saw Xia Xibei, he was also relieved.

“You came back to see your uncle?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded, “Are they okay?”


“No problem. It’s just that Xinxin is seriously injured and is still in a coma.”

Talking about this matter, the old man was worried, sad, and moved.

Qi Xin and Xia Xibei usually did not get along very well, but she and her parents were still very close.

This time, she did not hesitate to protect her parents.

Had it not been for her protection, Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao might have been more seriously hurt.

The old man was ready to abdicate, and Qi Zhi’an could not afford to have anything happen to him.

Qi Xin was still in a coma, and while both Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao were awake, both were sad and worried.

The old man did not expect that Xia Xibei would rush back.

It seemed that she and Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao did have a good relations.h.i.+p.

It was a good thing.

If Xia Xibei supported Qi Zhiqiang, the peace in the family would be gone forever.

It was good that Xia Xibei had such a big-picture view.

“I’ll go in and see them.”

“Okay, go ahead. It’s inside.”

The old man called someone to take Xia Xibei inside.

The Qi family mansion was huge, and there was a courtyard inside that could rival a small hospital.

Moreover, the Qi family also had doctors in the family.

Together with the family’s medicine refiners, they could survive unless they died on the spot.

The location of their previous accident was not too far from home, so they were rushed back home for first aid.

Qi Xin was no longer in serious trouble, just unconscious.

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Xia Xibei followed the maid inside, her eyes downcast.

“Beibei, what brings you here?”

Seeing Xia Xibei come in, Ling Xiao immediately sat up with a surprised face.

Qi Zhi’an also turned to look, equally surprised.

“Why are you here?”

“I heard about your accident, so I came to check on you,” Xia Xibei said to them.

“It’s just a small car accident, nothing serious. You don’t have to worry.”

Ling Xiao shook her head, “We didn’t even want to tell you. It was Zhiqiang who said that, right?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded her head.

The couple looked at each other with complicated gazes.

Of course, they knew that Qi Zhiqiang would tell Xia Xibei about this matter, definitely not because he cared about them, but simply because he wanted to laugh at their misfortune.

However, the fact that Xia Xibei would come all the way over to see them was enough to make them happy.

A good girl indeed!

“What’s going on? Why was there a car accident all of a sudden?”

Xia Xibei sat next to Ling Xiao, took her hand and her pulse, then asked.

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