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Chapter 1025 - The Reborn Young Master's Pampered Cousin (23)

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Chapter 1025 The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (23)

It still wasn’t over ba?

Bai Weiwei frowned and suddenly spoke. “I think I forgot one thing.”

System: “Forgot what?”

Bai Weiwei: “Where’s my task reward?”

Had it not been for the side task reminding her so many times,

she would have forgotten all about the reward.

Who let the side task rewards be so worthless1?

As a result, she showed no concern for it and even forgot to ask for it.

System: It also forgot.

Was there anything in the trash? Gotta go look.

The system turned around, shaking the trash cans, and finally managed to empty more than a dozen trash cans.

Finally, he was able to find something whose function wasn’t completely broken.

Then it immediately distributed the reward.

【Rewarding host with “Crying will get you candy to eat2” temperament. Accept?】

Bai Weiwei wasn’t listening and just nodded and accepted.

The result was that only after accepting did she say doubtfully, “What the h.e.l.l is ‘Crying will get you candy to eat’?”

The system hurriedly flipped through the manual. It had been thrown out for so long, and it was hard to search through the manual.

After nervously reading through it, the system sighed in relief and said, “Your crying has a strange influence on the male lead. He’ll generate a certain pleasant emotion towards you and thus have a good impression of you.”

Bai Weiwei said in distaste, “Every time I think that the reward couldn’t get more worthless, it always exceeds my imagination.”

Getting a good impression for crying, what a bizarre reward.

What use did it have ba.

She couldn’t cry from the start to finish ba. Could it be that crying could increase the favorability?

What with Qi Chimu’s heart of stone, any pleasant emotions had no use.

Bai Weiwei finally concluded, “Not as good as flouris.h.i.+ng beauty.”

System: “…”

After all this talking, it all came down to beauty.

Why were women so fixated on their two walnut eyes and sausage lips becoming beautiful?

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Change this, change that. Isn’t the face still two eyes, a nose, and a mouth?

Was she planning to shed all pretense?

Sure enough, she immediately gave a sharp and loud command. “Tie him up for me. Throw him in the woodshed and lock him up.”

Several servants rushed in from outside and tied Qi Chimu up.

Qi Chimu didn’t make any excuses. He only watched her gloomily.

“Biao mei, what does this mean?”

There was no softness in Bai Weiwei’s eyes. Her gaze on him held traces of resentment.

She slowly walked in front of him and leaned into his ear. “Biao ge, were you so disgusted that you wished for me to die?”

Her appearance and tone.

They pulled Qi Chimu back to a time before rebirth. At that time, she had always been so vicious towards him, looking at him coldly.

Indeed, he wished for her to die.

With these words, Bai Weiwei’s breaths grew heavier, blowing into his ears and making his expression tighten.

He uncontrollably looked up at her and saw the tears she had failed to wipe away in time.

1: 鸡肋: lit. chicken ribs; something of little value or interest.↩

2: Usually “crying children will have candy to eat,” which is vaguely similar to the English idiom “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” but in the context of people instead of problem-solution.↩

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