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Chapter 1023 - The Reborn Young Master's Pampered Cousin (21)

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Chapter 1023 The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (21)

As Bai Weiwei was pushed into the water, she said to the system around a mouthful of water, “Did I hear the notification for the low life guarantee?”

The system was calm. “People who fall in ice water will die soon, so the low life guarantee was automatically activated.”

As long as it wasn’t a fatal injury, with the low life guarantee, you wouldn’t die no matter how badly you were tossed around.

Bai Weiwei blew more bubbles. “How could that heartless Qi not come to save me.”

Yes, the method she thought of was to fall into the ice water herself, then Qi Chimu would jump in to save her.

After all, the side tasks had loopholes.

It was looking at results, not the process.

So as long as Qi Chimu entered the water, that was enough.

For the sake of favorability, she could only sacrifice herself and weaken the bullying process.

It was best to have him voluntarily jump into the ice hole.

System: “He very happily swaggered around before leaving. Finally, on top of that you’re a scourge, so how could he take the initiative to jump down and save you.”

Bai Weiwei smiled coldly. “If I dare to let him push me down, then I also dare to let him come crawling back to save me.”

Just as she said this.

The ice water above her splashed, and they saw Qi Chimu determinedly swimming over with a gloomy look.

Bai Weiwei was relieved and closed her eyes.

Above Qi Chimu’s head, many people had already surrounded the pond, and on the ice, they had started the rescue.

He had wanted to leave, but before he could get off the ice, those servants and maids ran into each other, and the maids discovered Bai Weiwei’s clothes floating from the surface of the water.

The water’s edge was immediately packed with people.

If he strutted away, and Bai Weiwei died, he would be branded a murderer.

Qi Chimu’s mind turned quickly, and before anyone could see clearly, he had moved forward and plunged into the ice water.

At this moment, he was itching to drown Bai Weiwei.

Then pretend to have been too late to save her, and cast off their relations.

In any case, the people on the surface had already seen that he had come to save her, so he could clear away the suspicious nature of Bai Weiwei falling into the water.

Qi Chimu felt as though his limbs and bones were soaked with ice water.

It was difficult for his health to improve, and he didn’t know how much time it would take.

He struggled to stay afloat, his eyes grim. He turned his head and finally looked below the surface.

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In the watery haze–

Especially towards his enemies.

But when he pulled her into his embrace, he didn’t consider his regrets and immediately swam back up.

He broke through the surface.

The others hurriedly pulled him out of the water.

Qi Chimu felt like he’d died again.

He didn’t know what his thoughts were as his trembling fingers went to press against her neck.

There was still a faint pulse.

He could no longer support himself, and he lay down, his entire being in a daze.

So cold.

And so noisy.

Suddenly, there was a cough. Soft and light, like one’s final dying breath.

Qi Chimu used all his strength to look to the side.

He discovered that Bai Weiwei had already opened her eyes. On that pale and bloodless face, there was only that pair of eyes, an incredibly pure black.

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