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Hen Shi Jiao Qing - 很是矫情

Chapter 2016: This Is a Summoner's Ability

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Chapter 2016: This Is a Summoner’s Ability

Ning Shu summoned Little Gra.s.s back. Little Gra.s.s spun in Ning Shu’s palm and its entire body exuded a refreshing smell.

Did it really not have any peculiar smell even after it absorbed the bloodthirsty spider emperor’s corpse? Ning Shu strongly hoped this would continue.

Little Gra.s.s then actually waved a leaf at Ning Shu as if it felt Ning Shu’s emotions.

It seemed that she really had to make it a wisdom pill as soon as possible.

The scarred mercenary stood up and moved his body around. He felt wonderful. All the old ailments that he had were all a little more healed.

“What did you put into my body? It was even more effective than medicine!” The scarred mercenary looked at Ning Shu and asked.

“This is a summoner’s ability.” Ning Shu took out the rations and ate a bit.

“Oh.” The scarred mercenary’s expression was a little strange. He obviously didn’t believe what Ning Shu said.

Ning Shu glanced at the scarred mercenary who was deep in thought. “You eat a little too. We’re leaving as soon as we finish eating. It’s not safe here anymore.”


The scarred mercenary took out rations. Once he saw that Ning Shu had finished eating, he hastily detached his water bottle from his waist and offered it to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu was a little puzzled, but still took a sip of the water.

The two left together but walked very slowly as they were deep in the gra.s.s and didn’t know if something would jump out.

As Ning Shu walked, she also checked to see if there were any herbs around.

Ning Shu found several spiritual herbs and encountered some spiritual fruits that were guarded by monsters. At her current strength, she was able to fight monsters that were not very powerful.

She grasped the monster’s tail and slammed the monster against the ground with thud, thud, thuds.

While the monster was dying, Little Gra.s.s directly planted its dense roots and vines onto its body. Its roots wrapped around the monster and the sharp root tip plunged into the monster’s head, absorbing the monster’s monster crystal.

Ning Shu: …

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At least this Little Gra.s.s now had the instinct to absorb power. That was a good thing.

Ning Shu was taken aback and jumped away. “What are you doing?”

“I…” the scarred mercenary’s cheeks trembled. “I want to become your disciple.”

“At your age, you could be my father, yet you want to become my disciple? What a joke.” Ning Shu waved her hand. “I am a summoner.”

“Summoners cultivate spiritual consciousness. Those without secret manuals teaching them how to manipulate their spiritual consciousness can only feed their summoned beasts monster crystals to strengthen them. I’ve never seen anyone who has power like yours,” said the scarred mercenary, his eyes filled with longing. In this world filled with danger, every single person wanted to become strong to protect themselves.

People who trained their spiritual consciousness could only train their control over it. They couldn’t increase their spiritual consciousness at all. It would be great if they could;

But because spiritual consciousness was immutable, only those who already had great spiritual consciousness could become powerful summoners. They were the only naturally-born powerful summoners.

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