I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Biting Peaches

Chapter 1130 - My Big One

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Chapter 1130: My Big One

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Han Siye suppressed his emotions. Indeed, he didn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p with his father.

From what he remembered, he had rarely spent time alone with his father.

The only thing where they had interacted for a long time seemed to be the parent-child variety show that he had partic.i.p.ated in when he was young.

Usually, the two of them would bicker and hurt each other. Han Xiao seemed to have never said such things to him seriously.

Han Siye tried his best to suppress the strange feeling in his heart and awkwardly said, “What’s going on? Do you really think you’re filming? There’s no need.”


Han Xiao gritted his teeth. I said so much, yet this brat did not appreciate it.

He snapped. “Just tell me. Are you willing to forgive Dad?”

“I…” The words were on the tip of Han Siye’s tongue, but he could not bring himself to say them.

Su Jiu rushed to Han Xiao and said, “Uncle Han, Han Siye is willing! He’s definitely willing!”

Embarra.s.sed, Han Siye resentfully looked at her.

Su Jiu gave him a look. Han Siye had no way to retort, so he kept his mouth shut and could only silently agree.

Han Xiao immediately became gratified and heavily patted his shoulder. “Not bad, you’re still my son.”

He used a little too much strength, and Han Siye almost lost his balance and fell. Han Xiao laughed, but Han Siye rolled his eyes.

The audience couldn’t help but laugh. They felt that this father and son were too charismatic, and the way they interacted with each other was too realistic. When Han Xiao apologized to him just now, it was moving.

When it was almost sunset, dinner was ready. The few of them set up a dining table under the grape trellis in the courtyard and sat together.

Dinner was quite sumptuous. Xiao Wei had made four dishes and a soup, while Su Jiu made braised pork ribs. It looked good.

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As soon as the dinner was served, all the men fought over it.

Xiao Yang said, “Su Shengjing, you disappoint me.”

Xiao Wei said, “Uncle Su, you have to be more generous.”

Su Shengjing was stunned.

Get lost! All of you.

Su Jiu laughed until she could not close her mouth. She tasted the pork ribs she had made and could not help but frown.

Actually, it wasn’t very delicious, but her father, Uncle Han, and Uncle Xiao were all giving her face. Those who didn’t know better would think that her culinary skills were excellent.

Su Jiu thought of Rong Si again. Every time she tried to cook for him, he would say that it was delicious and eat it all. It gave her great confidence.

All of them were so good to her.

Seeing that they were eating with relish, Su Jiu felt her heart turn warm and said in embarra.s.sment, “Uncle Han, Uncle Xiao, Han Siye, and Brother Xiao Wei, thank you.”

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