To Hell With Being a Hero!

로유진 - Ro Yu-jin

Chapter 68: Finally a Tutorial (10)

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Chapter 68: Finally a Tutorial (10)

He had a lot of divinity?

‘What do you mean?’

—What do you think divinity means?

‘Well…’ Chi-Woo was at a loss. He had been hearing this term constantly, but now that he had to put it into words, he didn’t know what to say.

—Divinity is a form of belief and a way of proving oneself. A hero has to live and swear by their conviction, and a G.o.d selects a hero whose conviction coincides with theirs. In the instance that a G.o.d and hero’s convictions align, a relations.h.i.+p is established. In short, a conviction could also be a form of a ‘promise’. A promise must be kept at all costs, and if a hero breaks the promise, the relations.h.i.+p falls apart.

Ru Amuh had sworn to Shahnaz that he would be the G.o.ddess’ sword, rid this World of evil, and restore justice to this land. As long as Ru Amuh acted on those convictions, his relations.h.i.+p with Shahnaz would remain strong.

‘Oh, that’s right. Ru Amuh’s cla.s.s was a crusader.’ Chi-Woo nodded with his mouth agape.

—People like priests and crusaders have especially close relations.h.i.+ps with their G.o.ds. They have more restrictions as a result, but the power they gain is also greater. Of course, the same is true of individuals other than priests and holy crusaders. The connection between G.o.ds and heroes applies to all

In other words, a hero might be restricted if they used the power they gained for purposes other than the ones they promised their G.o.d to serve; and in this way, the contract that they established with a G.o.d was binding. For instance, if a hero promised to defeat evil, but ended up corrupted and became a demon lord’s companion, or perhaps even the demon lord, the hero’s G.o.d would no longer support them, and the relations.h.i.+p between the G.o.d and the hero would end. In other words, G.o.ds would stop supporting a hero if they judged that the hero had failed to stay true to their conviction.

—Thus, it’s very important for a hero to find a G.o.d with a matching conviction. If a hero formed a connection with a G.o.d with differing beliefs, they would clash frequently about every matter. In those cases, it would have been better for them to have not established a relations.h.i.+p at all.

Chi-Woo listened to Shahnaz with a serious look on his face. ‘I guess it really is important to pick the right G.o.d…’ Although Chi-Woo had come to this place with no expectations, he was gaining important information. Then he realized that he still hadn’t heard a proper reply to his original question and asked, ‘But what did you mean when you said I had a lot of divinity?’

—Didn’t I tell you? A conviction is a form of belief and a way of proving oneself. Haven’t you proven yourself plenty of times since coming to this World, as well as on your way here?

After blinking repeatedly, Chi-Woo let out a small gasp. It seemed Shahnaz was talking about the times he saved Ru Amuh and the recruits, and the enemies he had defeated on his way to the fortress.

‘Those things count too?’

—I should be the one asking you about that. Why would you think those things don’t count?

Shahnaz chuckled in disbelief.

—The beings you defeated were evils that brought chaos to Liber. Truthfully, you hadn’t acc.u.mulated much merit when I was revived and brought back to the World, but the lich you finished off more recently could be considered a great villain.

The greater the influence one’s actions had on the flow of the World, the greater their merits. Following the logic, it made sense that the merit of battering the lich with a club would be valued especially highly.

—It’s clear that your actions have contributed to the salvation of Liber. A hero is an existence who has to save a World. Since the things you have done are exactly aligned to this goal, for what reason would these actions not add to your divinity?

Chi-Woo nodded. That made sense.

—Of course, it would be a leap to call what you possess right now ‘divinity’. When a hero’s thoughts and actions coincide with the convictions they had sworn by, we call the result ‘merit’. When a hero returns with merits, a G.o.d converts them to divinity and grants it to the hero. Therefore, acc.u.mulating merits is basically the same as acc.u.mulating divinity.

Chi-Woo finally realized why the heroes had gone out at the peak of dawn and why Ru Amuh said that he got a new task he must take on. If a hero wanted to recover their powers, they had to prioritize getting chosen by a G.o.d first. But for them to get chosen, they needed divinity, and to gain divinity, they needed to acc.u.mulate merits. The quickest way for them to collect merits in this situation was to defeat the evils that were messing up Liber. However, since the heroes would likely die if they went out in their current states, Zelit had requested help from Ru Amuh.

—Thus, right now, you have acc.u.mulated more merits—which can be exchanged for divinity at any point in time—than anyone else.

In summary, if a hero acted in a manner that a hero should, they became stronger as a result. Conversely, if they didn’t produce satisfactory results, their growth became stagnant; if they went a step farther in the wrong direction and failed to act in a heroic manner, they could even be weakened. These conditions were decided by a G.o.d, and in this way, the relations.h.i.+p between a hero and a G.o.d could be seen as transactional. Of course, collecting merits wasn’t limited to defeating evil.

As Chi-Woo’s mentor had repeated to him until his ears bled, if he wanted to go to a good place after he died, he should do a lot of good deeds. Having good thoughts was important, but carrying them into action was far more important, and that was the only way he could acc.u.mulate merits. It was the same in the Celestial Realm, as Chi-Woo recalled from his conversation with archangel Raphael.

[Just splurge.]

[Come on, kid. What do you mean you don’t have any money? You were born with not just a golden spoon, but an anti-matter spoon.]

[Yep. Of course. In terms of time alone, the Celestial Realm has been indebted to the Choi Family for the longest out of the families. Do you seriously think your family hasn’t acc.u.mulated any wealth?]

Like that, Chi-Woo had exchanged the merits the Choi family had acc.u.mulated for so long to gain special privileges.

‘I get it now.’

Chi-Woo suddenly felt a new sense of pride that everything he had done since coming here wasn’t meaningless. Every time he did something, it was acc.u.mulated for some intangible reward.

—One more thing, I know you have the ability to cultivate seven stars that will s.h.i.+ne on Liber. This ability could be said to be limitless, and as your stars acc.u.mulate merits, your contribution to their achievements would also be acknowledged.

Chi-Woo let out an impressed scream. ‘Oh, Oh!’ This meant if he raised a hero well, he would be able to acc.u.mulate merits without doing anything later on. And what if he had raised not one, but all seven stars well, and they acted on their heroic duty throughout Liber? He would be sweeping of merits just by breathing.

‘Haha. Wow, what a goodie~ That’s some delicious information.’

—Hm? What’s with the sudden change in your way of speaking?

‘Ah, sorry. I was just too happy and forgot myself for a moment.’ Chi-Woo smiled brightly at the thought of having such a secure retirement plan. Then a new idea suddenly came to his head.

‘Wait a moment. Does that mean I can exchange my merits for divinity as long as there is a G.o.d?’

—Yes, are you finally getting it now?’

‘How much would I get? Take the time Ru Amuh was chosen by you as an example?’

—It’s enough for four people to get chosen.

‘Four people. Four?’ Chi-Woo crossed his arms and thought deeply.

—How is it? Are you finally ready to make the decision?

‘Me?’ He wanted to; he really did. But after his conversation with Shahnaz, he realized that choosing a G.o.d was a very, very important process.

—Well…you know…I’m not such a tough G.o.d to be with…I’m not telling you to go out of your way to choose me, but…

Shahnaz murmured.

‘Thank you for telling me all this. I will come to visit you again.’ Another sudden thought came to Chi-Woo at this moment, and he bowed politely before turning away. As Chi-Woo’s figure became more distant, Shahnaz licked her lips in disappointment. Finally, she burst out in frustration like she couldn’t keep her feelings contained any longer.

—Why are most heroes so dense?!

The next day, Chi-Woo left home to exercise at the break of dawn. After finis.h.i.+ng his run, he washed, ate, and walked around the fortress. While he wandered around, he watched other heroes with his spirit eye active. Ever since this ability evolved, Chi-Woo was able to read other people’s user information and access all the details.

‘This is fun.’ Reading other people’s information was more fun than he had thought it would be, and time flew by as he did so.

[It’s not right to abuse the spirit eye.]

[But since I know for what reason you’re using it, I’ll stop bothering you. You should be careful to not gain a special characteristic as a peeper, though.]

Mimi blabbered on as Chi-Woo watched. And two days later, Chi-Woo found someone befitting his goal.

1. Name & Rank: Allen Leonard (☆☆)

2. s.e.x & Age: Male & 22

3. Height & Weight: 188.2 & 90.2kg

4. Cla.s.s: -

5. Heavenly t.i.tle: Law of Mother Nature

6. Disposition: Lawful Neutral

[Strength C]

[Durability D]

[Agility D]

[Stamina C]

[Mental Fort.i.tude B]

1. [Savage Fighting D]—Martial arts inspired by seeing a fearsome tiger fight. He used to frequently use this skill, but after losing his power as a druid, he has only been imitating it.

1. [Trees’ and’ Blessing F]—Blessed by nature. His physical abilities improve in areas where there are and trees, but the effect is almost nonexistent after losing his power as a druid.

‘Oh!’ It had been worthwhile wandering around the fortress for two days. Luckily, it was someone Chi-Woo had talked to before.

‘He’s still at 0 stars, and his potential is 2 stars.’

[Since his powers haven’t awakened yet, of course, he is at 0 stars. Furthermore, let me remind you that 2-star heroes are not common…I hope you don’t think it’s a low rank.]

‘Yes, yes, of course.’ Chi-Woo remembered it clearly. Although two stars weren’t particularly rare, there were many heroes in that rank who were quite useful. Additionally, 2-star heroes could rival or even beat 3-star heroes under the right circ.u.mstances.

[Ru Amuh is the exception of all exceptions, who could be considered top tier even among the 2 stars. Please don’t forget about that.]

‘I don’t have high standards. Don’t worry,’ Chi-Woo grumbled to Mimi to stop chiding him and sat nearby Allen Leonard. He wanted to talk to Allen right away, but Allen was swinging his sword ardently like he did every day.

‘He really is a hard worker.’ Chi-Woo was impressed. Allen was always training hard every time he came out to run in the afternoon.

“Huff! Huff!” Allen stopped swinging his sword and wiped his sweat with the s.h.i.+rt he had taken off beforehand. Then he saw Chi-Woo sitting quietly in front of him and looked surprised.

“Were you waiting for me?”


“You should have interrupted me.”

“But you were so focused.”

Allen smiled slightly with grat.i.tude, and Chi-Woo smiled back. Chi-Woo had thought Allen was a beastly man through and through, but after spending more time with him, Chi-Woo was surprised to find a gentle side to this man.

“By the way, I noticed that you’ve been doing nothing but swinging your sword day and night.”

“Hm? Ah, yes, it’s because I’m not familiar with a sword.”

Chi-Woo was actually aware of this fact, but since he couldn’t let that on, he pretended to be surprised.

“Because of the situation on Liber, I realized the necessity of tools and took up a sword. But I really can’t seem to get used to it.”

“Are you not going outside with the others?”

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“It would be meaningless for me to leave the fortress in my current state,” Allen shrugged and said. “I heard Ru Amuh is taking charge, but he’s only one person. Since he’s apparently been taking turns in helping people, I’m planning to wait until it’s my turn.” Allen replied indifferently and took a seat beside Chi-Woo. “So, is that what you wanted to ask me about?”

“Well, I…” Allen pursed his lips. It wasn’t the first time he had such a thought, but Chi-Woo sure had a talent for shutting people up. “To tell you the truth… I knew the severity of the imminent food shortage, but I didn’t really have the will to solve it.” Allen licked his lips and continued, “It’s probably more accurate to say that I’ve given up, and seeing that there was no way to solve the problem, I prioritized myself. The same probably goes for everyone else.”

Allen could have accepted Chi-Woo’s offer easily, but his personality didn’t allow it. Then, he confessed his deepest thoughts. “That includes you. You haven’t been chosen by a G.o.d yet. You could’ve put yourself before others, but why…”

“Somebody has to do it,” Chi-Woo replied clearly and glanced at Allen with a smile. “What’s the big deal? Everything we do is for the sake of filling our stomach and surviving in the end.”

Allen’s expression blanked, and it was clear from his gaze how taken aback he was.

“…Ha!” He burst out into laughter suddenly. “Ahahahaha!”

‘Did I say something funny?’ Chi-Woo was also surprised.

“Ha! You’re right. That’s exactly right!” Allen laughed for a while and wiped tears off his eyes before nodding. “Yeah, we can only be heroes if we eat and survive.” Allen let out another peel of chuckle and asked, “So tell me, sir. What is your name?”


“Why? Are you still unwilling to tell me?”

“No that’s not it.” Chi-Woo hesitated. If Chi-Woo had to state what he regretted doing the most since coming to Liber, it would be introducing himself to Ru Amuh as ‘Chichibbong’.

“Have I not met your standards for knowing your name?” Allen asked only half-jokingly, hurt that Chi-Woo was still unwilling to tell him his name even after they had gone through many dangers together.

“You’re misunderstanding. That’s not the case at all. It’s just that…” Chi-Woo explained his reluctance without mentioning the name Chichibbong.

“What? Is that true?”

“Yes. If I revealed my name in such a serious atmosphere, it would be ridiculous.”

“That makes me more curious.”

“I’m never going to tell you.”

“Just tell me. I swear to you that I won’t laugh.”

“No, I don’t want to. Many had promised the same thing, but they all ended up laughing.”

“Hah! Seriously?” Allen chuckled and shook his head, not expecting such a story behind Chi-Woo’s name at all.

“Okay, then I won’t ask anymore. But since it’s weird for me to keep addressing you as ‘you’, I will call you ‘teacher’ instead. That’s how I feel about you.”

“But I’m not a teacher.”

“No, in my perspective, you are certainly worthy of the t.i.tle.” Then Allen recalled the conversation he had with Chi-Woo before coming to the fortress. “You also said you weren’t a commander…” A soft smile formed on his face, and he muttered, “It was hard to believe you then, but I can certainly believe you now.”


“I am saying that you are worthy of respect.”

Chi-Woo looked at Allen in confusion, baffled by Allen’s sudden good mood.

“Let me ask you one final question. Granting your request isn’t a difficult thing for me to do at all, and once I become a druid, putting nutrients into the dirt would be a piece of cake. But I want to remind you that the divinity that you offered to pay is very difficult to collect in our current situation. It is very rare and precious. In other words, what I’m giving you in return would be worth much less. Will that be all right with you?”

“Um…Are you sure that you can do what I asked you to do?”

“I give you my word!” Allen exclaimed and finally agreed to the proposal. ”I swear to you, Teacher. Whatever my relations.h.i.+p with you or anyone around you becomes, I will take care of this land with all my heart until I die.”

Allen extended a hand, and Chi-Woo grabbed it. Allen’s hand was rough and tough, but his firm grasp conveyed his steadfast will.

“So, when are we doing this?” Allen asked.

“Let’s strike the iron while it’s hot and go immediately.”

“I like the sound of that. Let’s go right now.”

The two got up from their seats and went to where Shahnaz’s statue was. Chi-Woo introduced Allen to the G.o.ddess and asked her to choose him. Shahnaz was disappointed by the fact that Chi-Woo wasn’t asking to be chosen himself, but she didn’t have any complaints. Actually, she welcomed it. A G.o.d was an existence that lived off of beliefs, so each and every believer was precious in this situation, and someone at Allen’s level was welcomed. After Allen reawakened his power, Chi-Woo and Allen both returned to the fortress.

They soon found Eshnunna and the other natives scuffling around an empty plot of land. Chi-Woo pushed Allen on the back, encouraging him to go forward while watching from afar. Allen kneeled on one knee and stayed still for a while before he got up. Noticing a change, the natives scooped up handfuls of dirt in their surroundings, and their eyes widened. Soon, a bright smile bloomed on all their faces. Chi-Woo wasn’t sure what had happened, but it seemed everything had gone well. Like Allen had promised, the atmosphere brightened significantly.

The natives crowded up to Allen and asked him a barrage of questions. Eshnunna also looked at him with surprise and approached him. Chi-Woo couldn’t hear the conversation they were having, but Allen turned to Chi-Woo and smiled. Following this exchange, Eshnunna also turned around and spotted Chi-Woo. Chi-Woo gave her a thumbs-up when their eyes met. Then Allen walked to a different location as a group of natives followed him. Eshnunna trailed after them as well, but she kept glancing back at Chi-Woo. Although she didn’t say it out loud, her eyes shone with deep grat.i.tude. Just like that, another problem had been solved. Well, the problem wasn’t officially solved yet, but Chi-Woo had provided the basis to solve it.

‘I should go back to running now.’ Chi-Woo stretched and walked out of the fortress. Then he ran with everything he had.

‘I feel good today.’ He didn’t know if it was because he had solved a pressing problem, but his body felt especially light and energetic today.

‘Maybe I should raise my speed.’

Like Shahnaz said, proving one’s convictions wasn’t limited to fighting in battles. Even the smallest and most trivial good deeds would be acknowledged, and the act of ensuring a community’s food supply was no small deed. Thus, Chi-Woo had surely lent a great helping hand to the salvation of Liber. In other words, the more people his good deed today had influenced, the more merits he would acc.u.mulate in the future.

“One, two! One, two!”

But of course, Chi-Woo had no idea about this as of now.

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