To Hell With Being a Hero!

로유진 - Ro Yu-jin

Chapter 43: Let's Go! (8)

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Chapter 43: Let’s Go! (8)

The talisman called upon the White Horse General, who served the supreme G.o.d in the Heavens, the Jade Emperor. Heavenly generals’ primary roles were to protect G.o.ds, and the White Horse General ranked top among them. If Chi-Woo’s aim had been to purify a spirit, there would have been no need for him to call for a heavenly general. Right now, however, he needed help annihilating vengeful spirits.

Heavenly generals came down to the human world from time to time to vanquish evil spirits. Of course, it didn’t happen often, and although Chi-Woo had seen his mentor cleanse many spirits, he had seen his mentor call upon the general only once.

‘Wow, he’s not someone who comes just because you call him.’ Chi-Woo worried whether the White Horse General would accept his request, but thankfully, the general had descended with his troops.

“Come again? Oh, when did we meet? Come on, sir. Don’t you remember me? My mentor…”

Eshnunna and the middle-aged man looked at Chi-Woo strangely as he bowed and clasped his hands at nothing.

“Yes, sir. I am talking about him. I was a kid? Haha. I was quite young at that time.” Even though there wasn’t anything in front of him, Chi-Woo conversed like somebody was there. “Yes, yes. I can’t express enough grat.i.tude to you for responding even though I’ve bothered your esteemed self. I was in such a desperate situation that I had no choice but to request for your help…”

…No, now that they looked carefully, it seemed that something was there. First of all, the chilling bloodl.u.s.t that brought gooseb.u.mps all over their skin was now gone. Instead, they felt rea.s.sured and safe like they were protected by an army with an insurmountable number of soldiers. Furthermore, they smelled a strong scent of sandalwood, which on its own was enough to calm them and clear their heads. Although neither of them could see the general or his men, Chi-Woo saw clearly what was before him.

There was a general exuding powerful aura riding on a giant red-crowned crane; and below him, a ma.s.s number of soldiers were holding onto their spears while waiting for their general’s orders.

“This isn’t your business? Hold on, please. Please don’t abandon your faithful servant,” Chi-Woo hurriedly pleaded with the general. Although the White Horse General had responded to his call, he planned to return after vanquis.h.i.+ng one or two spirits. Chi-Woo had predicted this beforehand. After all, he had simply burned a talisman that was pa.s.sed down to him.

His mentor was an unworldly person, who dedicated his whole life to using his special ability for others. Thus, in recognition of his mentor’s good deeds, the Heavens looked upon his master favorably and granted him privileges. In comparison, Chi-Woo had lived a short life and hadn’t done much for others. There was no reason for them to offer him help. The White Horse General had probably shown up in consideration of Chi-Woo’s mentor’s merits and nothing more, which was a miracle in and of itself, but Chi-Woo couldn’t let the general leave like this.

“Please excuse any offense I might cause you, sir, but how could you draw such lines? This place is full of lost humans who are desperate for a helping hand.” Chi-Woo had to secure the general’s help somehow. “Moreover, the beings tormenting the humans here are extremely vile, and it is impossible to communicate with them.” Chi-Woo pleaded desperately. “Sorry? I keep blabbering on? That’s how I am usually, sir.”

The general remained unfazed. Chi-Woo was racking his brain for anything when a bright idea struck him suddenly.

“Look at that, sir!” He yelled and pointed an accusing finger like a child tattle-telling to their parent. “They aren’t satisfied with simply pus.h.i.+ng humans into a pit of pure evil, but went so far as to entertain themselves by ridiculing G.o.ds.”

The general’s eyebrow rose slightly when he saw the blood-stained bones and severely wrecked statues.

“Those beings deserve to be shredded to a thousand pieces. Are you really going to let such foul creatures off the hook?” Chi-Woo licked his lips. “I certainly won’t be able to stand by and do nothing. Although I have grown up in a different world, this is too serious for me to stay on the sidelines.” Chi-Woo even got on one knee and continued, “Yet, I am far too lowly and lacking in strength to help these people. That’s why I implore you, Sir White Horse Heavenly General, please allow us to witness your might.”

At this point, he began to mutter anything that came to his mind, “I beg you, sir. If you help us this time, I’ll muster all I have to save those who are here and the world at large as you so wish.” Without truly realizing what he was saying, Chi-Woo kept blabbering, “With upright thoughts and just behavior, I will save the good lives; and with my steadfast faith, I will restore the lost dignity of G.o.ds, and I will make sure that this World becomes overflowing with strong faith.”


The general sighed. He had planned to not let Chi-Woo borrow his powers no matter what he said. Although sacrilegious acts were committed here for all to see, it didn’t involve G.o.ds that he served, and thus it didn’t matter to him. Nevertheless, there was a reason he couldn’t turn down Chi-Woo’s request and return home: there was a being lingering behind Chi-Woo that was pressuring him. If it wasn’t for her, the general wouldn’t have even come down to the mortal realm in the first place. As someone who protected the Jade Emperor, the White Horse General could snort at most G.o.ds’ requests without care. Yet, this time, the fact that he served the Jade Emperor was the thing hindering him.

‘The Jade Emperor is troubled,’ the general couldn’t hide his discomfort when he spoke to her.

The response he got was cold, ‘Stop talking nonsense and do what you are supposed to do.’

The general licked his lips. It hurt his pride to simply listen to Chi-Woo’s request, but he was hesitant to refuse. He had to save face somehow. That was when he heard Chi-Woo’s words.

—I’ll muster all I have to save this World…

It was nonsensical for the White Horse General to remember a lowly human, but he managed to recall memories about Chi-Woo. He had forgotten about Chi-Woo’s existence until now, but he now remembered a pair of curious, young eyes that snuck glances at him from behind his mentor. When the general first saw Chi-Woo, he was shocked. The infinite potential that he had felt from this boy’s small body was immeasurable. It almost frightened him, and at the same time, it brought him such intense joy that gooseb.u.mps popped up all over his body. If only he could awaken this boy’s potential and make him use it only for righteous and just deeds, he couldn’t imagine all the astonis.h.i.+ng works that could be accomplished. And now, this boy—Chi-Woo was declaring of his own volition that he would walk the straight path of justice.

—Would you swear it?


—Would you swear that there’s not an ounce of lie in your declaration?

“Of course, sir! Of course!” Chi-Woo readily agreed, not realizing what was going through the general’s mind.

—Hm. If that is the case…

Although it didn’t push him to act at once, he now had a reason to help, which was investing in Chi-Woo’s future. It was still too early to come to a conclusion, but if everything worked out…

‘Fufu, how interesting,’ the general thought. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go according to the White Horse General’s plans.

‘Are you trying to take advantage of him?’ A voice that he couldn’t simply ignore rang through his mind. ‘Well…I suppose it will be fine. Someone at your level could at least be of some help.’

The general didn’t like Princess Sahee’s arrogant tone. It sounded like she was talking to a lower-ranking subordinate.

‘You’re not planning to make him do your bidding after doing him one easy favor, are you?’ she asked.

The White Horse General hesitated.

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‘You’re a great general, but you’re sniffing around for goods like some small-minded coward. I will give you one of my seats so that you can have a big share.’

“Thank you! Thank you!” Chi-Woo got up from his seat and declared, “It’s time for this place to witness the greatness of the White Horse Heavenly General! As another soldier under your command, I will lead in spreading your name and glory to this World!”

—There’s no need for you to step forward. Just watch from the sidelines.

“No, sir. Although I don’t have much to offer, I want to follow you.” Chi-Woo quickly added, “My mentor told me that actions are more important than thoughts.”


“And didn’t I tell you, sir? I can’t stand by and simply watch. I want to be of some help despite my lacking skills.” Truthfully, Chi-Woo knew that there was no need for him to join the battle as the general said. However, Chi-Woo had a chance to think while the general was deliberating the decision.

First, Chi-Woo wanted to look good in front of the general. Second, he knew he would be safe since there was no way that they would lose now. Lastly and most importantly, Chi-Woo had an inkling that there was something he was missing. The White Horse General had been indifferent, and yet his att.i.tude did a one-eighty after a few exchanges of words. That alerted Chi-Woo to the possibility that this incident could be used against him in the future. If the White Horse General later asked him to keep his end of the bargain, he wanted to be able to say, ‘But I also fought with you then.’

—The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree. Don’t lose this mindset even in the future.

Not knowing Chi-Woo’s wily thoughts, the general nodded approvingly.

–You may join me as the vice-captain. Let me see how well you carry out your words.

Vice-Captain! It was a position where he could help the general in close proximity. He would have to fill the top position in the absence of the general. At his instant promotion, Chi-Woo deeply bowed to the general. In response, the general fixed his grip on his guandao and glared at the scene in front of him. His att.i.tude had changed, and all the soldiers under him followed suit. There was no need to wait any longer. The march began.

Clomp, clomp. Horses’ hooves struck the ground. Thud, thud, thud, thud! Numerous feet marched forward. Chi-Woo also put great force into every step he took. He didn’t have much confidence a moment before, but the situation was different now. Seemingly sensing the change, their enemies were completely silent. They gathered the energy they had spread out widely across the area in a hurry, but Chi-Woo snorted.

‘What will that do?’ He walked confidently toward the place he hadn’t dared to venture into. Chi-Woo looked around and saw on both sides armored soldiers advancing forward in unison with their weapons. Above him, there was one majestic, white crane that shone in brilliance, and next to him, a steadfast giant general who led them all. Chi-Woo felt like he was going to take revenge on a bully who had hit him with a group of trustworthy older brothers. How sweet that those who intimidated and acted viciously against him couldn’t do anything but cower in fear now. It was a great catharsis.

As his heart thumped in excitement, they soon approached the ranch. The general looked disgusted by the sinister sight in front of him, and the soldiers boosted their momentum. It was time to catch those beings.

“…General.” Drunk with his own feverish excitement, Chi-Woo looked up to the general seriously. The general nodded with a stern expression on his face. Chi-Woo smirked and put greater pressure on his club. He tilted his body slightly like he was going to run.

“Okay—” While flinging his left hand forward, Chi-Woo yelled, “Let’s go!”


At Chi-Woo’s signal, a thousand soldiers charged forward.

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