Absolute Resonance

Heavenly Silkworm Potato - 天蚕土豆 - Tian Can Tu Dou

Chapter 0953: The Acquired Resonance Flames Effect

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Chapter 0953: The Acquired Resonance Flame's Effect


With a flap of his wings, Li Luo flashed forward like lightning. He charged towards a Guardian Spirit that had the strength of a one-pearl and slashed down aggressively with the Golden-Jade Onyx-Elephant Blade.

The blade light flew through the Guardian Spirit, but blood did not spew out. Instead, highly concentrated energy gushed out continuously from the wound, escaping from its body. However, the wound caused by the blade light began to recover rapidly as well.

Seeing this, the Dragon Sigil between Li Luo's brows glowed.


An oppressive aura swept out of Li Luo and engulfed the Guardian Spirit. The terrifying aura disrupted the energy pulsing from its body for a moment, and the spirit displayed signs of confusion.

Li Luo immediately took advantage of the opportunity and slashed down with his blade once again. It was an impressive strike, and it almost seemed to produce a dragon's roar.

"Nine Scales Sanctified Dragon's Body, Three Dragons Might!"

The Dragon Sigil between Li Luo's brows glowed again as his blade sliced apart the air, leaving a trail of light behind. A sonic boom accompanied the blade as it fell, cutting the Guardian Spirit in front of him into two.

After finishing off this Guardian Spirit in a single strike, Li Luo did not pause in his tracks. He turned around immediately and charged towards the next Guardian Spirit. As more Spirit Resonance Golden Dew began to form in the sky above, a corresponding number of Guardian Spirits sp.a.w.ned in the surroundings. At the same time, the strength of the Guardian Spirits continued to increase.

The valley was now a messy battlefield with unusually chaotic fights breaking out in every direction.

Apart from those tasked to collect Spirit Resonance Golden Dew, everyone else, including Li Lingjing, had joined the battle.

Fortunately, the fight was proceeding well thanks to the strong a.s.sistance from Li Lingjing. However, it was an arduous battle, so they could not afford to slack even for a moment.

Moreover, Li Luo could sense that the Guardian Spirits were continually being channeled over through the ward.

This was getting so obvious that Li Fuling and the rest began to sense it as well.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Li Wuyuan! He's still sending them over. If things get out of hand, let's give up this spot. They can have all the fun for themselves!" Li Fuling screamed in fury as she held off three of the five-pearl Guardian Spirits alone. Her face was red with anger at this point.

"Forget it, there's no point in scolding him anymore. If we give up now, our efforts thus far will be in vain," Li Xuan, the previous generation's Green Nether Banner Leader, advised her helplessly. Indeed, giving up was just something she had said out of anger. She gritted her teeth and endured. The endless stream of Guardian Spirits was applying a great amount of stress upon them.

They could only hope to last until all the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew had condensed.

As they were talking about it, Li Luo had gone on to face off against another Guardian Spirit. Although the attacks from the spirits were lackl.u.s.ter, they were extremely challenging to eliminate due to the fact that they were merely bodies of energy. This meant that they could endure far more blows than an ordinary human.

As such, the greatest challenge was actually that of energy consumption.

It would be great if there was a more efficient way to get rid of them.

Li Luo thought about it for a moment before he raised his ancient sword into the air. A transparent flame shrouded his blade.

It was the Acquired Resonance Flame.

All this while, Li Luo had never found any other uses for this flame apart from cultivating his acquired resonance. However, since the Acquired Resonance G.o.dly Forging Art had a special connection to this place, perhaps it would have some special use here too.

Li Luo slashed down once again with that thought in mind. The sharp blade arched downwards, leaving a trail in its wake and directly striking the Guardian Spirit in its patch.

Strangely, Li Luo could sense that the attack felt different this time. The energy waves within the Guardian Spirit seemed to be reacting in some way. In fact, the other Guardian Spirits, which seemed to possess no consciousness of their own, even took a few steps back. They were acting like something had frightened them.

Li Luo was amazed by this discovery.

He wrapped his blade in transparent flames again and struck at the Guardian Spirit once more. This time, something astounding happened. Previously, the energy within the Guardian Spirit was whittled down very gradually after numerous blows from Li Luo. However, this strike seemed to have ignited it on fire just like how fuel reacted to flame.

Li Luo could clearly see that the huge pool of energy within the Guardian Spirit was burning up at a shocking pace.

A few moments later, the Guardian Spirit in front of him had completely disintegrated.

Li Luo froze in his tracks.

Although he had suspected that the flame would have some sort of effect, he had not expected such an amazing result.

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He had eliminated a one-pearl Guardian Spirit with just one simple attack.

“Cousin Li Luo is truly full of surprises.”

With his sudden display of superhuman power, Li Luo immediately relieved the pressure on everyone on the battlefield. After eliminating a large number of Guardian Spirits, they finally regained the advantage in numbers and ganged up on the more powerful spirits.

In an instance, the flow of the battle had improved drastically.

The five-pearl Guardian Spirits fell one after another, and relaxed smiles began to appear on the people's faces.

Seeing this, Li Luo started to contemplate if he should activate the hidden flames that he had put in place beforehand. Doing so would allow more worldly natural energy to gather, giving birth to more Spirit Resonance Golden Dew.


Just as he was mulling it over, a shocking energy eruption blasted out from the center district of the forest. Everyone's attention was drawn towards it immediately.

Their faces changed slightly as the energy undulations were exceptional.

They understood that with stronger worldly natural energy, the Guardian Spirits that sp.a.w.ned would be much mightier as well.

This caught even Li Luo off guard. He stood dumbfounded for a moment, wondering if he had planted the flames in the wrong spot previously.

Li Fuling frowned and asked, "What's Li Wuyuan and his group doing? Can they really handle such a huge eruption of energy?"

Li Luo was about to reply when he felt a chill run up his spine. With his acute senses, he could tell that there were a large number of people with strong resonant power outside the mountain.

"Someone else is here," Li Luo told them immediately.

"I knew it. The Dragon's Blood Lineage is not the only one who knows about this place."

Everyone's faces changed immediately when they heard his words. So, the sudden changes in the center district were not done by Li Wuyuan?

Someone else had set their eyes on them!

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