Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Lan Hua Yue - 蓝华月

Chapter 726 - Mrs. Tians Daughter

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Chapter 726 Mrs. Tian’s Daughter

However, Qinghu acted abnormally.

Although she could tell that Qinghu was also displeased with Hou Yuetian, he did not chase them away decisively, which was quite abnormal.

Nevertheless, every time Hou Yuetian tried to approach her, Qinghu was on the verge of going berserk.

It was enough to prove that Qinghu did not change his att.i.tude towards Hou Yuetian, but for some reason, he had to suppress his intent to kill Hou Yuetian.

How could someone even Qinghu had no way to deal with be a common person?

After thinking for a while, Lin Mengya decided to keep Hou Yuetian away from her as far as possible.

“Miss Su, you don’t have to guard against me. I’m not a villain, and I just admire you for saving the daughter-in-law of the Tian Family and her two babies. Even I, as a man, consider myself inferior to you. I just want to help you,” Hou Yuetian said sincerely.

Every time Lin Mengya went out, she habitually used the name Su Qingge, which she had used for more than 20 years in her previous life. As such, Hou Yuetian only considered them as a pair of siblings, who came from a wealthy family and were traveling around at present.

Lin Mengya was not quite convinced by Hou Yuetian’s words. He might not be a bad guy, but he was not a good guy either.

When they first met in the red-light district, if she hadn’t composedly helped him cover up his tracks, he probably would have held her hostage in order to escape.

For this reason, although Hou Yuetian put it nicely, Lin Mengya remained rather wary of him.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a villain or not. What matters is that you can’t help me. Are you proficient in medical skills or familiar with the local customs? As far as I can tell, you’re a foreigner, aren’t you? In this case, you’ll just cause trouble if you stay here. Besides, no matter what you are up to, my brother is not to be trifled with. Now you’re challenging him, who is running out of his patience. I advise you to stop stalking us as soon as possible,” Lin Mengya said with a severe countenance and a chilling look in her eyes.

Hou Yuetian was slightly surprised. In the last few days, he had been watching over Miss Su.

Most of the time, she was quiet, and her fragile health made people feel tender and protective toward her.

However, she had never shown any sign of weakness in her clear black eyes.

She managed to help the daughter-in-law of the Tian Family deliver babies and played a trick to entrap Mrs. Tian’s daughter.

He could tell from these trivial matters that she was resourceful.

He might have met this kind of women in his life, but she was definitely more fascinating than those exceedingly beautiful women.

Perhaps his interest in her had nothing to do with a man’s affection for a woman and was like the appreciation of a man good at martial arts for a top-notch rare book of martial arts.

Miss Su attracted his attention like a magnet and made his journey less dull.

“It seems that you misunderstood me, Miss Su. To be honest, I have made a deal with your brother, but I don’t mean to stalk you. In fact, we are heading for exactly the same place. When we traveled by water, my guards found that you chose the safest and most convenient route. As you said, we are foreigners and not as familiar with your country as you are. Besides, I paid a great price to avoid being caught by my enemy, so I made such a presumptuous request,” Hou Yuetian stopped joking and said sincerely even without hiding his real intention.

Lin Mengya raised her eyebrows, well aware that she could not fully believe his words.

However, one thing was certain: someone as proud as Hou Yuetian was unlikely to lie to a woman easily.

“I don’t care if what you said is true or not. You can travel with us, but remember one thing: I like quietness. You and your guards had better behave yourselves. Otherwise, you will know I’m as good as my brother at dealing with people,” Lin Mengya said.

Although she stopped looking at Hou Yuetian coldly, her words caused sudden sweat on his back.

Miss Su just sat in a wheelchair and warned him softly.

However, the cold aura she gave out made him shudder uncontrollably.

She had the same cold aura as her brother did.

Hou Yuetian smiled bitterly in his heart. Since she had put it bluntly, even if he was a fool he should know what to do.

He nodded and left the courtyard where Lin Mengya lived.

Watching him disappear, Lin Mengya felt a little upset.

“If you are really tired of being followed by them, I’ll get rid of them immediately,” Qinghu said apologetically.

In fact, he allowed Hou Yuetian to follow them for a reason. Otherwise, he would not have allowed Hou Yuetian to pester Lin Mengya.

“I’m not tired of that. Hou Yuetian may not be a good person, but he’s definitely a gentleman. Since he has promised me that he won’t disturb us anymore, he certainly will keep his words. I just think... Alas, probably because I’m in poor health recently, I keep thinking these nonsenses. Qinghu, you don’t have to blame yourself. It’s good to have his company. Since they insist on traveling with us, we can make use of them to eliminate all risks on the way,” Lin Mengya said.

Hearing her words, Qinghu showed a brighter smile.

He did not bring many subordinates with him. With Hou Yuetian and his companions around, Lin Mengya’s safety could be guaranteed as much as possible.

Of course, they should keep their evil intention from Hou Yuetian. Otherwise, he might flee immediately.

After lunch, Lin Mengya had a rest in the room.

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When she just lay down, she saw Qinghu walk into the yard with a woman.

Hearing her words, Mrs. Huang didn’t even bother to pretend to cry, came up to Lin Mengya joyfully with a hint of expectation in her eyes, and reached out her hands with jade bracelets.

Lin Mengya raised her eyebrows and took Mrs. Huang’s pulse.

As soon as she touched Mrs. Huang’s hand, the detecting system of the Shen Nung system made an a.n.a.lysis of Mrs. Huang’s physical condition in an instant.

Unexpectedly, Lin Mengya found something strange.

Why did this woman have no womb?

The womb was the cradle breeding new lives.

It could be said that all creatures in the world were born after being bred in the womb.

As a woman, Mrs. Huang didn’t even have a womb. Naturally, she couldn’t get pregnant.

However, any ordinary doctor should be able to detect it.

Why did Mrs. Huang still seem to be unaware of it?

After pondering for a while, Lin Mengya withdrew her hand and continued to ask Mrs. Huang some questions composedly, “Did you get pregnant before?”

Mrs. Huang nodded immediately and said with a look of regret, “Three years ago, I almost had a baby. However, my husband’s legal wife schemed against me so that I miscarried. Humph, this time, I will teach her a lesson!”

Since Mrs. Huang had gotten pregnant before, it meant that her womb fell off after that.

Given ancient medical conditions, even if a woman did not die after her womb fell off, her vitality would be greatly undermined.

However, the detection showed that although Mrs. Huang had no womb, she was in good condition.

Moreover, she had rosy cheeks and a graceful figure and did not feel any uncomfortable.

“Did you notice any change of your body after your miscarriage? For example, have you missed your periods for a long time?” Lin Mengya asked.

Hearing her diagnosis, Mrs. Huang looked a little strange.

A long while later, she gently nodded and said, “Exactly, it’s strange. Since I had a miscarriage three years ago, I have missed my periods. I thought I got a strange disease, so I frequently drank water soaked with donkey-hide gelatin and red dates, but it didn’t work.”

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