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Chapter 3189 - It's Entirely My Fault (2)

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Chapter 3189: It’s Entirely My Fault (2)

Commander Yang took a look at Commander Hu and shook his head helplessly.

“Even if he’s wrong in doing this, what can we do since we can’t even chase up to him? Moreover, from his ability, even if we did manage to chase up to them, we aren’t capable enough to get him back.”

Commander Xiao also said, “The only thing we can do now is to hurry back to the campsite and report this to Divine Lieutenant before we decide on the next course of action!”

Commander Hu heaved a sigh, “We can only do this then!”

Jun Sihan didn’t know that he had made Commander Hu and the others so worried.

Of course, even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

The only thing on his mind was to teach that troublemaker young la.s.s a good lesson! “How dare she run away from home when they disagreed on something!”

“Moreover, she even went on the battlefield, landing herself in such a dangerous situation!”

Only heaven knew that his life had been shortened by this scare!

Xia Yunxi knew that she was a goner and continued to struggle. “Let me down, let me down! Jun Sihan, you scoundrel! Not only did you have an illicit lover, you even hit me!”

Jun Sihan’s veins on his forehead twitched when he heard her accusation.

“I said a thousand times that I didn’t look for another woman. Moreover, what do you mean by having an illicit lover? Is that term even used to describe men?”

“You didn’t have an illicit lover, but you went to look for another woman!” Xia Yunxi recalled the scene that she last saw before she left, and her heart pounded hard with fury!

Jun Sihan placed his hand on Xia Yunxi’s b.u.t.t and threatened, “If you dare spout rubbish again, I will teach you a lesson when we return to the campsite!”

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Xia Yunxi felt the warmth on her back and recalled the various immoral “punishments” that Jun Sihan often undertook on her. She involuntarily shuddered, not daring to say a word more.

Li Yukun smiled and said, “I saw Young Lord returning very quickly, but you haven’t come back. So I was worried that something might have happened! Now that you’ve come back, all is well!”

Jun Sihan nodded at him. “Many thanks to Divine Lieutenant for today. I will definitely show my grat.i.tude in the future! Now, I’ll make a move first!”

Saying that he carried Xia Yunxi and left. “Woman, which tent is yours?”

Xia Yunxi was still immersed in shock. “Divine Lieutenant he… what’s the matter with him? Has he… gone mad? Or am I dreaming??”

Jun Sihan’s brows creased. Grabbing Xia Yunxi’s jaw, he leaned close to her.

“Quickly tell me which is your tent? If you don’t speak, I don’t mind showing affection in public…” His scorching hot breath revolved around Xia Yunxi’s lips.

Xia Yunxi’s eyes widened as she looked at him with an accusing look. “You’re shameless!”

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