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Chapter 2798 - Sacred Phoenix Race's Surprise (1)

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Chapter 2798: Sacred Phoenix Race’s Surprise (1)

“According to the inheritance tower’s rules, if anyone manages to comprehend the fifth stage conceptualization in the <> on their first try, the spiritual imprint would be triggered!”

Hearing what Steward Zhuang said, all the Elders revealed an enlightened look.

<> was once a treasure that was used by Sacred Phoenix Race to nurture the younger generation disciples. Later on, a certain clan leader left it in Soaring Heavens Continent’s inheritance tower. Following the isolation of the Continent due to the demonic qi, the conceptualization drawing was soon lost.

But many people had heard about this <> and there was a little impression about it. Now that Steward Zhuang reminded them of this, all of them started to recall this.

“That’s right, it really seems that way!”

“I didn’t think that the spiritual imprint would still be effective. So many thousands of years had pa.s.sed so I thought that it had already lost its effectiveness.”

“That clan leader back then was a Life Profound Realm top exponent. Not to mention a few ten thousand years, even if it was a few hundred thousand years, the spiritual imprint that he left behind wouldn’t be erased so easily!”

Everyone was whispering to each other, as they didn’t get the main point.

But Huang Tianhao immediately found the gist of this. When he spoke again, his voice started to quiver.

“You mean to say, only those who comprehended the <>’s fifth stage conceptualization for the first time would trigger the spiritual imprint?”

Steward Zhuang nodded in affirmation, “That’s right, that’s exactly so!”

Some of the Elders slowly understood what the commotion was about.

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“So in this case, it’s really not easy to trigger the spiritual imprint! Those tenth stage realm pract.i.tioners in the clan would be able to comprehend in the Life Profound Realm top exponent’s conceptualization drawing. Generally, only heaven grade geniuses who comprehended it for the first time would only stop at third stage conceptualization! Someone managed to comprehend the fifth stage at one go?”

But as there were limited conceptualization drawings, everyone needed to queue up based on their innate talent grade and potential.

So those who started to comprehend the conceptualization drawings at ninth stage realm might have been only those top rated heaven grade geniuses. The others would all be arranged to take it until they advanced to the tenth stage realm.

Those Elders present were all a few thousand years old. They had seen countless young disciples but never had they witnessed anyone reach fifth stage conceptualization on their first try!

Hence when they heard what Steward Zhuang said, all of them started to become excited.

Steward Zhuang nodded his head solemnly and added, “Elders, you seem to have forgotten about this! Soaring Heavens Continent is the Lower Realm! Pract.i.tioners who have reached the tenth stage realm would be thrown out of there and ascend to G.o.d Realm! So, the pract.i.tioner who managed to comprehend the <> is probably a pract.i.tioner in the ninth stage realm or below!”

The middle-aged Elder Chu cried out in shock, “Ninth stage realm cultivation?? This… this is impossible, right?”

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