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Chapter 919: Heart-warming, no need for head-on confrontation

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Chapter 919: Heart-warming, no need for head-on confrontation

Lin Chujiu waited uneasily for a long time, thinking that Xiao Tianyao would take advantage of the situation and kiss her. As a result?

*Pa-* Xiao Tianyao hit her on the forehead, It was very hard and there was a mark.

"What are you thinking about?" Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu with a half-smile, his eyes full of teasing.

"You, you…" Lin Chujiu covered her forehead and looked at Xiao Tianyao angrily. She had thousands of words to say, but he couldn't say them.

Can she tell Xiao Tianyao that she was waiting for him to kiss her?

Can she tell Xiao Tianyao that she is ready and just waiting for him to kiss her?

She can't, so… …

She could only sulk by herself.

"I'm going to sleep." Lin Chujiu glared at Xiao Tianyao unhappily, then turned her back and ignored him.

“Go to bed early.” In the darkness, Lin Chujiu didn't see the evil smile in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes.

Xiao Tianyao hugged Lin Chujiu from behind and soon fell asleep. Lin Chujiu listened to the shallow and steady breathing of the man behind her and soon fell asleep too.

This was good. She would be embarra.s.sed if they talked about how she wanted to be kissed by him.

The next day, when the first ray of suns.h.i.+ne shone on the earth, Xiao Tianyao woke up and gently kissed Lin Chujiu's forehead. Xiao Tianyao did not wake up Lin Chujiu but went to fetch water and prepare food for the two of them to eat in the morning.

A quarter of an hour later, Lin Chujiu woke up. Xiao Tianyao had prepared the water for was.h.i.+ng, and breakfast was almost ready.

Looking at the man with a cold and arrogant face, who was busy with other things, Lin Chujiu couldn't suppress her lips to curve into a smile.

While in the capital, she didn't feel how good this man was, but as soon as they came out, she knew how good he was.

In this era, it was natural for a wife to serve her husband, let alone fetch water and cooking. According to the requirements for wives in this era, she has to get up early every day to serve Xiao Tianyao, but… …

With them, these requirements were reversed.

It was Xiao Tianyao who fetched water and prepared food. Sometimes when she was lazy, Xiao Tianyao would dress her. Although his movements were a little clumsy, he was always serious.

“What are you doing? Come here and eat.” Seeing Lin Chujiu staring at him in a daze again, Xiao Tianyao’s tense face couldn’t help but relax a little.

This woman, really… she turned crazy when she saw him every day. He doesn’t know why she doesn't get tired of staring at him every day.

“Mmm, I'm coming." Lin Chujiu quickly swallowed her saliva and said, then walked to Xiao Tianyao and took the hot soup he handed over.

“It tastes very good.” The snake soup was delicious, and the snake meat was tender and smooth. It’s just right to eat in the morning and not greasy at all.

The corner of Xiao Tianyao's lips curved, but he didn't say anything. He silently ate the portion in his hand. When Lin Chujiu finished eating the snake meat, he gave her the portion in his bowl.

This woman belongs to him, so he could only pamper her more.

"Open your mouth!" It was disrespectful to come back and forth. Lin Chujiu was not coquettish, and naturally, he was not stingy. Xiao Tianyao gave her all the snake meat in the bowl, so it was appropriate for her to feed Xiao Tianyao a few pieces.

Xiao Tianyao, who could not accept food pa.s.sing through other people's hands, opened his mouth without any psychological barriers and calmly ate the food fed by Lin Chujiu.

Having a serious mysophobia about food has to be dealt with by others. The person feeding him food was Lin Chujiu, he could only eat it.

The two of them had breakfast as usual, cleaned up the traces, and then continued on their way.

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“It’s good if you can’t tell.” Xiao Tianyao was very satisfied with his attire, and he was also very satisfied with Lin Chujiu’s attire.

Lin Chujiu was inherently tougher than ordinary women. She doesn’t have the fragility of women nowadays. It doesn't look strange for her to wear men’s clothing. But after a few years, when she grows up a little more, it won’t be appropriate for her to wear men’s clothing.

After dressing up properly, the two of them rushed to the capital in a hurry. In the evening, they could see the walls of the capital while sitting on their horses.

“Let’s rest first and then enter the city at night.” The capital was desolate and there was no one around. As soon as they appeared at this time, they would be discovered.

To be on the safe side, it would be better to wait until dark.

Lin Chujiu was not familiar with the environment here, so naturally she had no objection.

It was still Xiao Tianyao who took care of the food, and Lin Chujiu only had to sit there and light the fire.

Xiao Tianyao not only needed to eat at this time but also needed to check the surrounding terrain. It took him an hour to return with two pheasants.

“How is it?” Lin Chujiu took the clean pheasant and started roasting it.

“Everything looks calm on the surface, but there is no single soul around.” Xiao Tianyao said mockingly.

Lin Chujiu smiled: "It seems that we will be in danger at night." If there was no defense, this empty city would not be so well maintained, nor would it be completely uninhabited.

Even though the Central Empire decreed that people were not allowed to enter the capital, there were always some who could not survive or were desperate. If the capital was unguarded, it would be impossible for the capital to be completely uninhabited.

"Mmm. Eat well, we might have a tough battle to fight in the evening." Even he couldn't detect the opponent's presence, which showed that the people guarding the capital were far more powerful than the martial G.o.ds.

He may not have a chance of winning if they have to face each other, but fortunately, he doesn't need to confront the opponent head-on. He was just here to take away the things left by the royal family of the Shengyuan Dynasty… …

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