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Chapter 813: Arrogant, the winner has been decided

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Chapter 813: Arrogant, the winner has been decided

There were 100,000 forbidden troops in the city, will he fight?

Nonsense, of course, he will! He, Xiao Tianyao, was not of anyone.

However, he will not fight, but his army will fight the army!

With his martial arts, it was not impossible to defeat one hundred thousand forbidden troops, but it was not that his subordinates were useless, why should he exhaust himself to death?

He was arrogant, but he was not ignorant of the heights of the sky and the earth, let alone hitting a stone with a pebble, or else he would not have endured it for many years until the emperor forced him to leave.

"Stupid woman, just follow me." Xiao Tianyao didn't explain this to Lin Chujiu but hugged Lin Chujiu even tighter.

This woman was stupid, he should hug her tightly so as not to be scattered by the crowd. He knew that one hundred thousand imperial troops were not a small number, even if he wants to get away, it will take some effort.

"Dong dong dong…" The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the ground under her feet was shaking. Lin Chujiu admitted that she was nervous and scared.

She gripped Xiao Tianyao's clothes tightly, but she wanted to say: If you can't leave, please put me down.

According to Xiao Tianyao's pride, how could he leave her behind?

But Xiao Tianyao seemed to be aware of her uneasiness, he lowered his head and kissed the top of her hair, "Don't worry, we can go out."

After saying that, he jumped up in the air with Lin Chujiu in his arms and flew towards the gate of the city.

The whistling wind blew past her ears. After the initial panic, Lin Chujiu began to enjoy the pleasure of flying against the wind.

"Boom boom boom…" Xiao Tianyao's speed was very fast, but the imperial court's forbidden army seemed to be everywhere. No matter how fast they walked, Lin Jun seemed to arrive in front of the enemy in the next second.

It was dark, Lin Chujiu couldn't see clearly, she could only feel the darkness pressing on them. It wasn't until they reached the gate of the city and the torches on the gate illuminated the surroundings that Lin Chujiu knew they were surrounded.

"We are surrounded!" There were troops in all directions, no wonder no matter how they walk, they can hear the approaching footsteps of the army.

"Mmm." Not only was he surrounded, but the emperor also dispatched a siege crossbow.

The siege crossbow was so powerful that it can shoot through the city wall. It can be said that if someone was shot by the siege crossbow, even a martial artist won't be able to move.

"Let's go down." All the intersections at the gate of the city were blocked by the army. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu looked self-defeating in the eyes of others, but with Xiao Tianyao's shrewdness, how could he be self-defeating?

When the two landed, the general who defended the city immediately found out, raised his right hand lightly, changed the direction of the siege crossbow, and aimed at them both, "Xiao w.a.n.gye, Xiao w.a.n.gfei, you are not our opponents, it's better to surrender without a fight." A person's energy was limited, no matter how high the martial arts of Prince Xiao was, he was only one person. How can he fight properly while carrying Princess Xiao? He doesn't believe that these two people can escape.

"You also believe you can win benw.a.n.g?" Xiao Tianyao hugged Lin Chujiu with one hand, and put the other behind his back, with a chic posture, completely unaware of being surrounded by people.

"Xiao w.a.n.gye, I know that your martial arts are strong, but you are not the only one with high martial arts in this world. You are a martial G.o.d, but there are also martial G.o.ds in the imperial court. Moreover, the imperial court not only has martial G.o.ds but also a hundred thousand forbidden soldiers. No matter how high your martial arts are, you are no match against one hundred thousand forbidden troops with siege crossbows." The generals defending the city didn't understand where Xiao Tianyao's self-confidence came from. In his opinion, Xiao Tianyao would die today.

"Martial G.o.ds? I don't care about a mere martial G.o.d. As for your 100,000 forbidden troops and siege crossbows?" Xiao Tianyao sneered: "If you can let your 100,000 forbidden troops go together and let them keep attacking with crossbows as long as I don't die, otherwise, you will be the ones who die."

There were a lot of 100,000 forbidden troops, but unfortunately, this was not a battlefield, and 100,000 forbidden troops can't go together.

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The siege crossbow was indeed very strong and has great destructive power. Unfortunately, the siege crossbow cannot be fired in succession. Each shot requires a lot of effort to open the siege crossbow.

He will never admit that Lin Chujiu's praise was very useful to him.

"You… go together!" Seeing that the siege crossbow could not do anything to Xiao Tianyao, the general ordered the soldiers with four strikes to rush forward.

No matter what, he must hold Prince Xiao, at least until the martial G.o.ds in the palace comes to help.

However, when the soldiers drew their knives and charged, there was a deafening sound of horseshoes outside the city. Just by hearing the sound, it was known that a large army was coming.

"What's going on?" The general stood on the city wall, seeing further and hearing more clearly.

"It's the Jinwuwei Army, the Jinwuwei Army is coming." The soldiers standing on the sentry tower saw the military flag from a distance, and their legs trembled in fright.

The Jinwuwei Army, the army that has shocked the four countries, has entered the city!

"The Jinwuwei Army! Aren't they stationed outside the capital? It's a full day's journey from the capital, how could they appear here?" The Jinwuwei Army has long been monitored by the Emperor's people.

"This little one doesn't know." The soldier on the sentry tower was trembling, and he was almost speechless.

Not to mention that they were not the opponents of the Jinwuwei Army, even if they can fight back with the Jinwuwei Army, the Jinwuwei Army has more people than them, and if they fight. They will suffer.

Under the city wall, Lin Chujiu also heard the sound of horseshoes. Without asking Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu knew that the Jinwuwei Army had come.

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