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Chapter 729: Tianhai, picking up the genius doctor (1)

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Chapter 729: Tianhai, picking up the genius doctor (1)

After s.h.i.+ Yihan left the military camp, he immediately rushed to Tiancang Pavilion and asked the people of Tiancang Pavilion to find the famous hidden doctor in the eastern or northern country.

No matter when, famous doctors were hard to find, let alone hidden famous doctors. The Tiancang Pavilion which claimed to be the top intelligence in the world took a day to find a famous doctor hiding in the northern mountain.

No one knew what the doctor's name was, everyone simply called him Doctor Mu. In the early years, Doctor Mu became famous in the Northern Li Dynasty. Later, for some reason, he offended the Northern Li Royal Family and was hunted down by the Northern Li Royal Family. He hid in the mountains with a young apprentice and never came out again.

The people of Tiancang Pavilion took a lot of effort to find people, but whether it was a threat or a lure, Doctor Mu refused to take his apprentice out of the mountain. If they want him to cure people, they should bring the sick person to him in the mountains. If they force him again, he will run away with his little apprentice. Even if he will be caught, he will not treat people. The big deal was both of them will die.

Because Doctor Mu was a rogue and desperate, the people of Tiancang Pavilion has no way to take him. When they see that the other party was very unwilling, they have to send the news back to the pavilion and ask the person in charge of the pavilion to decide.

s.h.i.+ Yihan was waiting for the doctor in Tiancang Pavilion, but he didn't see the doctor coming. He sensed something and was very depressed.

In line with the principle of good people in the end sent the Buddha to the west. s.h.i.+ Yihan gritted his teeth, went out to the horse, and rode alone to the mountain to persuade Doctor Mu to leave the mountain.

As long as it is a human being, it is impossible to ask for nothing, even the hidden masters were no exception. s.h.i.+ Yihan has an ident.i.ty and ability. He promised that as long as Doctor Mu is willing to go out and help him save people, Tiancang Pavilion and Moon Shadow will help him in the future, as long as it doesn't violate the morals of heaven and earth, and will not harm the organization or him.

Doctor Mu hesitated for a while. After confirming that s.h.i.+ Yihan was not trying to deceive him, he finally agreed to leave the mountain.

"You must ensure the safety of our master and apprentice." Before leaving the mountain, Doctor Mu repeated this sentence again and again.

"No one in the four countries will dare to touch the person the Tiancang Pavilion and Moon Shadow want to protect." s.h.i.+ Yihan patted his chest to rea.s.sure him.

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No need to mention the four countries, even the Central Empire should give him some face.

Seeing the news on the note, s.h.i.+ Yihan almost vomited blood.

Was Xiao Tianyao playing with him?

Since his wife could heal Xuanyuan Zhi, why did he let him go look for a doctor? Did he think the people in Tiancang Pavilion were idle and doesn't do anything all day?

"Are you sure, the eldest prince is fine?" s.h.i.+ Yihan crumpled the note into a ball and said with gritted teeth.

"Answering back the young master, the news was sent by the black-armored guard. There is no mistake." They also sent someone to verify, and they confirmed that the eldest prince was cured, but also returned safely.

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