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Chapter 1707 In Writing

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Chapter 1707 In Writing

Date- 15 April 2321

Time- 16:40

Location- Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Dungeon Highway, Barren Lands, Central Tower, Blood Rock Cave Gate Dungeon, Seed World

Zaltan did not believe that Wyatt a p.a.w.n he selected to conduct his experiment would be able to find the secrets to the powers of the pixies. Because he believed the Card World's will would mask the extent of the abilities of the Dredre once started to create a forest in the Card World. 

Unfortunately, Dredre did not create her forest in the Card World but in a sub-s.p.a.ce unoccupied by any celestial wills. Had Dredre not created her forest in the seed world and instead created it in the Card World, then Wyatt would never have been able to witness that the forest created by Dredre was a miniature self-sustaining ecosystem in itself as the Card Realm's will would have began to a.s.similate the soul pathways of Dredre's forest with its soul pathways this way it would be easier for it to a.s.similate the born forest spirit with it. 

Even if Wyatt had entered the spiritual plane to view the formation of Dredre's forest, he would not have noticed the specialty of the forest created by Dredre because the Card World's will would have begun to a.s.similate it with its celestial body. 

It was because Dredre had created her forest in the void of the seed world which was free from any celestial will that Wyatt had the opportunity to witness the miraculous nature of the forests created by the pixies by entering the spiritual plane and using his soul pupils. If not for the seed world, Wyatt would not have happened to come upon this once-in-a-lifetime chance to unveil the secret of the Pixie's powers. 

How could Zaltan have known that Wyatt would have a void item like the seed world, let alone the fact that Wyatt had used Dungeon Calamity Seed to mutate his ego gem? Normal mortals could only use Pixie Dust to boost their synchronous rate and the limit of how much boost the mortals gained depended on their original synchronous rate. Meaning the mortal with the best synchronous rate at best could get a boost up to a near-perfect synchronous rate but never reach the perfect synchronous rate or even cross it into a new unexplored domain by a mortal before. 

In Wyatt's case thanks to his mutated soul and the dungeon calamity seed, the mutated ego gem he created gave him a near-perfect synchronous rate. However, the best part about it was that it did not seem to have any upper limit when it came to the synchronous rate. It kept growing with more resources it consumed, just like the dungeon calamity seed which keeps growing limitlessly depending on the resources available. 

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So in the presence of abundant Pixie dust, the boost to the synchronous rate of the dungeon calamity seed part of Wyatt's mutated ego gem, calamity soul gem, kept climbing breaking past the perfect synchronous rate into the new domain where no mortal has been before, as if there was no ceiling. 

It's not that Zaltan had underestimated Wyatt but he had made the mistake of considering Wyatt as the regular variable that he could control with a set parameter. Unfortunately, Wyatt was anything but predictable. There were too many things about Wyatt that would not be measured using regular standards starting from his transmigrated soul immune to time rule, his soul pupils, etc. By adding an unpredictable variable like Wyatt to his plans, Zaltan had increased the improbability of his plan's success by a vast margin. That he had yet to realize. Hopefully, it was not too late when realized it. 

'Zaltan, are you sure about this? Give it to me in writing, then we have a deal,' Wyatt was ecstatic hearing the wager proposed by Zaltan. However, he did not agree to it immediately as he wanted the same in writing. 

'You want it in writing, then it changes things since the stakes of the wager are unfair for me.' 

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