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Chapter 1573 Arrogant Belphegor

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Chapter 1573 Arrogant Belphegor

Date- 13 April 2321

Time- 10:21

Location- Southern Region, Southern Capital

The only reason why Wyatt agreed to incubate the plague egg in his body was that he would postpone its hatching giving himself enough time to try and find a way to destroy it or the cure for it. However, knowing that Belphegor could just as easily hatch the plague egg even after Wyatt incubated the egg changes things— no it made things worse as Belphegor could use this as a knife to force Wyatt into doing his bidding. 

When Wyatt was searching for any kind of trickery that Belphegor might have added to the plague egg he did find its connection to its creator the devil but he overlooked it believing that once he incubated the plague egg, its connection with the devil be severed and it will establish a new connection with him. This was why he was about to swallow the plague egg before Henricks and Joy arrived.

However, according to what Plague Doctor Joy was stating, it appeared that the connection between the plague egg and the devil would not be severed even after he incubated it in his body because the Plague was created using the life force of the devil, giving Belphegor highest control over the plague egg. 

This meant even if Wyatt became the Plague Egg's new host it would still prioritize Belphegor's command over Wyatt's. Making the whole reason why Wyatt was willing to become the new host of the Plague Egg moot. 

"So what? You should be grateful that I am not hatching the plague egg right away and giving you an opportunity to save your world. Wyatt, as long as you become the next host of this plague egg I will not release it in your world," Now that his trickery was out in the open, Belphegor did not deny it instead owned it and doubled down on it. He even went as far as to threaten Wyatt. 

Listening to the devil's threat the four card apprentices frowned and each had a different response. 

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Colleen's was the most basic of all, her rage was written all over her face, and it could not be more obvious. If not for her being limited to the frozen part of the secondary time flow she would have already grabbed the dying devil by the neck and sent him to the afterlife, regardless of the conscience blinded by her rage. 

Therefore, he strongly believed that there was something that Belphegor was wanted or after. As long as he figured out what it was then he could force Belphegor into giving a lot more friendly options to choose from. Wyatt knew he lost the moment desperate Belphegor went as far as to use his WorldHog incarnation's life force and a Realm Fragmanet to create the plague egg but even if he lost Wyatt planned to choose the way he lost so that he had a shiver of hope of making a comeback. 

Meanwhile, Plague Doctor Joy found that Belphegor's words were a tad bit arrogant for him to claim that he could use the plague egg he created using his life force to destroy the world. As someone who took pride in being an expert in the Plagues, she took the devil's words personally and said, "Woah, hold your horses there buddy. Aren't you being too arrogant to claim that your plague egg could destroy our world?"

"I know that if left unchecked a plague can slowly grow strong enough to be a threat to the world's will itself but I am willing to stake my soul to bet that I can find a cure for it even before it completely spreads across the Southern Capital District." Joy declared with great pa.s.sion and confidence, now this was a person who took words, 'lay down your life for your duty' literally.

Listening to Joy, Henricks' face lit up in antic.i.p.ation but Colleen shook her head in dismay while Belphegor scoffed. Seeing the confused gaze of Joy and Henrick's land on her Colleen explained, "He used a realm fragment along with his life force to create the plague. Not the realm fragments from SSS-rank dungeons but the one mentioned in the gospel of DemiG.o.d Micheal Angelo."

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