Endless Pampering Only For You

Mo Xiaoshui

Chapter 3362 - Chapter 3362: You're the afternoon tea I want (3)

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Chapter 3362 - Chapter 3362: You’re the afternoon tea I want (3)

Chapter 3362: You’re the afternoon tea I want (3)

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Han qiqing could only use her little hand to tug at him.

Han Yuexu turned over slightly and pressed her down on the sofa, deepening the kiss.

The temperature in the room seemed to have risen all of a sudden.

Han qiqing was a little nervous. She didn’t know whether to push him away or hold him tightly.

Knock knock knock

“Mr. Han.”

The Secretary’s voice came from outside and interrupted their intimate moment.

At this moment, han Yuexu’s big hand was about to reach into han qiqing’s s.h.i.+rt.

The warmth of his palm was still on her skin.

Han qiqing’s face and ears were red. After being loved, her eyes were like stars filled with water, and she looked especially beautiful.

&Quot; what’s the matter?” han Yuexu frowned and looked up at the door.

The Secretary could tell the displeasure in his tone. After hesitating for a while, she said,” that… The boss of yaoxing enterprises called and said that he wants to ask you out tonight… &Quot;

Before the Secretary could finish, han Yuexu said in a deep voice,” I’m not free! &Quot;

The Secretary immediately received the message. &Quot; understood. Sorry to disturb you, President han. &Quot;

There was no sound outside.

Han qiqing felt that their position was too ambiguous. She pushed him away lightly. &Quot; brother, get up. What if someone comes in and sees you?”

She remembered that the door was not locked and was very worried.

&Quot; she doesn’t dare to come in,” han Yuexu said in a deep voice.

Han qiqing said,” what if someone else barged in?”

Han Yuexu’s eyes darted around and he got up from her body.

Han qiqing heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Yuexu, who had just gotten up, suddenly bent down and picked her up.

“All, Yingluo.”

She was frightened and wrapped her arms around his neck in a panic.

“What are you doing?” She looked at him in confusion.

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&Quot; let’s go to the lounge,” han Yuexu said indifferently.

His voice pulled her back from her thoughts.

Han qiqing’s b.u.t.t was being held by him, and she could still feel his restless hands pinching her perky b.u.t.t.

She grabbed his hand and said shyly,” don’t pinch me. &Quot;

Han Yuexu’s lips curled up slightly. &Quot; it feels so good to the touch. Why don’t you let people pinch it? ”

He actually dared to say such perverted words so openly.

Han qiqing’s face was burning red.

Han Yuexu had already entered the lounge and placed her on the bed.

He didn’t say anything and turned to leave.

Han qiqing sat up on the bed and looked at his back in confusion.

The door to the lounge was open, so she could see him walking to his desk and making an internal call to his Secretary to cancel all his plans for the afternoon.

Then, he walked out of her sight.

Han qiqing heard the sound of a door being locked.

Her heart was beating wildly, and she could only press her hand on the left side of her chest.

After a while, he returned..

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