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Chapter 817: Beautiful Deputy City Mayor

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Chapter 817: Beautiful Deputy City Mayor

Next day.


Morning. Dong Xuebing arrived at work early today because the City Party Committee’s Organization Department had organized a blood donation drive. A few blood donation buses were parked in front of the Party Committee Building when he arrived. As the Inspection First Office’s leader, he got to set an example.

On his way upstairs, Dong Xuebing received an SMS.

Xie Huilan: “Did you miss me?”

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “Of course.”

Xie Huilan: “Haha…. Are you telling the truth?”

Dong Xuebing: “Can’t you talk about other things?”

Xie Huilan: “I want to know if you missed me. Alright. That’s all.”

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “Do you miss me?”

Xie Huilan: “Haha…. I got to go. I have work to do.”

Dong Xuebing: “Hey! Why were you busy when I asked you the same question?”

Dong Xuebing missed Xie Huilan after being teased by Luo Haiting yesterday. He even dreamt of her underskirt last night.

The main office area.

The staff members were standing at their desks.

Dong Xuebing shouted. “I believed all of you had received the notification from the City Party Committee. Those within the accepted weight have no medical history and haven’t taken their breakfast can partic.i.p.ate in this blood donation drive. Donating blood does not harm your body and can stimulate your bodily functions. Fen Zhou City had just experienced the most major earthquake, and many lost their families and friends. Many people were saved, and this is our time to help them. Your blood can save lives. This donation drive is not compulsory, but I hope all of you can do your part.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Luo Haiting.

Luo Haiting immediately took out a form. “Those who want to partic.i.p.ate can register with me.”

Everyone looked at each other, and Zhu Zhu, Fei Fan, and three other staff members registered. The other two staff did not partic.i.p.ate because one was underweight, and the other had just recovered from flu.

With Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting, seven people from the Inspection First Office will donate blood.

Dong Xuebing was enthusiastic about this blood donation drive because this was a directive from the City Party Committee and Commission for Discipline Inspection. At least two staff from each department must partic.i.p.ate in this donation drive.

Half an hour later, the Inspection First Office received a call. It was their turn to donate blood.

Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting led everyone downstairs toward the blood donation buses. They queued up and got on the bus.

As the leaders, Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting went first. The nurse and Doctor on the bus checked their blood sample.

Suddenly, the Doctor gasped. “Eh?”

Dong Xuebing was puzzled. “What is it, Doctor?”

Luo Haiting and the other nurses looked over.

The Doctor looked at Dong Xuebing in surprise. “Your blood type is Rh-negative B negative!”

Dong Xuebing blinked and asked. “Rh-negative?”

“This is a rare blood type, and we have a low supply of this blood type in our blood bank.” The Doctor explained.

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Dong Xuebing was puzzled. “I was hospitalized several times, and no one said anything about it. I only know my blood type is B.”

“Yes. She is our new Deputy Mayor.”

“Yes. It’s her. I heard she is the prettiest female leader in Hebei Province.”

“She is pretty and young.”

“I heard she had made significant contributions during the earthquake and was promoted due to exceptional basis.”

“Eh, that Land Rover there is her car. It is the most expensive version.”

“Are you sure? The most expensive version of Land Rover cost almost 4 million RMB, and that number plate is Beijing 6666!”

Most of the staff donating blood were Commission for Discipline Inspection staff members, and very few leaders were there. That’s why they did not hold back and discussed it openly.

Dong Xuebing had good hearing and heard everything they said.

Deputy Mayor? Prettiest female leader in the Province? Land Rover and significant contributions during the earthquake?!

How come Dong Xuebing felt he knows this person? He looked in that direction and was stunned. He saw that person’s beautiful back walking into the City Government Building.

That is Xie Huilan!

Sister Xie had come to Fen Zhou City!

Dong Xuebing smiled and understood why Xie Huilan had sent those SMS this morning. You didn’t tell me you were coming today and still tried to prank me.

This Huilan….

I will teach you a lesson tonight!

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