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Chapter 814: Dong Xuebing's assets disclosure

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Chapter 814: Dong Xuebing’s a.s.sets disclosure

Morning, 9.20 am.

Commission for Discipline Inspection Building.

Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting were at Inspection First Office for inspection.

The Staff Members saw Director Dong and quickly stood up to greet him.



“Director Dong.

After Liu Hanqing’s incident yesterday, all the staff were shocked by Dong Xuebing’s ruthless methods. Not only Zhu Zhu, Fei Fan, and the other staff who were unhappy with Liu Hanqing, even Liu Hanqing’s trusted follower, Ning Shaoyang, didn’t dare to show any disrespect. Liu Hanqing had set an example, and Dong Xuebing had shown his capabilities. They must think twice before going against him.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “I am just looking around.”

The staff looked at each other and remained standing.

Luo Haiting added. “Sit and carry on with your work.”

Everyone returned to their seats and continued with their work while stealing glances at Director Dong.

Dong Xuebing knew his authority had been established and was quite satisfied with this result. Other than Liu Hanqing, the Inspection First Office was under his control.

After a while, Dong Xuebing left the main office.

Luo Haiting followed behind. “Director, what do you think of the staff? They are working hard.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “What was that Ning Shaoyang in charged of?”

Luo Haiting paused for a second. “He was in charge of checking the accounts with the banks. It was Director Liu’s instructions.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and did not say anything.

Luo Haiting did not leave the main office as she understood what Dong Xuebing wanted. They had worked together for some time, and she knew this task was too minor for him to say. She immediately took on this task and looked at the staff members. “Xiao Ning, are you in charge of checking the bank accounts with the banks?”

Ning Shaoyang paused for a second and nodded.

Luo Haiting acknowledged and looked at Zhu Zhu. “Xiao Ning has too much on his plate. Xiao Zhu, you will take over this role from him in the future. Do your best.”

Zhu Zhu was surprised and quickly stood up. “Rest a.s.sured, Director Luo. I will do a good job.”

Luo Haiting smiled and patted her arm. “Good. Carry on with your work.”

Ning Shaoyang was looking terrible. This was taking away his authority.

Zhu Zhu and Fei Fan glanced at Ning Shaoyang. They were not surprised as Director Dong was now in charge, and Ning Shaoyang had disrespected him. Ning Shaoyang was the first to be targeted as Liu Hanqing’s transfer was canceled. Liu Hanqing could not bring Ning Shaoyang along with him, and Ning Shaoyang’s plan had failed.

Luo Haiting went to Dong Xuebing’s office to inform him about Ning Shaoyang’s work rea.s.signment.

Dong Xuebing nodded and was satisfied with Sister Luo. He disliked Ning Shaoyang. This guy had disrespected him in his office. You are only a staff member. Why can’t you focus on your duties? Why did you follow Liu Hanqing’s lead to go against me? Do you think I will let you off lightly? Dong Xuebing hated people who did not know their places. They had no conflict of interest, and there’s no need to go against him. Why did they provoke Dong Xuebing for no reason? They were asking for it.

“Director, do you have any other instructions for me?” Luo Haiting asked.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “I need to be familiar with the work first. Ask everyone to carry on with their work.”

“Ok.” Luo Haiting pushed her hair back and walked closer. “Director, let me pour a gla.s.s of water for you.”

Dong Xuebing tried to stop her. “I can do it myself.”

“Leave such minor tasks to me.”

“Huh? Ok. Thank you. Warm water is fine.”

The water dispenser was not far from Dong Xuebing, and Luo Haiting bent over to refill Dong Xuebing’s mug. Her perky b.u.t.t was facing Dong Xuebing, making him uncomfortable. A while later, Luo Haiting returned with a cup of water. “Have a drink.” She bent over to place the water on his desk, and he immediately felt something soft pressing against his shoulder. Another soft mound was pressing against his back.

Why does this Sister Luo like to tease him?

But…. Sister Luo’s mounds were soft.

“Thank you.” Dong Xuebing replied.

“Don’t mention it.” Luo Haiting smiled.

Dong Xuebing took a sip and enjoyed the feeling of the soft mounds pressing against him. Ah…… this feels good.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Dong Xuebing quickly straightened his back and cleared his throat.

Luo Haiting immediately returned to the front of the desk and stood there as if nothing had happened.

Gao Wenrong entered the office with a brown envelope. “Director Dong, I need to speak to you.”

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Luo Haiting smiled and said. “Oh, I had finished reporting to Director Dong and will go back now.”

Dong Xuebing called. “Brother Gao?”

Gao Wenrong replied. “Director Dong, this form will be entered into your records and disclosed on the internet. Even the City Party Committee will have a copy. You cannot joke about it.”

“I am not joking.”

“But you wrote….” Gao Wenrong sat down and asked softly. “These figures….”

Dong Xuebing knew why Gao Wenrong was anxious. “Don’t worry, Brother Gao. I had gotten my money through legitimate means.”

One hundred million RMB of a.s.sets through legitimate means?! How did you get it?

Gao Wenrong did not ask anything and kept the forms carefully. He knew the higher-ups would look into Dong Xuebing’s finances because of the big amount. This was no longer an a.s.set disclosure issue.

Dong Xuebing’s finances had no problems.

The government's lottery center wired the 100 million RMB into his account.

There are no regulations stating Government staff cannot buy lotteries, and Dong Xuebing had won the jackpot of the football lottery.

Dong Xuebing had caused another uproar on his second day in the City Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Almost everyone knows about this in the afternoon.

Inspection First Office Director Dong has 100 million RMB!

Everyone, including the Commission for Discipline Inspection Leaders, and the City Government Leaders, was shocked when they heard about it.

The Earthquake hero had accepted bribes?!

One million RMB worth of bribes was considered a major case, let alone 100 million RMB.

However, the outcome of the investigation exceeded everyone’s expectations. The uproar stopped after a few hours as Dong Xuebing had gotten his money through the lottery. He had won the jackpot a few times.

Everyone was speechless.

A twenty-five years old Deputy Division Chief….

A Commission for Discipline Inspection Leader with over 100 million RMB….

This was too much….

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