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Chang Yu - 尝谕

Chapter 1221: Turn around

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Chapter 1221: Turn around

Half an hour later.

Around 1 pm.

Shen Xiaoyan drove the Mercedes into a secluded area. There were only a few warehouses in this area, and no people or cars were around.

Shen Xiaoyan said. “We reached Ms. Zhang.”

“Is this the place?” Zhang Longjuan looked around.

“Yes. This is the address. Should we call the police?”

Zhang Longjuan shook her head. “It will make things worse for us. Did you notice that they did not stop us from calling the police during the calls? Most kidnappers and criminals will make threats about informing the police. They do not fear us calling the police as it will be useless. I called the police when I received the threats but did not receive any updates from them. The police said it should be a prank and ignored me.”

“Then are we going in like this?” Shen Xiaoyan asked.

“Yes. Let’s go.” Zhang Longjuan got off the car.

“What about your safety after we give them the money?” Shen Xiaoyan was worried.

“This is not the time to think about it. We must rescue Xiaomei first.”

“How about you stay in the car with Xiao Dong? I will go alone, and you two can escape anytime. You two will not be implicated if things go south.”

“Are you brus.h.i.+ng me aside?”

“No. The higher-ups ordered us to protect you.”

“I am responsible for you all, and they will not agree if I do not appear. How are you going to save Xiaomei?” Although Zhang Longjuan behaves carefree, she cares for the people around her. The twins are much younger than her, and she must look out for them.

All of them got out of the car.

Dong Xuebing was holding onto his chest in pain.

“Are you ok, Xiao Dong?” Zhang Longjuan asked.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “It’s fine. You don’t need to care about me.”

Dong Xuebing had donated 2,000cc of blood before, and his blood loss now is nothing. Other than some pain, he was fine.

This place was quiet.

No one was around other than a few warehouses.

Zhang Longjuan and Shen Xiaoyan walked in front and looked around.

Dong Xuebing followed behind them slowly. He was limping and could not go fast.

Ring… ring… ring… Zhang Longjuan’s phone rang, and she answered it.

“You are here, Ms. Zhang.”

“You saw us, but I can’t see you all.”

“Haha… You will see us soon.”

“Where is my bodyguard? Release her. I brought the money.”

“You should have done this early and saved us from all these troubles. Ask your bodyguards to throw their guns and weapons on the floor first.”

Shen Xiaoyan took her gun from under her skirt and threw it on the floor.

That man said. “Her knives too.”

Shen Xiaoyan paused briefly and removed two small knives from her shoes. She threw them on the floor beside the gun.

“What about your other bodyguard? Don’t make us wait!” That man could see all of them.

Shen Xiaoyan and Zhang Longjuan looked at Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing opened his palms to show he was not carrying anything. He pulled out his pocket and opened his jacket. He noticed the reflection of binoculars in the distance, and the other party could see his wounds under his jacket.

The man on the phone was shocked.

What bodyguard is this? Which bodyguard has such severe injuries? This guy’s chest is covered in bandages and st.i.tches, and his arm is in a cast. Who can you protect when you cannot even walk properly?

Zhang Longjuan asked. “Is this fine?”

That man replied. “Yes. Wait there.”

That man hung up, and a warehouse door opened. More than a dozen men walked out. They were between their twenties and forties. Some held poles and knives, and a few people behind had guns.

Those people walked towards them.

A man walked out from them.

“Ms. Zhang, we have finally met.” That man laughed. He is the leader of those men and made those threatening calls.

Zhang Longjuan looked at him. “Do I know you?”

That man laughed. “You are a big shot and do not know me.”

Zhang Longjuan looked at those men and said. “Stop wasting time. Where is my bodyguard?”

That man turned and clapped.

Two men dragged Shen Xiaomei out of the warehouse and pushed her to the ground.

Shen Xiaomei did not make any sound. She looked at Shen Xiaoyan and Zhang Lognjuan. “Sis, I told you not to come.”

Shen Xiaoyan quickly asked. “How are you?”

Shen Xiaomei shook her head to indicate she was fine.

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That man said. “All right. Bring the money over.”

The leader hung up and snapped his finger.

The rest of the men moved closer, and those with guns tightened their grip.

Zhang Longjuan and the twin knew these people would not let them leave after getting the money.

Shen Xiaomei said. “I told you all not to come.”

Shen Xiaoyan quickly untied the ropes on her sister. “Escort Ms. Zhang away first.”

“It’s too late. There are too many of them.” Shen Xiaomei also wanted to escape, but neither could protect Zhang Longjuan against so many people.

“Run! I will try to stop them.” Shen Xiaoyan shouted.

Shen Xiaomei said. “You can’t stop them by yourself. I will stay with you.”

Zhang Longjuan did not move. She looked at those guns and the truck behind them. She said to those men. “Release my bodyguards. I will stay.”

“Ms. Zhang!”

“What are you doing, Ms. Zhang?”

Zhang Longjuan smiled. “Don’t worry. They will not kill me.”

Shen Xiaoyan said. “You are a woman. If they catch you, you will be…”

Zhang Longjuan laughed. “I am not scared of these at my age. Listen to me and go off first.”

The leader laughed. “Sorry, Ms. Zhang. No one is allowed to leave.”

Zhang Longjuan stared at the leader. “This is too much.”

The leader replied. “We had worked in casinos before and have heard about you making your first pot of gold in Macau. We respect you, but you offended Liu Ye, and we had no choice.”

Shen Xiaoyan did not give up. She pulled Zhang Longjuan and tried to run.

But the truck started moving towards them.

They were forced to stop. There was no way out for them. Suddenly, Dong Xuebing moved. Everyone’s attention was on Zhang Longjuan and the twins. He limped toward Shen Xiaoyan’s gun on the ground.

Everyone laughed when they noticed him.

How is he going to retaliate in his condition?

Those men had seen Shen Xiaomei’s combat skills and knew her sister should be around the same. All of them were watching them closely and did not think much about Dong Xuebing. He was covered with injuries and could not walk properly. What can he do?

No one felt Dong Xuebing could do anything to them.

They felt Dong Xuebing might collapse before they could hit him.

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