The Sovereign's Ascension

月如火 - Yuè Rú Huǒ - Fiery Moon

Chapter 1746 – One Versus Three

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Chapter 1746 – One Versus Three

“That fellow is really arrogant!” 

Lin Yun’s words sparked an uproar, and even the Heavenly Nirvana Pavilion’s pavilion master couldn’t help commenting. Everyone was already shocked that Lin Yun could defeat Qin Hao. But he didn’t lay low and wanted to face Li Yuxi, Zhang Ying, and Chen Jun, seeing they weren’t willing to challenge him alone.

The reason why they weren’t willing to fight Lin Yun wasn’t that they felt that they couldn’t defeat Lin Yun, but because they could sense how strong he was. If they fought with Lin Yun, they might have to say farewell to becoming first in the Nirvana Banquet. After all, they weren’t only here for fame but also for the Three-Lives Fruit.

If they couldn’t be first in the Nirvana Banquet, they would lose both fame and interest even if they could defeat Lin Yun. This was the reason why they hesitated and weren’t willing to go up on the stage. But what Lin Yun said had forced them to a dead-end, and they had no choice but to accept the challenge.

Lin Yun’s words were enough to show how furious he was and represented his pride. After all, these people looked down on him at the banquet yesterday, especially Li Yuxi, who even shamelessly asked for Yue Weiwei to dance, and no man could endure that.

Who the h.e.l.l did Li Yuxi think he was to shamelessly ask his partner to dance in public? Since Li Yuxi didn’t dare to accept his challenge, he would just have to force Li Yuxi to accept it. He couldn’t let this matter go, even if he had to give up on being first during the Nirvana Banquet.

The surroundings fell silent, and everyone’s gazes fell on Li Yuxi, Zhang Ying, and Chen Jun. This made the three feel grievance, and they would be humiliated, regardless of whether they fought or not. If they won, they merely won with the advantage in numbers. If they lost, they would be thoroughly embarra.s.sed.

But they had no choice but to fight unless they wanted to give up on being first during the Nirvana Banquet and the Three-Lives Fruit.

After Li Yuxi, Zhang Ying, and Chen Jun exchanged glances, they soon decided to appear on the Nirvana Stage. The three of them stood together and looked at Lin Yun. 

The Divine Dao Pavilion’s Zhang Ying said, “Lin Xiao, since you want to fight us, don’t blame us for having the advantage in numbers.”

“Come on, then.” Lin Yun said indifferently, sweeping a glance at the three. He was determined not to let anyone that had formed a grudge against him during the banquet off.

“Let’s end this quickly.” Li Yuxi said indifferently, raising his brow. It wasn’t graceful for three to fight against one, so they could only suppress Lin Yun quickly before determining who was first during the Nirvana Banquet amongst them.

But despite saying that, he wouldn’t belittle Lin Yun. After witnessing the fight with Qin Hao, they knew how strong Lin Yun was. If he underestimated his opponent, even he might be defeated.

Lu Yuxi made a move first. He took out his flute and started playing it. When his flute music resounded, a ma.s.sive pair of flaming wings appeared behind him, lifting him into the air.

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On the other hand, Lin Yun took two steps back and played the Prairie Phoenix Fire with the Thunderstorm Zither. A powerful aura swept out in the next second as the flute and zither clashed.

While everyone was baffled, Lin Yun took out the Divine Indigo Jade Bamboo Flute, and sharp flute music resounded. In a split second, he unleashed five hundred different music notes. Simultaneously, Lin Yun was devoured by the fire dragons, causing an uproar in the surroundings.

The first thing that came to their minds was that Lin Yun was defeated. After all, they didn’t think anyone could turn the tables around when facing this situation. Perhaps Lin Yun could survive by relying on the Azure Dragon Saint Physique and wouldn’t be heavily injured. But they were sure he would be injured, and he wouldn’t be able to continue fighting.

But just when this thought crossed their minds, a majestic sun appeared that destroyed the hundreds of fire dragons. As flames splashed out on the Nirvana Stage, countless fragments of flames scattered like fireworks.

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Within the fireworks, Lin Yun slowly descended to the ground, holding onto the Divine Indigo Jade Bamboo Flute. His flute music was firm and robust, with his white robe and hair fluttering in the wind.

This scene made Li Yuxi, Zhang Ying, and Chen Jun surprised. But they didn’t give up so quickly and unleashed another round of attacks. Li Yuxi was responsible for attacking, while Zhang Ying and Chen Jun tried to restrain Lin Yun, wanting to quickly suppress him.

But Lin Yun sneered when he saw this scene. Since he dared to face three of them alone, he naturally had confidence. His confidence naturally came from the Divine Phoenix Touch!

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