Pet King

Jie Po

Chapter 1798

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Chapter 1798: [Side Story] a waste of feelings

Zhang Zian was dumbfounded.

Although it was said that the weather was unpredictable, and people had their ups and downs, just a few days ago, welder Zhao, who was still alive and kicking in front of his shop, was in critical condition in the blink of an eye. This … Wasn’t this development a little too fast?

Since the opening of his aquarium, he had met electrician Wu, welder Zhao, and Carpenter w.a.n.g, the three great water and electricity remodelling workers by chance. The first two had almost always witnessed the growth of the aquarium. Now, his shop had finally survived the disease that swept the world, but welder Zhao, who was in great health, had fallen?

“No… What happened to master Zhao? Did she get sick or was she hit by a car?” He asked hurriedly.

“He wasn’t hit by a car. He has a strong sense of safety and follows the traffic rules. It’s just that … He got sick. Sigh!” Electrician Wu let out a long sigh.

On closer look, electrician Wu seemed to have aged a few years. His already gray hair had turned even whiter.

“What kind of illness?” Zhang Zian asked.

“Ah … Cancer!”

In fact, electrician Wu had just said that it was cancer, but Zhang Zian mistook it for an “AI”.

Hearing that it was cancer, Zhang Zian was upset. Most cancer was terminal if it was not diagnosed in time, and very few people could survive it. Especially when he heard that welder Zhao was in critical condition, it must be in the late stage. There was basically no cure.

“Is there anything I can help with?” He asked.


At times like this, electrician Wu was welder Zhao’s best friend. He should be by welder Zhao’s side or comforting his family. However, since electrician Wu had come to his shop on purpose, it was probably not as simple as just informing him.

Zhang Zian wondered if welder Zhao wanted to take advantage of him when his life was in danger and asked electrician Wu to come over and tell him about it so that he could bring gifts such as a fruit basket and milk to visit him.

Electrician Wu really sighed this time and said, ” ” Old Zhao asked me to come and tell you that no one in his family owns fish, and he doesn’t want to give away the junk in his fish tank to someone else. He asked you to go and take his things back to your shop. He said that he has troubled you a lot, and as a fish friend, it’s too vulgar to give money. Besides, his family is waiting to get a share of the money. Those fish and corals, just take it as a gift from a friend. It’s a memento. At the same time, he said goodbye to you one last time and thanked you. ”

When Zhang Zian heard this, he almost couldn’t hold back his tears. Indeed, when one was about to die, one’s words were kind. Welder Zhao, who had always been stingy, actually wanted to give him the fish he raised. This …

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To be honest, if welder Zhao wanted to take advantage of him for the last time and asked him to bring a fruit basket and milk to visit the patient, he would feel better.

Electrician Wu looked into the store. ” Store manager Zhang, do you have time? ” If it’s convenient, can you fulfill his wish and make a trip? This will be the last time I’ll trouble you.”

In this case, even if Zhang Zian’s shop was full of people, he would still have to make time to go there, not to mention that it was completely deserted now.

“I’ll go now. ”

Electrician Wu heaved a sigh of relief and said,””Sure. Manager Zhang, you’re driving, right? I rode my bicycle here, so I’ll be leaving first. ”


Zhang Zian was about to turn around and go into the shop to explain to the staff when he suddenly remembered that he had not asked clearly what was going on. He asked again,””Master Wu, should I go to master Zhao’s house or the hospital? Which hospital?”

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“Didn’t you go to his house a few times? You should know the way, right?” Electrician Wu said.

“I look down on old Zhao.” Electrician Wu suddenly said.

“Why?” Zhang Zian asked.

“What does he take us old co-workers for? If it really comes to that, we’ll just pool our money together and have a mouthful of food to eat. We won’t let his family go hungry!” Electrician Wu said in a m.u.f.fled voice.

Zhang Zian also sighed. Electrician Wu was very loyal, but there were some things that the person involved couldn’t be so free and easy about. A favor was still a debt, and the money of his old colleagues didn’t come from the wind. Also, did the family members of his old colleagues agree?

“How much does the treatment cost?” He asked.

“This … I don’t know yet.” Electrician Wu shook his head.

“What did the doctor say? What are the chances of being cured?” He asked again.

Electrician Wu spread his hands.”The doctor didn’t say anything. Before he could ask, Zhao was already saying that he wanted to go home.”

“Ah?” Zhang Zian was stunned again.”You’re asking to go home?” The notice of critical illness …”

“There’s no notice of critical illness. It’s old Zhao himself who said that he’s in critical condition. After he came back from the hospital, he laid in bed and moaned. He said that he felt uncomfortable all over and that the cancer might have spread. He’s about to die.” Electrician Wu explained.

Zhang Zian was speechless.

He had wasted his feelings because, based on his understanding of welder Zhao, this might not be the last time he would trouble him.

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