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Jie Po

Chapter 1797 (END) - [Side Story] danger!

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Chapter 1797: [Side Story] danger!

Zhang Zian walked to the stairwell and called director Feng. He told him that he had found a suitable … Dog, and that he would take it for an interview when he had time.

Director Feng was relieved. He believed that the dog that Zhang Zian had brought would be very reliable. At least it would not destroy the two sofas in the crew.

Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong

There was a rhythmic sound coming from the kitchen on the second floor. Most people would think that there was a virtuous, beautiful, and gentle new wife cutting vegetables in the kitchen just by listening to the sound.

Zhang Zian also hoped so.


He released a powerful will and cast a spell on the kitchen.

In front of the chopping board in the kitchen, a beautiful girl with snow-white skin and a silver accessory around her neck suddenly appeared and smiled at him …

“Wake up! You idiot!” Richard’s wing suddenly hit his face.”I’ve never seen anyone as shameless as you. He’s just a herb maker, not a garlic or vegetable maker!”

The illusion disappeared. It was not the beautiful girl who was cutting vegetables by the chopping board in the kitchen, but the mechanical Jade Rabbit.

This was due to a sudden idea of his. He changed the Jade bottle used to grind the medicine to the pestle used to grind the garlic. The mashed garlic was really good! Then, he changed to a vegetable knife of the right size and let Yao Yao try to cut the vegetables. The shredded carrots he cut were comparable to the skills of a Top Chef. He was seriously considering whether to open a small restaurant …

Something tugged at the corner of his clothes. He turned around and saw wine monkey holding a cloth in his hand. He stared at him pitifully and licked his lips.

“Have you wiped the cabinets clean?”

Zhang Zian walked around the second floor like a strict supervisor. Whether it was the kitchen cabinet, the bedroom wardrobe, the bathroom cabinet, he checked everything, even the hidden corners. They were all wiped clean.

He walked to a safe and opened it with his fingerprint. There were no bundles of cash in the safe, only bottles of white wine or beer.

He took out a can of beer and handed it to the wine monkey.”This is the reward for today’s portion.”

As if he had obtained a treasure, the wine monkey happily sat on the ground with the beer in his hands. He opened the can with a pfft and started drinking.

“It’s really stinky old wine!” Richard said, shaking his head.

‘Stinky old wine’ was the nickname Richard had given the wine monkey.

Since this guy came to the Pet Shop, Zhang Zian found that the wine left by his father would always be empty, and next to it was a Drunk Monkey. So he bought a cheap safe and locked all the wine, and had the monkey clean the second floor every day to exchange for wine. At first, this guy was always lazy and slippery, only doing the surface work, cleaning the visible places and slipping away the invisible places. But after being punished by Zhang Zian several times, he was banned from drinking. It slowly learned to be obedient.

After all, it was a primate with a complete set of limbs. It was not good to idle around all day. It had to rely on its labor to exchange for alcohol.

Although he had the Jade Rabbit to cut vegetables and the wine monkey to clean, Zhang Zian still hoped that he could pack them up and Exchange them for a sky snail girl. He didn’t need change …

“Softy, What are you looking at?”

Zhang Zian saw the White Worm lying on the window sill and sticking its head out through the gla.s.s, so he walked over to look outside.

“Oh, little celery, you’re here.”

It was a, so he didn’t have to go to school, and many schools hadn’t started yet, but he saw little celery walking towards him from her house.

When he went downstairs, little celery was also at the door of the shop.

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“Good Morning, brother store manager.” Little celery greeted him with great energy.

Zhang Zian was standing in front of the store, lost in thought. Suddenly, he heard the bell of the bicycle, followed by a screech of the emergency brake.

“Oh, it’s master Wu. Good Morning. Where are you planning to go today?”

The one riding the bicycle was electrician Wu, but what surprised Zhang Zian was that welder Zhao, who had always been close to electrician Wu, didn’t follow him.

He looked behind electrician Wu and thought that welder Zhao was some distance behind him. However, there was no sign of welder Zhao behind electrician Wu.

Could it be that these two old buddies had quarreled?

Electrician Wu and welder Zhao had long since retired. After retirement, they had nothing to do. They often wandered around Binhai city and the suburbs on their bicycles and e-bikes. When they pa.s.sed by the Pet Shop, they would stop to chat, or go into the aquarium to see what new rare things they had found.

Just a few days ago, the two of them had shown up at the entrance of the shop.

He was puzzled, but then he noticed electrician Wu’s face was full of worry, and there was a big on his lips because of the heat.

“Master Wu, what’s wrong? You lost your wallet?” He asked.

Electrician Wu let out a heavy sigh, beat his chest, and stomped his feet.””Don’t even mention it! Old Zhao, he … He …”

“Master Zhao? What’s wrong with master Zhao?”

Zhang Zian thought welder Zhao was up to something again, but electrician Wu’s next words shocked him.

“Old Zhao … He’s in critical condition!”

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