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Jie Po

Chapter 1796

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Chapter 1796: [Side Story] the tale of the elves

The weather was getting warmer.

These days, the weather was becoming more and more abnormal. Spring and autumn were pitifully short, as if winter had pa.s.sed into summer in the blink of an eye. Therefore, while the tail of spring was still around, they should try to do more things that should be done in spring, such as making money.

Thanks to the United efforts of the people all over the country to fight against the disease, the Pet Shop could finally open its business in the open, instead of sneakily carrying out PY transactions in the dark.

Even though the weather was getting warmer and warmer, many people still didn’t take off their masks. This was good. After all, those who wore masks were handsome men and beautiful women. It gave them more s.p.a.ce for their imagination to run wild. That’s right, it was just their imagination. It wasn’t illegal to think about it.

The Elfins were also suffocating. Although no one stopped them when they went out, there was no point in going out when there were only a few people on the street.

“Yeah, there aren’t any handsome guys to look at.” Richard said.

“Isn’t there one in front of you?” Zhang Zian ran his fingers through his hair.

“Blargh! I’m about to throw up my overnight sirloin!” Snowy Lionet was drooling, lying on the cat tree and looking outside.”Why isn’t it the season for the girls to show their flesh yet?”

In the past, Zhang Zian should have felt the same way, but he didn’t have the time to think about it now. The key was to restore the traffic, or he would have to close the door and go under the bridge to drink the Northwest wind.

Although they could open for business now, many things were gone forever. Many shops on Zhonghua Road had not been open since they closed. Instead, they hung signs for rent and transfer. The number of pedestrians on the street had visibly decreased compared to previous years. Many people now chose not to go out if possible.

However, the problem was that spring was short. After summer, it would be autumn. Who knew if the G.o.d of plague that had been sent away by the people of the country would not come back? These two years would definitely be the most difficult time for a small business owner like him.

“I’m sorry. If only the immortal medicine rewarded by the Moon Palace was replaced with a vaccine that could cure all diseases.” Old time tea sighed with its usual compa.s.sionate kiss.

“Old time tea, you’re overthinking it. Even if it’s a vaccine, there must be a bracket with a note: Only for pet sprites to use. ” Zhang Zian advised,”the elixir of life is better.”

“That’s true. ” Old time tea smiled and picked up a cloth bag that he had sewn for it.

“Grandpa tea, you’re going out today?” He asked.

“Well, I’m not talented, but I’m willing to start with Chinese medicine. I’ll try all kinds of herbs like Shennong. Maybe I can find a prescription to get rid of the plague and strengthen the body.” Old time tea said,”since G.o.d has given me a second chance at youth, wouldn’t I feel guilty if I let this good time go to waste?”

Zhang Zian stuffed some frozen chicken into its cloth pocket.”If you can’t come back in time at noon, you can just fill your stomach first.”

Old time tea nodded happily.”I’m leaving.”

Zhang Zian watched old time tea’s figure disappear on the roof. He didn’t need to say any polite words. It was old time tea, who had recovered its youth.

“Look at Grandpa tea. He’s also a human, but he’s young and only knows how to eat and sleep, and then sleep and eat. He’s also using his phone. How can he be so …”

“Bengong seems to feel that there is a hidden meaning in your words. Are you talking about humans or cats?” Fina interrupted his mumbling and said coldly,””Bengong feels offended!”

“Of course I’m talking about … People. Look at those two idiots, aren’t they just like that?” Zhang Zian pointed at w.a.n.g Qian and Li Kun, who were playing games at the door.

Every time he saw that there were no customers in the shop, and the two of them could play games and get paid, he would get angry.

Of course, every time he saw Lu Yiyun’s drawing of the pet store manager, who looked like him, being held in the arms of a strong man with a lovestruck expression, he was also very angry …

As for Jiang Feifei, who couldn’t go to San Francisco for an interns.h.i.+p because of the more serious confinement play in the United States, she was wearing headphones and watching American dramas in the name of learning English. This … Could be considered as her learning.

He was the only one worried about the Pet Shop’s future.

This was the so-called “don’t just look at the thief eating meat, don’t see the thief getting beaten up. “When the boss made money, everyone was jealous, but when the boss made losses, they selectively lost their vision.

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The livestreaming business was not very popular. With the support of new and old customers and friends, it was not a problem to make a living by livestreaming, but it was impossible to make a living for a store.

Fati was a little tempted. It was good to come to this country, but it didn’t have much freedom when going out. Every time it went out, it had to be led by Zhang Zian or someone else, or it had to go out in an invisible state. It was embarra.s.sed to always trouble others. After all, everyone was busy, and it couldn’t enjoy interacting with humans when it was invisible, so it was a good opportunity to relax.


Why did you suddenly update the side Story?

The reason was that “w.a.n.g meow”, a loyal reader who often sent insert art drafts to the public account,& had specially written a poem for the book … Was it a poem or a judgment? In short, it was very shocking, because it was written too well. Even if it was just for this judgment, he had to desperately update a few chapters.


The sea of stars brightened and dimmed, and the G.o.d country’s immortal Pearl light was chaotic.

The golden age was bright and peaceful, and the state of mind was reincarnated and the mortal world was light.

Her delicate claws were charming and charming, as if she was trying to understand his words and calm her heart.

Endless eternal river sand surrounded it, and the whale falls sang beautifully.

[The iron fist of the universal truth G.o.dfiend powder can withstand the weight of three people.]

The pious Sage seal changed in pain, and the spiritual b.u.t.terfly sighed in the dream.

Time and s.p.a.ce whirled, and the moon was full.

The fairy tale’s book shadow was still on the table, and the pet King was not done yet.

by Woof& meow

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