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Chapter 1630 - when things are done, I'll leave

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Chapter 1630: Chapter 1630-when things are done, I’ll leave

What happened after that was simple.

Just like in Hollywood action movies, the police always came to clean up the mess after the protagonist won, which made people want to ask what they had been doing earlier.

Not long after Zhang Zian and the Elfins returned to the house, they heard helicopters flying over their heads, and there was more than one. The bodies of the helicopters were painted with proper rescue and fire protection signs.

Melgen rushed out of the house and waved her arms at the helicopter excitedly. Unfortunately, the people on the helicopter could not see her.

Zhang Zian didn’t know who called the police. Maybe melgen’s mother and friends, maybe snowy, or maybe the smoke from the farm Fire last night made the Park Police think that there was a forest fire, so they sent a plane to check on the situation. It was hard to say now.

Vladimir’s sadness had already calmed down, and fina felt that it was a pity that it couldn’t personally punish the enemy, which was also expected.

Zhang Zian handed a road torch to melgen and taught her how to use it. He asked her to run to a slightly open place to send a rescue signal to the helicopter.

Melgen did not think too much about it. Her mind was filled with the desire to go home and reunite with her mother. She took the torch and ran away. Soon, she saw a red flame light up in the forest.

Zhang Zian had already packed up his things. He put Vladimir, who needed to recuperate, into his phone and called the elfin to go out, but he did not go in the same direction as melgen.

“Kaka! From the looks of it, you’re planning to leave after this?” Richard jumped back onto his shoulder.

He wrote a note and stuck it on the door. He pressed the key back under the stone in the porch. Melgen, you don’t have to look for me. I’m going to continue my journey. I can take care of myself, and I have a safe journey.”

The helicopter could only land on flat places such as the seaside or the farm. By the time melgen returned to the barren village with the rescue team, he had already gone far away.

If he and melgen left the forest in a helicopter, they would definitely become the focus of the news media when they landed. Even if it was the local media, the United States had never lacked Street tabloids that were hunting for novelty, and he did not want to be on the news in this way.

Last night, he noticed that there were other small boats on the dock, so he asked Sihwa to untie the cable and get a small boat to the designated location. Now, he was setting out to meet up with Sihwa, and then asked the Orca group to drag the small boat to the nearest seaside town with the cable in their mouths. Of course, it could also be directly dragged to San Francisco, but that would be too high-profile.

With the size and weight of the killer whale, it would be too easy to drag a small boat, a living person, and a few animals. There should not be any trouble.


The spotted owl on the branch seemed to have noticed that he was leaving and muttered something.

“Goodbye. Take care of yourself and don’t into the power grid again.” Zhang Zian waved at it.

“Meow! Bye Bye, spots!” Galaxy also said goodbye to it.

“Kaka! “You’ve been intimidated by my domineering aura in the end, haven’t you? but unfortunately, I’m Zhao zikuang of Chang mountain. I’ve always been a loner, so I won’t take you in as my underling …” Richard took advantage of the situation with his mouth.

Zhang Zian sprinkled the last bit of salt on the ground as he walked. When he and the Elfins arrived at the beach, the herd of deer had caught up with them.

He checked the deer’s wound and found that it was recovering well. Then, he changed the bandage for the last time and left the rest of the salt for them.

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A small boat was parked on the beach. Sihwa’s upper body was out of the water, and she was lying on the beach as if she was sleeping in the sun.

Fati was the same. It squatted at the stern of the boat, its eyes filled with determination as it silently prayed for its Wolf Brothers, praying for them to be safe and happy in the mahogany forest.

“It doesn’t matter. If there’s a chance in the future, we can come here to visit our old friends. After all, transportation is developed now, and I’m unemployed.” Zhang Zian patted its back and comforted it.

Fa Xiu laughed in relief.

Using his free time, Zhang Zian told Sihwa about what had happened last night. After all, she had contributed a lot and had the right to know what had happened. Old time tea, Fati, and fina had also added their own things.

Sihwa’s jaw dropped when she heard this, but as long as the bad guys got what they deserved, her simple sense of right and wrong was satisfied.

Just like that, they talked and laughed along the way. After only a few dozen minutes, Sihwa relayed the words of the whales, saying that there was a small town ahead. Although it was not close to the sea, there were often s.h.i.+ps going out to sea for a ride.

The whales sent them to the sh.o.r.e very close to the town. Zhang Zian rowed to the sh.o.r.e, and Sihwa reluctantly said goodbye to the old grandma and the killer whales. She even invited them to come to China to play.

Seeing the familiar signal sign reappearing on the top of the phone screen, the phone immediately rang non-stop. It was a worried message from friends in China and abroad. Of course, there were also various advertising messages and credit card repayment bills.

It was time to reveal the truth to the world.

He first replied to a few important messages and sent a message to his friends to inform them that he was safe. Then, he uploaded the drone and mobile video to more than one video website and applied for a new email to send the email he had prepared in advance to the animal protection organization and The Deer Hunter a.s.sociation in the United States

The first domino had fallen, and no one could predict what would happen next.

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