Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor


Chapter 963 Hidden Secrets

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Chapter 963 Hidden Secrets

963 Hidden Secrets

w.a.n.g Wei calmly watched Xu s.h.i.+'s leaving back.

He then focused on Dream World. It was about to be open to mortals, so he wanted to make one last check.

'Martial Artists will enjoy the Battle Tower, but it may not be the same for others. So, compet.i.tions like chess, calligraphy, poetry, music, and runes should appeal to them.'

The [Home] setting should be the most favored by mortals, but w.a.n.g Wei still wants to lure them to spend their Dream Coins in other places.

'There is also the Sermon Section and Dao Rhymes that haven't been opened yet.'

The [Sermon] Section allows people to acquire more coins. They can record themselves explaining the Dao, and others can pay to watch; this function should greatly benefit the entire world as even mortals can hear Great Emperors explain the Dao.

The [Dao Rhyme] setting is connected to the Battle Tower. Once it's activated, people can watch recorded battles and feel the Dao Rhymes or Law Comprehension and Applications of these battles.

For example, it's possible for a cultivator to learn a technique that Qiyuan or Absolute Beginning Emperor used in their youth or after proving the Dao. However, this section is unfinished, unlike the [Sermon] section that is already built but waiting for the right time to become public.

w.a.n.g Wei needs to modify these past powerhouses' imprints and use his Time Dao to record the Dao Rhymes from the actual battles.

However, this process takes some time, so he left a clone to do the tiring work.

'Everything is working perfectly fine,' thought w.a.n.g Wei before focusing his attention on the world and uttering:

"I have created the Dream World, allowing for the communication and idea sharing of all sentient beings. To access it, you only need to close your eyes, focus, and mutter the codeword: Dream Incarnate."

His voice echoed in the minds of all mortals, shocking many people; this was not the first time the mortals heard an announcement from the Heavenly Emperor, but the information relayed was odd.

With an uncontrollable curiosity, many people closed their eyes and followed the instructions. In an instant, trillions of mortals entered the Dream World. w.a.n.g Wei paid attention and was relieved that nothing happened.

Although he knew this would be the case, a small part of him could not think back on Earth when servers clashed during the launches of popular games.

After entering the world, these mortals' Dream Imprint appeared before them in the form of a screen. Afterward, information about the Dream World and its ability entered these people's minds. Following the introduction, most mortals began to condense Dream Coins while a few looked around first.

Dream Coins are condensed from spiritual power, and mortals have a limited supply of this power, so they can only condense a certain amount before they are forced to stop. Without sufficient spiritual power, their Dream Avatar cannot exist in the Dream World.

The most attractive setting for most mortals was the [Home] setting. They reveled in the idea they could create whatever they pleased and lived all their fantasies. The price of using the Dream World is different for mortals and cultivators. So, with a deposit and yearly rental, these mortals can use their [Home] and do as they please.

Of course, w.a.n.g Wei took precautions to prevent the mortals from being addicted to the Dream World.

w.a.n.g Wei watched everything with calm eyes. He saw the mortals playing around in their homes and the Extraordinary Citizens using the [Simulation] to train their understanding and usage of runes. Meanwhile, the martial artists ran to the Battle Tower to challenge each other; to be precise, they challenged cultivators.

The highest realm of martial arts is defeating a Divine Altar Realm cultivator. However, many martial artists were unsatisfied with this outcome and wanted to defeat a Supernatural Realm cultivator. According to the information they knew, the limit of a mortal civilization is killing Tier 4 cultivators. However, such a feat requires a large army along with hundreds of war constructs that contain powerful weapons. The martial artists do not want to accept this limit and desire to go higher. Some people even want to create a martial civilization that is on par with the Origin Cultivation System.

After seeing this, w.a.n.g Wei shook his head. One way that fate controls most of the world is by limiting the number of cultivators. The limit imposed on this world is people without a [Leakless Body] are mortals and cannot cultivate.

As such, martial arts will always be a mortal art with limits and restrictions. Even in worlds where martial arts are the main power system, fate will impose restrictions by granting people with weak bodies, innate deficiencies, poor understanding, and many other restrictions.

w.a.n.g Wei continued his observation. Mortals and cultivators are semi-separated, with each cla.s.s having its own 'server.' They can interact and get each other's Dream Imprint to communicate, but after first appearing in the Dream World, they will be in different sections.

'It was a good idea to leave the Dream World independent of the Myriad Emperor World,' a.n.a.lyzed w.a.n.g Wei. Technically speaking, the Dream World was not a part of the Myriad Emperor World; in other words, it was not a secret dimension fused to the world.

w.a.n.g Wei chose to leave the Dream World independent of any world, fused to the entire Endless Void. Such a choice will make it easier for other World Communities to enter the Dream World. This method will make convincing foreign cultivators to enter and use it easier.

w.a.n.g Wei no longer paid attention to the Dream World and focused on the heavy merit falling from the sky and floating before him. Ninety percent of the merit belonged to him, while the remaining ten percent was divided between Dong Lifen and the Eternal Dream Sect. He grinned as he saw the purple merit before him; he knew this was just the beginning.

As he continues to develop the Dream World and expands it outwards, he will receive more merit to aid in his cultivation.

w.a.n.g Wei placed the merit away before sending a projection to the core of the Dream World, waiting for someone. A few seconds later, Dong Lifen appeared.

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"How was it? Did you have fun being abused by Imprint?"

Dong Lifen already understands 5% of the Grand Dao Source because of her status as the founder of the Heavenly King Path. However, she only has the right to "borrow" the strength of the Grand Dao Source, while she needs the right to "control"

it to become the Immeasurable Emperor.

"The sect will support you with whatever you want, but you should also understand I cannot directly help you."

Dong Lifen nodded as she understood. With w.a.n.g Wei's strength, he could easily destroy a Heaven Will World and have her fuse it with her Sea of Consciousness, thus achieving the Ten Supremacy Foundation. However, if he did that, she could foresee backlash and consequences from True Heavenly Dao; therefore, she needed to use her own method while the sect could only be secondary.

"I understand."

"Well, I will give you a hint," said w.a.n.g Wei as he transferred a piece of information into her mind.

"Demon Supremacy World?" muttered Dong Lifen, as she understood her next step; she needed to find the right Heaven Will World and plan its downfall before conquering it alone.

"I know what to do."

"That's good," replied w.a.n.g Wei, thinking how good it would be if it were this easy for his father to achieve Ten Supremacy. So far, his best idea is for him to re-establish his foundation after proving the Dao, then use the destiny of the Ultimate Sword Dao to create such a foundation.

'With mom protecting him and my backhand, there should be no problem.'

w.a.n.g Wei chatted with Dong Lifen for a while before heading to a formation at the core of the Dream World. He looked at the pool full of light of different colors, including gold and jade, and smiled.

He never does any loss-making business; at his core, w.a.n.g Wei is a treacherous capitalist, so he will never let any opportunity to get more benefit from pa.s.sing by him. The final result of this personality trait is this pool, which originated from the Dream Coins.

The people using the Dream World must condense the coins using their spiritual power, but where do the coins go after being used for purchase? It's this place.

'In the future, I will secretly gather endless spiritual power from cultivators and mortals from the entire lower dimension. After purifying them, I can absorb them to boost my soul and understanding, accelerating my cultivation.'

He smiled, thinking about his future smooth cultivation.

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