Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor


Chapter 455: Star Acupoints

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Chapter 455: Star Acupoints

According to the scripture, w.a.n.g Wei can open the acupoints in the body using any method or type of energy. However, when it comes to nurturing them, star power or energy is the only option.

And that's because the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture] divided the Star Acupoint Realm into three stages: Acupoint Opening, Star Nurturing, and Star Condensation.

First, open the acupoints, then nurture them with the power of stars until each acupoint is as large as a small world, then condense the star power into physical stars. However, the scripture clearly stated that only exceptionally talented people could condense stars in their acupoints, and based on talents and efforts, each person has a limit on their bearing capacities.

However, w.a.n.g Wei did not care about that. All he cared about was that once he thoroughly cultivated this scripture to its peak, he would have the power of over 1000 Physical Stars inside his body.

He then took a few seconds to calm down before dropping a drop of blood on the book's cover. Numerous minor runes appeared on the surface. Then, a mighty spiritual power began to scan w.a.n.g Wei's fleshly body.

A few minutes later, the scan stopped, the runes disappeared, and brand new pages appeared inside the book. Then, w.a.n.g Wei finally understood why the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture] had such high fame in the world, why it was a truly unique and powerful body refining technique, and why there is such a high threshold to cultivate it.

The Ancient Desolate Emperor once traveled the Endless Void after proving the Dao. He learned that living beings in different worlds have different numbers of Acupoints in their bodies because of the Laws of Heaven and Earth.

In some worlds, the people only have 36 Acupoints, in others 360, or 720, while the people in the Myriad Emperor World have 1962. In one of the worlds he traveled to, he found a strange species that had over a million acupoints: 1.962 million, to be exact.

So, he studied their bodies before inventing a way to create Acupoints in the body artificially. The actual peak of this scripture grants its user the power of over 1 million stars inside their bodies.

'No wonder Di Tian's body is so powerful, and he had such high praise for the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture],' thought w.a.n.g Wei before he momentarily paused.

'Wait, from what I know about him, he seems to have the ability to condense his cultivation from one life to another, hence the reason for his scary foundation and strength. Does that apply to his fleshly body cultivation as well?

'According to my calculations, this method should only be possible for a maximum of 9 times, so does that mean his fleshly body has the power of over 9 million stars?'

w.a.n.g Wei could imagine how powerful 1 million stars were, not to mention nine times that power; that was truly scary.

'No, I'm spooking myself too much. The Ancient Desolate Emperor created that scripture during the Incense Era, and by that time, Di Tian should have already survived a few reincarnations.

'Plus, I do not know exactly when his Sleepers got their hands on it.'

Despite this conclusion, he knew that Di Tian's fleshly body should have the power of over 1 million stars. According to the scripture, 1.962 million is the absolute limit. However, w.a.n.g Wei guessed that Di Tian's stars were enormous, thus granting far more power than the specific number.

'This might be my chance to surpa.s.s him in the fleshly body department. If all my 9 Incarnations cultivate 1 million stars, then when we fuse….'

However, w.a.n.g Wei quickly shook his head as he knew this might not be enough. Maybe Di Tian discovered a way to fill the gap for the previous reincarnations that he did not cultivate in this scripture.

Additionally, w.a.n.g Wei theorized that he also cultivated many other body refining techniques. From what he knew regarding the Beginning Emperor Era, Body Refiners were the mainstream since the primary cultivation system heavily emphasized tempering the body.

In that era with mighty Innate Demons and Primordial G.o.ds, if a cultivator did not have a powerful fleshly body, they could never compete with these innate creatures.

w.a.n.g Wei could see how a brilliant Body Refining Civilization prospered in that era, with countless different methods, approaches, and paths. Growing up in such an environment, he could not fathom what techniques Di Tian saw, experienced, comprehended, or cultivated.

'Could the Star Essence give me an edge?'

He once traded with Zhen Biyu of the Five Elements Palace pieces of his organs for Star Essence, one of the highest forms of Star Power, second only to Primordial Star Powers.

'Maybe even Primordial Star Power would not be enough.'

He recently asked his family if the sect had Primordial Star Power as one of the secret resources of the sect; unfortunately, he received a negative answer. Well, to be exact, they used to have some, but some Heaven Chosens pa.s.sed the trials and acquired it.

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What's worse was that this Heaven Chosen still lost in the Heaven Will Battle despite condensing many Primordial Stars.

After nurturing 134 Acupoints to a perfect state, w.a.n.g Wei stopped as he realized this was too time-consuming.

The trial still loomed over his head. And with each pa.s.sing day, death drew closer to him. So, he started to comprehend the [Future Budda Scroll.]

Enlightening Emperor Academy, Lin Fan's Manor:

The concubines and wives gathered together to eat, chat, and play music. Xu s.h.i.+ looked at a black mark in her hand, a little distracted.

"Elder Sister Xu s.h.i.+, I always wanted to know what this mark on your hand was?" asked one of the women.

"That's right. I often see you looking at it in a daze–especially recently."

Xu s.h.i.+ did not expect this sudden question, so she was caught off guard. However, she smiled before answering: "When I was young, I met a strange old beggar that told me that this was a fortune mark; it represented that one day, I would have an opportunity to soar to the Nine Heavens like a Phoenix."

"The beggar was probably lying."

"Maybe not. Elder Siste Xu s.h.i.+ did marry our husband. Maybe that was her great fortune."

"That's right. It is indeed a great fortune to be the wife of an Eternal Emperor."

Xu s.h.i.+ nodded in agreement; however, she did not believe any of these words. According to the old beggar, the mark would disappear once that great fortune arrived, but it was still there.

Additionally, she recently felt a it; she did not know whether it was her illusion or it was true. She hoped that it was a sign that this great fortune was quickly approaching.

While all the women were chatting happily, Lin Fan walked in with a deep frown.

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