Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

Aegir POV–


My meat rod pulses as my seed spurts inside the girl who was pinned below me . For the fifth or sixth time, the woman shows no reaction other than trembling slightly . After letting my voice out loudly after the third climax, she finally lost consciousness .

「Uuu, …… . fuu . 」

Moving my waist a little bit at a time, my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n continues . My b.a.l.l.s are almost empty too . I pull my c.o.c.k out from the woman who is lying face down . Her hole is still quite tight and my d.i.c.k gets caught inside her, so unless I use a little force, I can’t pull it out .


Just the other day, Yoguri, who was still a virgin, was still tight for my thing . The absent-minded girl seems to have awakened from the stimulation and slight pain . While pouting, the girl glares at me as she furrows her eyebrows, watching a large amount of seed spilling out from inside her .

「You said you would fulfill the contract, but since then, you haven’t done anything . You’ve just l.u.s.ted for my body……are you really telling the truth? It might be too late already, but wouldn’t it be a problem if we made a child?」

「Of course I’m not lying . But it’s not like I can jump in there on a horse by myself and take everyone along with me, can I? I need to make preparations . 」

I embrace Yoguri and caress her b.r.e.a.s.t.s . If you thoroughly do postcoital activity, even a cold woman will become gentle .

「Isn’t the army outside the town? If you use that army, the feudal lord will be beaten hands down!」

As if she was worried about her companions, Yoguri gets agitated and tries to stand up, although she groans and falls to her knees shortly after . It seems like there is still some lingering pain .

「Are you alright?」

「I’m fine, though this is your fault, since your thing was way too big! It’s pretty much like a log…… . Anyway! The army has all been trained regularly . If you, the captain, gives them the order, they’ll move out right?」

「Look here……you know that the feudal lord of your village is from Goldonia like me, right? I won’t be able to deploy the kingdom’s legitimate army against him . 」

「I don’t know much about the difference in armies……then what are you going to do?」

I will use those who have sworn fealty to me, and not the king, and are unrelated with the kingdom .

「Aegir-sama, excuse me! ……but I’m glad that it looks to be over . The mountain nation’s leader has led his subordinates to the planned location and has arrived there safely . 」

Celia gives the report while glaring provokingly at Yoguri, who has my seed spilling out from her crotch .

I was waiting for this . Nevertheless, they are faster than expected; if I compare them to an express messenger which takes one day, it only required them two days to lead several hundred people there . It seems that it wasn’t a lie when they said that as long as I gave the order, they could move out whenever I wanted .

「The mountain nation is……those barbarians?」

「Don’t call them barbarians right in front of them . You’re going to hurt Pipi’s feelings . Well, that’s how it is . 」

To these barbarians, they are not cognizant of the existence of Goldonia kingdom, much less King Alexandro . To them, everyone is recognized in the same way – whether they are from other countries or not – and they all get mixed into one big group: the plains people . All they have is their loyalty towards me, and are pretty much the best private army anyone can have .

In addition, they are all mounted on horses and can march at lightning speed, making them the most suitable people for the current operation . By letting them use their own equipment, I can also make it look like an attack by genuine barbarians .

With a face that looks to be saying ‘good grief’, Leopolt appears behind Celia .

「The barbarians will attack and abduct the villagers, after that Lord Hardlett will suppress them when they are running back to our territory and then rescue the citizens . But when the barbarians abduct a large amount of citizens, ‘we won’t know where they come from either’ . So, we will have to look after all of the citizens in our territory, without making any distinctions . 」

And that is what his plan is .

I thought he was against this kind of stupid fighting though .

「Of course, I’m against this . Not only does it not have any benefit, there are dangers to it . In the first place, if that woman’s mouth is sealed, then this conversation would have been over . 」

Yoguri glares at Leopolt but, realizing that she’s naked, hastily grabs the sheets to hide her body . However, Leopolt does not even give her fully exposed b.r.e.a.s.t.s a single glance . This guy is truly impotent or must really have a big preference for small girls .

「But you will do it either way, right? Then it would be better to think of a more preferable scenario, rather than just beating them up without thinking . 」

「Sorry for causing trouble for you . 」

「Please don’t be so rash from now on . 」

「Pipi is going too! I was also told by the leader that I should always be by your side, so I can one day have your seed implanted in me . 」

I need to find out the name of the leader who taught my Pipi these meaningless things . I’m not going to return Pipi anymore .

「Then, I will also make preparations . 」

「No, Celia and Irijina aren’t going . 」

Even though it’ll make them cry, they still can’t go . Celia was infamous in my previous army . If there is even a single person among the troops of the other feudal lord that knows her, then they will immediately find out who they were instructed by . By the same reason, Irijina is also not partic.i.p.ating .

「No way! Then the position of adjutant and daughter will be stolen by Pipi…………or not . But if Aegir-sama personally goes out as well, would it not be bad?」

She is certainly right, there are more people who know me and will make it even more of a commotion than for Celia or Irijina . And if they find the actual person responsible, then there will be no excuses . That’s why I thought of hiding my face .

「Even if you hide your face, they will realize when you ride Schwartz or swing around that big spear . 」

Dual Crater is obviously out of the question, but so is the horse and spear, huh? …… . But the mountain nation won’t obey any other person . They have had training, but they still can’t do perform cooperative operations under any other superior officer besides me .

And for this invasion, they will be acting as barbarians as the premise when we work together, so everyone and everything around them will be considered as enemies . Still, I think it’s better if I use a weapon I’m comfortable with, as well as Schwartz . If the operation goes well, but I end up being caught, then it would be meaningless .

「No matter what? ……not even if I somehow try not to stand out and make myself look the same as the mountain nation?」

「Not possible . If you wield that big spear amongst the mountain nation, who are using crude weapons, you will definitely stand out . 」

「Don’t you have any good ideas for that?」

Leopolt sighed, seemingly giving in .

「In order to hide something, there are two methods . The first is to hide the tree among the forest……but in this case, the tree stands out too much and is impossible . The other way is to hide next to gold . Even if you are exposed to everyone, the gold will distract everyone’s attention and they may end up overlooking you . 」

I don’t get it . What does he mean?

「In other words, we just have to prepare something so eccentric that they will not care about the horse or the large spear . 」

「I don’t know where we could find something strange like that, and it’s not like we can prepare it now . 」

If a woman like Yoguri came here by herself, then it must mean the situation is impending . If I were to tell her to wait one month, then she will certainly ‘sting’ me . Although, the one who should be piercing anyone is me .

「We have something like that, don’t we? It’s something we can prepare immediately and is extremely outstanding, and something that is literally gold . 」

The thing appears in my mind, and everyone is definitely imagining the same thing . It was quite embarra.s.sing, so the thing was carefully packed into the warehouse, where no one can see it . It is probably still glowing in the dim storage room, I hold my head while imagining such a thing .

「Everyone, advance! I will say it now, but if you find peddlers or soldiers on the way, ignore them . If you encounter a large squad, run away . You guys should be able to do it because of your mobility . 」

The 200 mountain nation people are lined up, led by the four leaders . In reality, I could have prepared three times this amount, but if we make a mistake in our large army, it would be disadvantageous for us when it comes to running or hiding . According to Celia’s information, the one who has jurisdiction of the area which includes Yoguri’s village, is Baron Pedot, one of the new n.o.bles close to Erich, although I don’t know his face or his name . It seems he was conferred his t.i.tle by some nonsensical thing and his disposition has influenced his family name, but I don’t really know much about it .

His land is surrounded by the territory of other n.o.bles, so there shouldn’t be particularly many foreign enemies, and I’ve judged that he shouldn’t have that large of an army . Rather, what is even more frightening is if we get discovered by the feudal lords in the area before we reach his territory, and get chased out by them . Therefore, we must act in secrecy, yet move as quickly as possible .

In addition, we can’t let the townspeople know that we departed, so we will leave in the quiet of night . Recently, we have been calling the mountain nation periodically for training so it is not unnatural for them to be near the town, and even if 200 of them were to go missing, it would not be noticed that easily .

The ones next to me are just Pipi and Yoguri . I initially planned to leave her behind, but in order to get there quickly, we needed the girl who has familiarity with the land . Her riding abilities make me a little anxious, so I had her ride in one wagon, which was brought with us to carry villagers .

「Pipi, you stay close to me . 」

「Pipi can fight, you know? I’m better than most men with my bow and sword . 」

Her archery skills that were shown off during training surpa.s.ses those of Carla, not to mention it was while she was riding a horse, so what she’s saying isn’t a lie . However, after Carla got injured, I’m hesitating to have a woman stand in front . Only Irijina seems like she won’t die, so I can be relieved of that .

「Nevertheless, Pipi should remain at my side . That would make things easier for me too . 」

「Then I’ll do so . Pipi will obey the chief . 」

I stroke Pipi while we advance, and we finally reach the boundary line of my territory . From this point on, I don’t know who we might encounter .

「…………Bring the armor over here . 」

I was surprised at myself when I let out a voice without any ambition in it . That thing was brought out from the wagon…………and I put on Claudia’s specially-made, s.h.i.+ning, golden full plate armor . The mountain nation people in the vicinity cheered at the appearance of a brilliant knight . Certainly if I appear in this gaudy appearance, n.o.body would care about the spear or the horse .

「It’s disgusting how well it fits . 」

Claudia probably remembers my physique perfectly . It’s not like she took measurements, but the size is perfect for me . Even though we have been apart, she has take into account my growth; that’s how perfectly it fits .

「Moreover, it’s unexpectedly light and easy to move in . 」

The highly sophisticated manufactured metallic armor is surprisingly light, and I can move relatively freely . And if there wasn’t any unnecessary decorations on this thing, it might have been something I could use on a frequent basis .

「Chief . It’s s.h.i.+ny and pretty . 」

「Pff- what a splendid knight . 」

Stop it you guys, I want to die .

A few days later, within Baron Pedot’s territory

It might have been a good decision for us to take a path away from the highway, since we haven’t really encountered the other feudal lords’ armies or soldiers . The mountain nation never really needed a road in the first place, so even in the wilderness, their marching speed doesn’t drop . However, as we approach the western area where the population is large, there’s a higher chance for us to get spotted by working farmers or hunters .

If they see a large group of barbarians appearing, they will run away in a hurry . I think they will tell their own feudal lord, but before that happens, they would have to return home, so I purposely let them go . Also, if word gets out that a witness is killed, then it would really look like it was a barbarian attack .

「In any case, it will be bad if we don’t hurry and achieve our objective . 」

It would be troublesome if each feudal lord sent out suppression armies in our paths . We will have to blow past them like the wind .

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「Yoguri, is your village around here?」

Yoguri couldn’t help but let her voice out . How many people in the entire kingdom could accurately shoot from this distance with a crosswind blowing, moreover, the person who did it was a young girl, and not even a fully grown adult .

「Crosswinds are hard . If the target was a rabbit, then it would have missed . 」

I stroke Pipi and immediately head over to the mother . Seeing as how I ordered her to fire her arrow, they must have seen it as permission to attack . The mountain nation fired their arrows all at once, and arrows rained on the heads of the guards . They were not as good as Pipi but they accurately aimed their arrows and the feudal lord’s guards fell over one by one, as if they got hit from point blank range . On the other hand, the arrows fired in resistance by the guards have mostly been blown away by the wind or fell in a totally different area .

Now that the guards have been eliminated, we can safely head over to the fallen mother’s side . I rush over and hug her close . She’s thin, but it seems she’s a decent woman who has some meat to her a.s.s .

「……ngh! My child, please, my child……」

Fortunately, her baby isn’t harmed, but the arrow is pierced quite deep into the mother’s back . If we forcibly pull the arrow out, blood will spill and it may become a fatal wound .

「Hurry……take the child……」

「You’re coming too . 」

I pick up both the baby and the mother at the same time and carry them so that they could ride on Schwartz .

「You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You’re just some barbarian trash with some ridiculous outfit!」

A person who looks to be the captain of the guards comes galloping forward . His companions were falling one by one, yet he has the b.a.l.l.s to come to us alone . And the one who is most aware about how ridiculous his own appearance is none other than myself .

If we stay like this we would get hit by arrows, so I cover my allies with a hand to protect them .

「You savage beings will regret making the glorious Goldonia kingdom into your enemy!」

「Someone who would shoot an arrow at the back of a running mother and child shouldn’t say such big words . 」

He didn’t think that a barbarian would retort like that, so the man froze in place for a little bit, but soon his face filled with anger and turned red .

「You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Name yourself! We’ll settle this with a duel . 」

I won’t do something like telling you my name .

「I have no name . But I’ll accept your challenge . 」

「Tch- you don’t even have a name? Here I come, golden warrior!」

The man who attached such a depressing name to me unsheathed his sword and came at me on his horse . It’s not like he can’t see my large spear, so why is he charging at me head on? He has courage, but if he’s this foolhardy as well, it’s no surprise that he couldn’t become anything more than the leader of the demesne guards .

I swung down my spear, hit his body with my handle, and he falls to the ground . The man was brave, but he doesn’t have the strength nor skill to be able to defend against my blow .


The man lets out an agonizing scream . I didn’t think I needed to kill a man who is just plain reckless, so I only used my handle to hit him, but Schwartz trampled over his lower half . As expected, he would suffer more if he wasn’t finished off while he was being crushed from his waist down . At the very least, I won’t let him feel much pain, so I gave him a single thrust through his heart before returning on my horse .

「I thought things would go more smoothly……but dealing so much damage to the guards and killing the captain, I absolutely can’t let anyone find out . 」

If I am discovered, it will undoubtedly become treason . I have to take the women with me and escape .

「Chief is as strong as I thought! And moreover, you’re the golden warrior . 」

「Samarsa, hurry and come! ……Thank you, golden warrior . 」

Even my companions are trying to kill my heart .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Summer

(Traditional age reckoning)

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount . Eastern Independent Army Commander . Troop Count 2000

Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area . Private Army 150 . Mountain Nation: x.x.xx

a.s.sets: 5020 gold (5000 gold Debt )

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear

Equipment: Black Cloak, Gold Armor (lol)

Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter), Kuu, Ruu,

Rita (imitation maid), Sebastian (butler)

Capital: Melissa, Maria, Catherine, Antonio (son), Miti, Alma, Kroll

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (mountain nation emissary), Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)

s.e.xual Partners: 45, children who have been born: 7

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