Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

–Aegir POV–

I take Pipi along with me as I return to Rafen . As long as there is no war, the distance between the mountain nation territory and Rafen is not too far . Pipi boastfully tells me that if the horses are good, then she would prove to me that it wouldn’t even take two days to arrive .

And as expected it did not take two days, as the army returned to Rafen and everything went back to being peaceful . I tell the eagerly awaiting Adolph the results of what happened .

I told him that I didn’t simply kill all the mountain nation, but put them under my control, and at the very least, as long as I’m alive, there won’t be any attacks from them, so he can rest a.s.sured . Also, I added at the end that I kind of destroyed the entirety of one of the cultivation areas .

「I see, then the mountain nation can’t even make their own pottery or wagons?」

「That’s right . So sometimes they steal……from the plains people here . That’s the only way they can obtain them . But, they won’t anymore . 」

The only ones here are Irijina, Pipi, myself, and also Adolph and Leopolt . Adolph will talk to Pipi about the mountain nation’s industry and commerce so I let them chat but…… .

「A 30 something man is going to talk to a child about domestic affairs?」

Leopolt has said what I was going to say . But the concerned parties seem to be serious about it .

「So what do you do about weapons and armor?」

「We use the skin of dead horses or the sheep we eat as armor . We steal weapons, or we trade them for food . 」

「And who are you trading with?」

「Hmm . In the mountains, there is the fire nation . If we exchange food or livestock, they give us iron weapons . 」

Adolph whispers to me as I was fooling around with Irijina beside him .

「This is important information . 」

To me, things like bartering for weapons doesn’t matter to me .

「Their weapons – arrowheads and swords – are of poor quality, but they are iron nonetheless . In other words, in a place unknown to us somewhere in the mountain nation territory, there is a place that is making iron products . 」

Well that’s good and all, but so what? There are blacksmiths in every town, and even Rafen has two of them . Even though the mountain nation are behind us in technology, it’s not like they use anything particularly strange .

「Aaah geez, this is why I hate soldiers! Listen here okay? You can find the blacksmiths that make iron into weapons anywhere . But we are trading with them . In other words, they are supplying their own iron ore . 」

I see, which means there is an iron mine inside their territory somewhere .

「Pipi, do you know about any iron mines? It’s the place where the stones used to make iron products originate . 」

「Don’t know . But chief, iron is iron . It’s not a stone . 」

Indeed, you know absolutely nothing .

「In any case, there is definitely an iron mine . This area is also outside of the trade route, so if we want to transport the iron, then we will have to incur some costs . It would be convenient if we can supply our own iron . 」

「I will leave that part to you, so do as you like . There is something even more important, though . 」

The important thing is the improvement of the mountain nation’s food situation and the inclusion of their army . They are primarily hunters and nomads . If the climate changes, their prey will also reduce drastically, and if the gra.s.s dies at their destination, then the livestock they brought along with them will also die . According to Pipi, that’s the cause of the food shortage – which isn’t rare at all – and during famine, they would often thin out the people . And the person who chose who was going to be culled is that shaman . 1 So those extremely distasteful decorations were actual human bones………… .

If we feed them from here, they will not have to hunt everyday anymore, and if they have extra people, they can be included in my private army . Their equestrian archery should be second to none among those in the central plains . At the very least, I have never seen another person who could accurately snipe targets to the side or the back while riding on horses .

It seems like if they’re an adult, anyone is able to do it, proven by the fact that Carla got shot . If you replace their crude bows with our weapons, their power will increase even further .

By the way, there was somewhat of a dispute when Carla and Pipi first met each other – Carla spotted Pipi doing her business out in the open field because she didn’t understand the meaning of a toilet, and felt sympathy for her, so she lost her confrontational att.i.tude . Quickly, Pipi was disciplined strictly by Nonna and she was made to use the toilet .

「That is fine but actually, the food recently, especially the grain, has risen to an unbelievably high price . ……and as expected, it will be tough on our wallets to offer food to over 1500 mountain people free of charge . In the form of trade, I’d like to convert as much as possible of what we obtain into money . 」

Adolph cuts in . It’s certainly true that Claudia has giv-……lent me some gold, but I won’t be able to continuously support everyone . In the unlikely event that I use up all the money and have to pester her for cash, I’d be kept2 in White City as a side-lover by her for sure this time . However, we know the skill level of the mountain nation, so if we trade off the hunted prey and livestock, and our food supply diminishes, we would be getting our priorities backwards .

「Well, there are always extras around Pipi, so it shouldn’t be a problem giving some away, is there?」

「We don’t need them . We don’t need those incompetent people who can’t hunt . 」

I don’t really intend to dirty my hands by partic.i.p.ating in slave trade .

「Besides that . Maybe like some other things, or tools . 」

「…………horses . 」

「Aren’t horses necessities?」

「The naturally small horses, the struggling horses can’t be ridden so they’re useless . 」

I see, they don’t use wagons that are pulled by horses, so they use the inefficient method of having the horses carry their luggage . As a result, there is not much use for the horses they can’t ride . Also they are familiar with the breeding of horses, so we can have them give birth to a large amount of horses . Naturally, the number of unrideable horses will also increase .

「Those kinds of horses will become meat . They are relatively delicious . 」

What a sad fate for them .

「That’s quite the waste . Even the unrideable horses can be used to pull wagons, and also for farming, so they have enough importance . 」

「Pipi, if you give us those horses in exchange for food, do you think the leaders will accept that?」

The girl turns her head in a cute fas.h.i.+on . When I see her in this state, it makes me want to prank her, but I should hold back .

「No one will object . It’s wonderful to obtain something we want for something we don’t need . 」

「Then let’s trade your horses for our food . Horses have many uses, since we can immediately use them in our territory, or we could sell them quickly in the capital . I will let Adolph think about the detailed ratios, but our goal is to at least be able to grant them some leeway in terms of supplies . Don’t be so stingy with the ratio, got it?」

「I understand . 」

「Afterwards, we would need a highway from the mountains to Rafen in order to make trading go smoothly . If possible, I would like the manual labor to be offered to the mountain nation too……」

「That would probably be impossible . 」

Their physical stature isn’t naturally large . They are not that proficient in simple labor that requires pure strength either . And there is also another problem .

「Pipi, do you know about this?」

I show her a hammer .

「A blunt weapon . You use it to hit prey so that you can defeat them without spilling blood . 」

I show her a brick .

「A stone . It looks fragile . 」

I point to a wheelbarrow .


So that’s the state of things .

「Are you going to educate them like this while having them do construction?」

「Hey hey, I’ll teach…………」

Adolph doesn’t seem like he’s giving up . Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, an unexpectedly large amount of people flowed into our territory . So much so that we don’t have to worry too much about the labor force .

「Chief . 」

Pipi pulls on my sleeve .

「We swore that we would follow the chief . The food and the trading don’t matter . If needed, you can take the entire tribe with you to fight . 」

I pat her to show my thanks . Unlike Celia, Pipi likes being stroked from her nape to her back instead of her head . It seems like it makes her tingle and feel good . She has an awfully erotic expression and it’s gotten me a little erect .

「Then let’s split them up into groups of about 200 people and have them come . Even though they are superior in their archery and horse-riding skills, if they can’t cooperate with the army, we can’t use them, since we need them to line up with our own archers and horses . 」

Leopolt speaks as he noticed that the subject is heading in the direction regarding the army, but Pipi doesn’t respond .

「You aren’t the chief . You’re just one of the plains people . Pipi and the others obey the chief only . 」

I feel like I saw this reaction somewhere before . She is similar to someone who is unusually not here right now . I don’t have a head to pat so it’s a bit lonely, but I’ll pat Pipi instead .

It’s hard to call it a conference, but in this rather liberal conversation, we decided on conducting an expedition to search for the iron mine, the enforcement of trade, and the regular army training . In regards to the search for the iron mine, light cavalry have already been dispatched, and for the other two, Pipi will be sent as an emissary . And the person who has been snoring in the middle of it, will get a lemon stuffed in their mouth .

「Nmoou-!! Sour! What is that?!」

Everything has been decided and everyone starts to move . I drink the tea that Sebastian made as I stroke Rita’s a.s.s . While listening to the woman’s joyful moans, I realized that something was nagging me in my head . I feel like I’ve made a promise to a woman, or I haven’t made one .

I try to remember, but there are a bunch of girls that pop in my head that I’ve promised to ‘embrace them next time’ or ‘I’ll come see you again when I have time’, and I can’t seem to remember the correct person . In the end, I gave up trying to remember, and pull Rita into bed . It’s still daytime, but the fighting will be soon so it’s fine if I indulge for a bit .

「We’re going to bed . 」

「I will be glad to service you . 」

I pull her hand and head to my room, but on the way, I found Nonna .

「Ara, Aegir-sama, have you finished talking? ……you’re going to have a woman while the sun is still up high?」

It’s the perfect timing, so I’ll have Nonna come with us too .

「Eeh? I was just going to have tea or something……uuu, I guess I can’t help it . Since a wife’s duty takes priority above all . 」

There’s no point in trying to think of the woman whose name doesn’t pop up either . Let’s enjoy ourselves plenty .

As we enter the room, Nonna and Rita stand alongside each other and look at my face .

「Nonna will strip, Rita take off only your underwear . 」

「Yes . 」

「Oh my~, I understand . 」

Nonna unleashes her dangerous b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and coupled with her slender body, she shows off an unbalanced eroticness . On the other hand, Rita faces her a.s.s in my direction, rolling up her modified ap.r.o.n-dress shortened above her knees, and lowering her underwear in such a way to purposely show me her genitals .

「Please relax . I’ll take it off now . 」

Rita takes off my clothes . She isn’t just taking it off though, she brushes against my neck and my chest purposely in order to increase my arousal . After dropping my underwear, and seeing my c.o.c.k pop out, she envelops the tip in her mouth without delay . But Nonna told her to wait .

「Rita-san! I also wanted… . to do that!」

Ever since the time where I spanked her a.s.s, the times Nonna has a.s.serted herself as the wife has decreased, but even so, she couldn’t accept the fact that my own wife will be forced to wait her turn .

Rita makes slurping sounds as she licks the c.o.c.k already wet with saliva and answers .

「Madam, please whisper your words of love to Hardlett-sama, and enjoy your wonderful love . I will take care of the lewd and l.u.s.tful bottom half……」

After saying so, she once again takes my c.o.c.k and fills her mouth, bobbing her head up and down .


Nonna comes over and kisses me while standing, as I stroke her hair .

「You’re always so beautiful everyday . 」

「It is thanks to the love that Aegir-sama has shown me . When a woman is loved, she becomes that much more beautiful . 」

「Nn-! Nn-! Nn-! Nnboh-!」3

I hold her shoulder and stroke her gently .

「What beautiful skin . It’s like silk . 」

「I take care of it everyday . It’s so that you can say something like that……」

「Nnmo-! Nnbo-! Nngh-! Nnn—!!」

A sweet scene from the likes of a love drama was playing on the top half, but Rita is crouching at my feet and making obscene noises . Nonna is pretending not to see it, but it seems that she’s reaching her limit .

「Hey! How do you think I can whisper my words of love if you’re making those slurping sounds?!!」

「Puhha-! Please pay it no attention . 」

「Of course I won’t!」

I laugh without thinking .

「Get on the bed, I’ll make love to you . 」


Rita immediately gets on the bed but Nonna doesn’t move .


That’s right, let’s do that thing that Nonna loves . I turn her back and her legs with my hands and lift her up while hugging her sideways . Then I take her like that and throw her onto the bed .


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Falling with a thud onto the bed, Nonna leaks a joyful sounding scream . If I do that, it seems that it gets her in the mood to be f.u.c.ked starting now . Rita is looking on jealously . I could do it to you too, but first you’ll have to satisfy my c.o.c.k that you have gotten erect with your earlier service .

For Nonna’s delicate body, it’s not like I can shove my entire thing up to the root, and if I adjust too much, it’ll be too shallow and much of the seed will spill out . It seems that she wants me to send it precisely into her womb .

「Then spread your legs really wide . Don’t worry about how you look, just give it your all . 」

「Like this perhaps?」

Nonna spreads her legs gaping wide, unthinkable to her usual elegant gestures . That further excites me, and my c.o.c.k twitches, even after it got pleasure acc.u.mulated by Rita .

「Ah-! Please go ahead!」

Nonna places her hands on my face as if hanging onto me and prepares herself to receive my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n . But something interrupted .

「The pleasure from the a.s.s hole, can be felt not only by women……please enjoy it to your heart’s content . 」

Rita whispers in a engrossed voice, and inserts several fingers into my a.s.s as I thrust into Nonna .


「Eeh! Wai-! It’s swelling-! Kyaaaa!!」

Nearing my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, the stimulation caused me to climax intensely, and I released a large amount of s.e.m.e.n, more than expected . In addition, my c.o.c.k expanded even further, pus.h.i.+ng the limits . Nonna’s hole is spread wide by the extremely thick c.o.c.k, and the momentum of the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n was enough to cause the sound of the squirting and then hitting her insides to echo throughout the whole room .

「Ggh! It won’t stop! Nonna!!」

The e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n continued vigorously as if it would never end, and Nonna moaned loudly as the large amount of seed flowed into her, grasping the pillow due to reflex . Since she spread her legs so wide, her womb could not escape the rus.h.i.+ng stream of s.e.m.e.n .

「Incredible……I can tell from his a.s.shole that it’s spouting like a fountain too . 」

Rita continues to dig my a.s.shole with her fingers without hesitation . It’s been awhile since I’ve felt such pleasure that my vision is going white .


Nonna fainted from the overly enlarged c.o.c.k and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n and is no longer moving . But even so she looks beautiful in her unconscious state and her half-opened eyes .

「Haa, haa, haa . 」

The e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n that I didn’t think was going to stop, finally ended, and I pulled my c.o.c.k out out Nonna . A large amount of s.e.m.e.n flowed back out and flooded the bed .

「How was it? ……um, your face is scary . Did I make a mistake or?」

I’ll have to avenge Nonna . I take Rita and embrace her from the front, pus.h.i.+ng her all the way to the wall, thrusting up into her while still standing . I grab one of her legs and lift her up by the thigh, while leaving her standing on one foot, as I swing my hips . I wanted to do this at least once with a maid, but this is a battle of revenge . Having s.e.x while standing, Rita’s hips seem ready to give out and her weight causes my c.o.c.k to sink deeper into her . If she faints, then it might even reach all the way to her womb . Maybe she knew or she didn’t, but Rita continues to move her hips happily .

In the end, the first thing Nonna saw after being knocked unconscious, was the scene of a maid screaming ‘forgive me, master’ .

–Third Person /Yoguri POV– 4

At the same time, Former Arkland Northern Area, Goldonian Government Zone

「Today, I heard the daughter of the Mulney house has sold herself . 」

「It can’t be helped . There are like five kids over there . It’s pretty much impossible to survive . 」

The daughter from the house of so-and-so got sold . The husband abandoned the field to work in a mine .

It has become a familiar story . That is natural, since the tax rate has made things impossible . The tax rate itself has certainly become lighter than that in the Arkland days . But, the price paid for that is that the war caused the fields to become destroyed, and the accessories manufactured in the side job won’t sell, since better quality products are imported from Goldonia at a lower price .

In the end, the lifestyle hasn’t changed much from the rule of Arkland . Even though it has gotten a little bit better, it’s not like things are good now just because it was the absolute worst back then .

There is certainly hope for the future . From now on, the fields will be prepared, and the population will stabilize . Even so, in order to continue living, the daughters have to be sold to brothels, and the men have to risk their lives by working in the mines . If we wanted to stay overnight as travelers, we would still need to have the wife and daughters sleep with others to earn the precious money to do so .

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be! We fought the kingdom of Arkland as the volunteer army . Many villagers perished, but even so, we continued to fight for the sake of a new age . I even got the commitment of the n.o.ble who saved our village and led the army . I have heard that it was better under the rule of the Treia kingdom, but in this situation it’s hard to believe they will give us a favorable treatment .

When I ask around, it seems that the n.o.ble is now the hero of the war and was given territory . According to the circulating rumors, that n.o.ble has extremely low taxes in the lands of the remote region and has a good government, the citizens flowing in from the vicinity are also ushered in with open arms, and they are given a place to live .

Before doing something like that, don’t you have some promises that you have to fulfill?!

「Dad, I’ll be going out for a bit . 」

I’ve had enough of just waiting patiently .

「No way, going to complain directly to the n.o.ble, you’ll get punished . Why don’t you write a letter and peacefully……」

Dad, it’s because you’re like that, that this isn’t working out . Even if I send out a letter, it will get crushed by the subordinates before it reaches his eyes . If he’s a narrow-minded man who would punish the female acquaintances who goes to complain to him, then what a joke of a n.o.ble he is .

「No, I’m going . It was my idea for them to cooperate with us in the first place . I will definitely bring back results . 」

I am no longer listening to my father’s opinions as I grab some valuable food, pack them in the bag and load them on a horse . It was a small and worthless horse, but it can probably carry a single girl like me .

「If I don’t return, or if I come back as a corpse, then the rumors of that hero are nothing but lies, in the end, he’s just a narrow-minded n.o.ble, and is laughable . 」

Even if I have to face dangers, if I don’t speak to him face-to-face, I can’t settle down .

「Heey, don’t be so reckless for the sake of the village, Yoguri!」

I ignore my father’s voice as I continue riding my horse .

If by any chance that he’s forgotten, I’ll slap some sense into him . That Viscount Aegir Hardlett!

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 20 years old . Summer

(Traditional age reckoning)

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount . Eastern Independent Army Commander . Troop Count 2000

Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area . Private Army 150

a.s.sets: 5020 gold (5000 gold Debt )

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear

Equipment: Black Cloak, Gold Armor (lol)

Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter), Kuu, Ruu,

Rita (imitation maid), Sebastian (butler)

Capital: Melissa, Maria, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Catherine

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (mountain nation emissary), Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)

s.e.xual Partners: 44, children who have been born: 6

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