Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: Road to Kingdom ⑤ Battle of Goldonia

Leopolt, Tristan, and the others, even including the leaf-covered Celia, are looking at me reproachfully.

Myla is the only one who is grinning with a weird gleam in her eye, she will turn back to normal, right?

「I’m done.」

「That is useless sentiment.」

I smile at Leopolt and a.s.sert.

「Well, I’m a man who does many unnecessary things. You’ve been with me for so long and still don’t understand?」

I give my own cheek a slap.

「I tried to advise them to surrender, but they said they’d remain on guard.」

Tristan sighs, expectating as much, Leopolt is expressionless, and Celia makes a funny face in an attempt to be expressionless.

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Beating drums can be heard from the royal army side.

「Indeed. If we were in complete despair, I would have ran already. The fact that a sliver of a chance is left is worse.」

The entire army changes formation based on instructions given by Leopolt and Tristan.

Movement in the royal army stopped immediately.

Erich seems to want to gauge what we are doing.

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