Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 546

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Chapter 546: Road to Kingdom ③ The Enemy is Before Your Eyes —Preview

Translator: Nat

We march on, climbing over hills, crossing rivers, cutting down bridges, and burning towns.

The path to the capital, which I always hum as I travel, is indeed far away.

The bow cavalry joined with us from the rear and our military strength instantly increased.

Our only group who hasn’t caught up is the mountain nation without equipment acting as transportation for the infantry.

No matter how much mobility a squad of cavalry boasts, their speed will naturally decrease when more people are added.

「We are 20% behind schedule. An option would be to get rid of some bulky fodder and water.」

「This much of a delay is within the margin of error. We should not throw away supplies for the sake of the mountain nation and infantry that will be joining us from behind. ……we also have a different option.」

Leopolt and Tristan look to me for input.

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Myla also sends me a sidelong glance with an expression of disapproval and distress on her face.

「Accounting for the delay in our march, the time we will arrive at the capital is――enemy spotted.」

A harpy flies back screaming.

「Piii! Red, red, blue, blue, black! Don’t raise red, no black or blue!」

Leopolt decided that a red flag would be the signal for an armed group, a blue flag would be the signal for an unarmed group, and a black flag would be the signal for if the group noticed our presence, but obviously the harpies can’t remember everything and are waving all the flags.

I think we should be grateful that they at least told us “something” was spotted.

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